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5 Best Free AI Video Editors for Linux 2024

Linux users want powerful yet user-friendly tools in the dynamic field of video editing to realise their artistic aspirations. Studying Linux's free AI video editor market in 2024 reveals many creative choices. The best video editor for linux provides users with unmatched editing capabilities by combining cutting-edge AI technology with the stability of Linux systems.

Part 1: 5 Best Video Editors for Linux

Some of the best video editors are regarded as top choices for video editing on the Linux platform offering a range of features to suit various editing needs are provided below.

1. Shotcut

One of the best free video editor for linux is Shotcut as it resembles a media player more than an editor in terms of the user interface. The program's amazing capabilities make editing videos easy. It may not be the greatest if you want more powerful alternatives, particularly for sophisticated or professional video or audio recording but it will function perfectly for simple applications.

the best video editor for linux


  • Shotcut offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to navigate while providing advanced features for experienced users.
  • Shotcut supports a wide range of video and audio formats, making it versatile for editing various types of media files.
  • Shorcut provides a variety of customizable filters and effects that users can apply to enhance their videos, including colour grading, blur, and distortion effects.

2. Blender

The 3D computer graphics program is called Blender. Additionally, it is publicly available and open source mostly for use in 3D interactive apps, video games, animated films, and visual effects. This program is developed in C, C++, and Python. Some of the features that are specifically for computer graphics in video editors are rendering, video graphics editing, animating and sculpting etc.

video editor linux best


  • Blender is renowned for its robust 3D animation tools
  • Blender offers a comprehensive set of video editing tools, including timeline-based editing, keyframe animation, and advanced compositing options.
  • Blender is highly customizable

3. LiVES

A free video editor designed for the Linux operating system is called LiVES. Users may edit and create videos using it without having to worry about frame rates, video formats, or other technical details. Real-time video performance and non-linear editing are combined in it. Furthermore, due to its multitrack timelines, it also functions as video jockey software.

best editor video for linux


  • LiVES provides real-time video effects and transitions
  • LiVES supports multi-track editing
  • LiVES includes features for live video performance

4. Flowblade

The motto FAST, PRECISE, and STABLE sums up Flowblade as it is a non-linear best open source video editor linux created to serve its target audience as effectively as possible. This editor fulfils its promise by giving you a stable base for your creative pursuits guaranteeing accuracy in every aspect and offering a smooth and quick editing experience.

best free linux video editor


  • The software provides an extensive array of edit tools to enhance and modify video content effectively.
  • Users can take advantage of the intuitive timeline features to organize and sequence video clips with precision and ease.
  • With built-in compositors, users can seamlessly blend multiple visual elements to create stunning and cohesive compositions.
  • A wide selection of filters is available to users

5 KDenlive

KDenlive is proof of the effectiveness of inventiveness and community cooperation. It utilizes the power of excellent frameworks like FFMpeg and Sox to provide a dependable and fluid editing experience. Because KDenlive serves a broad user base, it's a great option for regular people who want to dabble with video editing.

best free simple video editor for linux


  • The software enables multi-track video editing
  • Users can utilize any audio or video format within the software
  • Its configurable interface and customizable shortcuts offer users a personalized editing experience tailored to their preferences.
  • Additionally, the software includes a titler feature with 2D title functionality.

Extra Tip: Best Video Editors for Windows & Mac

Edimakor is a top-notch video editing program that works with both Mac and Windows operating systems. It has a wide range of functions that are designed to accommodate users of all skill levels. Edimakor is a fantastic option for both novices and experts in video editing because of its user-friendly design and powerful features.

best free simple video editor for linux omg ubuntu

Benefits of Using Edimakor(Video Editor):

  • To improve projects, access a large library of excellent photos, movies, and audio files.
  • It is accessible to novices and provides complex editing features for seasoned users alike thanks to its intuitive tools and user-friendly design.
  • For a more specialized experience, customize the editing environment to your tastes.
  • Timely completion and easy sharing of creative thoughts are ensured by quick and seamless project delivery.

Basic Editing Function:

  • It can remove extraneous portions from the footage to refine it.
  • If you want to create a dramatic impact you have to manage the speed of your films.
  • To improve audiovisual experiences add music files and adjust audio levels.

Advanced Editing Features:

  • If you want a polished, industry-standard video then use dynamic visual components.
  • You can use green screen editing to swap out backgrounds in a variety of ways.
  • You can also use 3D animation to produce visually captivating experiences.


The availability of the best video editor for linux in 2024 provides users with a diverse range of powerful tools to create and enhance video content. These editors offer versatile features for users of all skill levels. Users can also use different platforms such as Edimakor(Video Editor) which is another best choice.

FAQ About Best Video Editor for Linux

Q1. Can I Add Transitions or Effects to the Split Screen in a Video Editor?

A1. The visual appeal and narrative of the content are improved when transitions or effects are added to the split screen in a video editor. A variety of transitions, including wipes, slides, and fades, as well as effects like overlays, filters, and animations, are available in many video editing programs.

Q1. Is There a Split-Screen Video Editor Available for Free?

A1. In reality, there are free split-screen video editors that let users make visually stunning split-screen films without having to spend any money. A lot of these free editors include some rudimentary split-screen features. Those who want to experiment with split-screen storytelling have access to free split-screen video editors.

Q1. Can I Export My Split Screen Video to Different Formats of Resolutions?

A1. The majority of split-screen video editors let users export their work in several file types and resolutions. Generally, users may select among popular video formats like MP4, AVI, or MOV and change the resolution to 4K, high-definition HD, or standard definition SD depending on what they require.

Q1. What Video Formats Does a Split-Screen Video Editor Support?

A1. Many different video formats are usually supported by a split-screen video editor. Among the often supported file types are MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, WMV, and FLV. Furthermore, certain editors could include compatibility for more specific formats like ProRes or DNxHD that are utilized in professional settings.

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