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20 Best Subtitle Fonts for Video Creation You Can Try (2024)

Selecting the best subtitle fonts for creating compelling videos is paramount for many content creators. Navigating the diversifying range of options can be a daunting task. Having a different subtitle font brings uniqueness to your content, which is why creators look for anything that can help them in the process. Here is a list of 20 fonts to add to your videos' subtitles to make them visually appealing.

Part 1. 20 Best Subtitle Fonts for Creating Videos Recommended

Let us have a look at the list of best fonts for subtitles, captions, and other texts on your videos, each having a unique element:

1. Calibri

Calibri is one of the most popular typefaces designed in 2002 and was accessible to the general public in 2007. This font supports the Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Cyrillic languages and is available in 6 styles. Calibri is a default font in many common writing tools, such as Microsoft Word.

calibri subtitle font

2. Arial

This is a multi-purpose font with five other versions. It is one of the best subtitle fonts used by digital magazines today. The curves in this font are soft and full to give your text a finished look in a neo-grotesque style.

arial subtitle font

3. Baskerville

This is a transitional typeface with a classy feel designed in the 1750s. It was named after its designer, John Baskerville. It is mainly used as a display font for many brand's headlines. Having an old-style typeface, it is a refined version with a great consistency in size and form.

baskerville subtitle font

4. Helvetica

Helvetica has clean shapes and a crisp look, having a big font family of 22 different fonts. With different bolds, italics, and weights, this font was designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger, a Swiss designer. Different variants of this font have been released under multiple weights and sizes.

 helvetica subtitle font

5. Futura

This is a geometric typeface from sans-serif, offering versatility and efficiency. It is a good font for captions and subtitles for your videos. The uses of this font are quite expandable as it provides a finished and artistic feel.

futura subtitle font

6. Verdana

verdana subtitle font

7. Times New Roman

Designed for readability in small prints, Times New Roman is a serif typeface launched in 1932. It is a default font on many computer systems because of its widespread adoption. This font is a timeless choice for generating subtitles for your videos in an authoritative manner.

times new roman subtitle font

8. Rockwell

Designed in 1934, this slab-serif typeface gives an impression of individuality. The thickness of the strokes makes it one of the best fonts for YouTube subtitles. Rockwell provides impactful visual communication with solid readability.

rockwell subtitle font

9. Gabriela Stencil

This font is a fusion of classic charm with a modern twist, giving a bold and crisp look. Headlines, posters, and product branding are the practical applications of Gabriela stencil. With this tool, you can give your text military and vintage aesthetics.

gabriela stencil subtitle font

10. Archivo

Designed in 2012, this open-source font belongs to the sans-serif typeface. This font was designed for high-performance typography. The font supports over 200 languages and has black and narrow styles.

archivo subtitle font

11. Roboto

A unique font with geometric forms and friendly curves. It is a relatively new font, released in 2011 for Google's Android interface. The objective of this font is to make the text look good on all screen sizes.

roboto subtitle font

12. Oswald

The bold strokes of this font make it evident that it is a reworking of the Gothic typeface. Oswald was released in 2011 to increase the readability of digital screens. It is a good font for subtitles as it provides various weight options.

oswald subtitle font

13. Open Sans

Designed for Google by Steve Matteson, Open Sans is considered a highly legible font. Google still uses it for some of its websites and web ads. The clean lines and readability make it a popular choice for modern designs.

open sans subtitle font

14. News Gothic

News Gothic was widely used in newspapers and magazines in the 20th century. This is a lightweight font, giving an airy and precise feel to the text. It was initially designed for headlines and newspapers but is now widely used as the best caption font.

 news gothic subtitle font

15. Avenir

It is a geometric typeface from the sans-serif family designed in the year 1988. The excellent legibility at various sizes and clean lines make it a decent option for user interfaces and branding text. The Avenir font family offers various obliques and weights.

avenir subtitle font

16. Univers

From thin to black, this font consists of numerous weights and regular and italic styles. Univers is used by many designers in their editorial designs and logos. The popularity of this font lies in its ability to deliver a clear and clean style.

univers subtitle font

17. Lato

Reflecting elegance in its sleek style, this font is one of the best fonts for video captions. The curves available in this font give a subtle structure to the text. This font for subtitles was designed by Łukasz Dziedzic in the year 2010.

 lato subtitle font

18. Work Sans

Work Sans offers bold weights that are specifically designed for headlines and text where you want to emphasize something. The clean lines and subtle curves with good spacing ensure maximum readability.

work sans subtitle font

19. Gotham

With sharp lines and geometric structure, this font is one of the best fonts for YouTube subtitles. Gotham has versatility across weights and urban sophistication, which is perfect for attention-grabbing.

gotham subtitle font

20. Merriweather

From light to bold, this font comes in various weights to create impactful headlines and emphasis in a text. The strokes are moderate, ensuring comfortable reading even at the small sizes.

merriweather subtitle font

Part 2. Comparison Table Between These 20 Best Fonts for Caption

As we have shortlisted the 20 best fonts to use for adding subtitles, let us explore the comparison between them in tabular form:

Name Developed By Released(Year) Video Type
Calibri Microsoft 2007 Presentation, Explainer, Educational, and Business videos
Arial Monotype Corporation 1982 Explainer, Educational, Software Tutorials, and Website Mockups
Baskerville G. Peignot et Fils Linotype 1917 Historical Documentaries, Luxury Product Videos, and Wedding Videos
Helvetica Haas'sche Schriftgiesserei (Basel) 1957 Educational Videos, Website and App Interface videos, and Modern Documentaries
Futura Bauer Type Foundry 1927 Tech & Sci-Fi videos, News and Sports Broadcasts, and Fashion videos
Verdana Microsoft 1996 Interviews, Webinars, Website and App Interfaces, and Presentations
Times New Monotype 1932 Informal Videos, and Educational Content
Rockwell Microsoft Corporation 1934 Product Videos, Cartoon and Animated Video, and DIY Videos
Gabriela Stencil Antonio Lechuga 2016 Short Videos, Sports, Music, Fashion, and VHS-Retro Style Videos
Archivo Omnibus Type 2012 Business Videos, Social Media Videos, and Explainer Videos
Roboto Google 2011 Application and Software Interface videos, Luxury Videos, and Educational Videos
Oswald Google 2011 Gaming Video, Action and Sports Videos, Event Announcement Videos
Open Sans Ascender Corporation 2011 Business Videos, Presentations, and Social Media Video Content
News Gothic American Type Founders 1908 Call to Action Videos, PSAs, Event Announcement and Product Videos
Avenir Linotype GmbH 1988 Tech and Startup Videos, and Explainer Videos
Univers Deberny and Peignot Linotype 1957 Call to Action Videos, and Website Interface Videos
Lato Google 2010 Corporate, Minimalist, and Educational Videos
Work Sans Google 2015 Lifestyle, Infographics, and Business Videos
Gotham Hoefler & Co. 2000 Brand Films, Openers, Fashion, and Sports Videos
Merriweather Google 2010 Documentaries, Presentation, and Explainer Videos

Part 3. Bonus Tip: How to Add/Edit Best Subtitle Fonts in Videos Easily

To increase the comprehension of your visual content, including subtitles can be a good option. Subtitles and captions increase the accessibility of your video, as many viewers do not understand the language being used in your content. You can add these subtitles in different fonts and styles. Choosing a good font for subtitles can make your content visually appealing. One of the best tools for adding subtitles to your videos is HitPaw Edimakor

It is an innovative video editing tool designed to cater to various editing needs. From basic editing tasks like trim, cut, and crop to advanced AI features like script generator, Edimakor provides a complete solution. A notable feature of this extensive tool is AI subtitle generator; you can add subtitles and captions with customizable fonts, styles, and colors.

With HitPaw Edimakor, you can generate video subtitles and captions to make them more engaging. Here is a walkthrough of the steps for generating subtitles with this comprehensive tool. Check the step-by-step guide to add and edit subtitle fonts in videos:

Step 1. Access the Edimakor Tool

After launching this AI-powered video editor on your computer, click the Subtitle Maker to start the caption generation process.

proceed with subtitle maker

Step 2. Import Your Video Clip and Generate Subtitles

In the tool interface, click the Import option to add your video with captions to the editing timeline. Now, press the Auto Subtitling option to generate captions for your video. Have a quick look at the subtitles you generated from the preview window on the right.

You can also manually type your subtitles by choosing the Manual Subtitles option or upload the caption file from the Local Subtitles section.

initiate the auto subtitling process

Step 3. Modify Your Added Subtitles

Click on the caption in the preview window to enable the Text panel on the right side of the interface. Select the best font for video captions from the drop-down menu. You can also edit specific text by prompting in the Text Field. Configure different settings for the text, like Text Border, Opacity, and Zoom, by dragging the respective slider.

 modify the subtitles style

Step 4. Export The Video After Customization

Once all your captions are successfully edited, click the Export button to save your file. You will be prompted to add configurations like file name, destination, format, etc. Finally, to save the video to your computer device, press Export.

save the video with subtitles

Part 4. FAQs about Good Fonts for Subtitles You Want to Know

Q1. How do you choose the best subtitle font for different videos?

A1. Choosing the best subtitle font entirely depends on your preferences and the relevance to your video. There are different parameters to consider when choosing the style and font. If you want to increase the readability, choose fonts with a clean stroke. On the other hand, if you're going to emphasize a particular text, pick fonts with bold styles.

Q2. What is the best tool to edit a good font for subtitles?

A2. There are many tools that let you add subtitles to your videos. One of the decent tools for automatically generating captions is HitPaw Edimakor. This AI tool not only adds subtitles but also provides a variety of fonts.

Q3. What font is easy to read for video subtitles?

A3. Fonts that do not have decorative strokes are pretty easy to read as compared to other fonts that have complex strokes and styles.

Q4. What is the most popular font for movie subtitles?

A4. The best font for your movie subtitles depends on the tone and style of your project. However, there are many fonts that are widely used for captions, such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, and Roboto.


All in all, adding subtitles to your visual content makes your video globally accessible, increasing your reach. One of the best video editing tools for AI subtitle generation is HitPaw Edimakor. This tool offers the best fonts for video captions and subtitles to make the content more comprehensive.

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