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10 Scary Halloween songs and how to Generate Halloween Music

Who doesn't love fall? The air becomes crisp, the trees shed their leaves, and the spookiest night of the year draws closer. With Halloween right around the corner, we know how most of you are prepping for the ultimate Halloween party. However, no celebration is complete without good music, and Halloween music is no exception! That’s right, it’s time to embrace the eerie spirit with scary music and spooky Halloween songs. In this article, we will walk you through the best Halloween songs and help you craft your own bone-chilling tunes to have a hauntingly good time.

Top 10 Popular Halloween Music

While everyone loves dancing the night away at Halloween parties, we don’t usually listen to such creepy songs on a regular basis. Therefore, curating the perfect playlist of scary Halloween songs can be quite a challenging task. But have no fear; your knight in shining armor is here! We have narrowed down the best spooky songs to set the tone for your spooky celebration.

1. ‘Ghost Town’ by The Specials

classic halloween songs

This is a timeless song that is famous for its spooky melody that brilliantly captures the gloomy environment of the United Kingdom in the post-industrial era. The song also has distinct lyrics that make it classic Halloween music.

2. ‘Monster Mash’ by Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers

halloween songs lyrics

This 1962 song has become a regular Halloween favorite. It's an upbeat parody song with humorous Halloween song lyrics and scary sound effects that describe the events of a monster party.

3. ‘Psycho Killer’ by Talking Heads

classic songs

This song is a part of the Talking Heads' 1977 first album, and it tells the story of a troubled person in the unique voice of David Byrne. It's not particularly Halloween-themed, but its dark tone and catchy chorus make it a fitting choice for classic Halloween songs for adults.

4. ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ by Rockwell

songs for halloween scary

This song has a catchy rhythm and a very creepy vibe because, let's be honest, what could be more haunting than someone watching you? It enhances the fright factor of your songs for Halloween with its gripping chorus and lyrics about the sensation as though someone is looking at you.

5. ‘Ghostbusters’ by Ray Parker Jr.

ray parker

This popular song from the 1984 film "Ghostbusters" has become an iconic part of the franchise. If you're a fan of the classic movie, this upbeat and enjoyable song is ideal for your Halloween celebration!

6. Five Little Ghosts

simple music for kids

As the name suggests, this is a children’s song that is crafted to offer both educational and entertaining value to Halloween festivities. It is an excellent choice for a children's Halloween party because it has a lighthearted and welcoming view of ghosts.

7. Creepy Zombies

creepy zombies songs

You will always find someone dressed up as a zombie at any Halloween party. Therefore, it’s pretty evident that any Halloween party would be incomplete without a zombie-themed song, and Creepy Zombies is definitely one of the best scary Halloween songs out there! Its scary music and captivating lyrics make it a Halloween favorite.

8. Halloween Songs for Kids

scary music for kids

Our earliest memory of Halloween is trick or treating as a child. While several children still enjoy the regular trick or treating, Halloween parties can also be made equally enjoyable for children with the right selection of songs for Halloween. This collection of Halloween songs for kids is a perfect choice as it strikes the right balance between spooky and entertaining, allowing children to make the most of their time.

9. Monster Mash

monster mash song

We just can’t get enough of Monster Mash and want to mention it again! This classic Halloween song is so iconic that it has multiple versions, and we think you should go through them all since they are all equally eerie and equally entertaining.

10. Go Away

go away famous music

Go Away is another top pick to help you get your groove on on the scariest night of the year. This is a children's song, and it has fun, spooky music that gets the kids moving to the beat and having a great time with their friends.

Part 2: An Interesting Music Generator to Create Your Own Halloween Songs

hitpaw voice changer for halloween

After learning about all the best Halloween songs, if you want to create your own Halloween songs, then what could be better than using HitPaw voice changer application? It is a reliable app that allows you to change your voice within seconds. Moreover, you can use it to get different voice filters for your online platforms, such as WhatsApp, Discord, and more. Moreover, the tool is going to have a new feature next month where you can convert your text to song and can also change the genre of all your songs. Isn't it amazing? Let's discuss its pros and cons.

  • Text to song feature will be introduced soon
  • Offers highly advanced options when it comes to changing voice
  • You can change the genre of your songs
  • The interface is straightforward and easy to use
  • Provides many voice filters and sound effects
  • Perfect for content creators, vloggers, gamers, online streamers and more
  • Noise cancellation feature is also present
  • Should add more sound options and effects for gamers

Price: $15.95 per month

Supported Device: Win and Mac

FAQs of Halloween Songs

Q1. What Defines a Halloween song?

A1. As the name suggests, a Halloween song is a special song that goes perfectly well with the spooky, eerie theme of Halloween. Such songs generally talk about Halloween-related things, such as ghouls, witches, and demons. To accurately represent the chilling vibe of Halloween, these songs frequently combine spooky tunes, creepy lyrics, and a general eerie vibe. While there are many famous Halloween songs, the musical style ranges from lighthearted and fun to dark and frightening.

Q2. What Makes Music Scary?

A2. Halloween music songs must be scary, and there are several factors that contribute to composing the perfectly eerie tunes for the spooky festivities. The aspects that make music scary include tempo, instrumentation, minor keys, unique sound effects, and dissonance. Furthermore, dark and twisted themes also play a pivotal role in setting the spooky tone for the songs.

Final Thought

The spooky season calls for a spooky celebration, with music being the main part of the festivity. Therefore, after diligently carrying out detailed research on the best scary Halloween songs out there, we have discussed our top favorites for both children and adults. While there are a lot of options available, you can also create your own spooky songs using Scary music generators like HitPaw voice changer. It is primarily a voice changer that can help you compose your preferred spooky tunes to make your event memorable.

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