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Top 6 AI Singing Voice Generators You Can Use Right Now in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of music production and creativity, technology continues to push boundaries and unlock new possibilities. One fascinating development in recent years has been the emergence of AI singing voice generators. These innovative tools utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to create realistic and captivating vocal performances that can rival those of human singers.

If you've ever dreamed of composing your own songs, experimenting with unique vocal styles, or simply exploring the creative potential of AI, then you're in for a treat. In this blog post, we will explore the top 6 AI singing voice generators available in 2024, each offering a unique set of features and capabilities. Read on to find out more about AI singing voice generator.

Best 6 AI Singing Voice Generators Free & Paid Solutions For You

Here are the best 6 AI singing voice generators free. Let’s read on and know more.

1. Vocaloid

Vocaloid stands out as the premier AI voice singing generator particularly tailored for music producers. Developed by Yamaha, it boasts a wide array of essential features absent in other text-to-speech systems. With an extensive selection of over 100 voices at your disposal, you can effortlessly experiment with various vocal styles to enhance your track.

ai singing voice generator

In Vocaloid 6, they have incorporated a voice changer, allowing you to sing a melody and transform it into a different voice. While this capability has become somewhat commonplace nowadays, Vocaloid's hidden strength lies in its note-control feature, comparable to the functionality offered by Melodyne.

  • It gives you expert-quality musical experimentation.
  • There are over 100 singing voices to choose from.
  • No free version available.
  • The susbscription service is expensive.

2. is boldly tackling the forefront of AI voice technology, venturing beyond mere text-to-speech capabilities to offer advanced tools that can alter your voice or replicate someone else's. By signing up for a free account, you gain access to limited app features, including the vital voice transfer functionality required for AI singing. Additionally, provides a high-touch service that crafts a personalized voice model exclusively for you.

ai singing voice generator free

If you're delving into audio for videos or aspiring to create an AI music video, their audio and music page is worth exploring. It enables you to personally sing a melody and listen to it being played back with their voice changer. Furthermore, you can audition numerous voice types until you discover the perfect match.

  • It supports text to speech.
  • It can change your voice as well as clone others'.
  • Trial version is limited in features.

Once you have a functioning melody, you can forward the track to a similar artist, allowing them to envision their own vocals layered over it. AI voice changers expedite this process, sparing you the laborious task of manually shaping speech into a melody.

3. Synthesizer V

Synthesizer V emerges as another AI voice generator exclusively designed for ai voice generator singing. This Tokyo-based company has tapped into the synergy between artificial intelligence and music, leveraging the city's longstanding affinity for both disciplines. Recently, we evaluated NeuTone, a complimentary VST from Japan that serves as a centralized platform for various open source voice changer APIs like Google DDSP and RAVE.

ai voice singing generator

In contrast to the NeuTone VST, Synthesizer V offers a comprehensive digital audio workstation (DAW) experience, curating its own collection of AI voice models. Additionally, they have developed a more robust interface for editing and refining the initial output. Similar to Melodyne and Vocaloid, Synthesizer V empowers you to shape the melody performed by your AI voice. By manipulating the notes up and down within the audio equivalent of a MIDI editor, Synth V seamlessly renders the result while preserving the emotive nuances of the voice.

  • It offers free, premium and permanent version to choose.
  • You can access the software offline.
  • The subscription service is expensive.

As you may already be aware, most voice changers necessitate an internet connection as the neural networks responsible for generating AI voices typically operate as cloud services. However, Synthesizer V distinguishes itself by not requiring an internet connection to utilize its model. This means you can enjoy its functionality at any time and in any location.

4. Revocalize

ai voice generator singing

Revocalize has taken a different path by bypassing text-to-speech tools and delving straight into voice transformation. This focused approach has allowed them to excel in the realm of generating AI vocal tracks, making them one of the top apps in this domain. One notable advantage of their technology is the ability to retain subtle qualities of your original voice, such as your accent or the emotional nuances present during speech, when transferring to a new voice. To witness the power of their voice changer, you can visit their landing page and explore a demo.

  • voice with accent or emotion can be transferred to new voice together.
  • Free plan has limited functionality.
  • Complicated operation process is not friendly to beginner.

5. Emvoice

Emvoice One has introduced an innovative approach to AI singer voice generator combining a MIDI piano roll interface with text boxes for lyrical input. Users can manually program melodies, and for each melodic segment, Emvoice One generates a dedicated text area. By entering short phrases into these text boxes, the vocal model endeavors to match the melodic contours with the patterns of the provided words.

ai singer voice generator

Admirers of Emvoice One's software have acknowledged that the point-and-click method for creating melodies can be somewhat time-consuming. However, if you wish to explore the software before committing to purchasing the vocal models priced at $69.

  • Its point-and-click approach to melodies is time-consuming.
  • The subscription service is expensive.
  • Free trial is limited to melodies and you can only use seven notes.

6. Uberduck

Uber Duck's extensive voice library provides a rich variety of options to suit every project and style. From professional-grade voiceovers to dynamic vocal performances, our diverse range of voices ensures that you'll find the perfect match for your creative vision.

ai generated singing voice

With Uber Duck, you can unlock the true potential of AI-generated audio. Elevate your podcasts, videos, and multimedia projects with lifelike voices that deliver a compelling listening experience. Craft interactive voice-driven applications, games, and virtual assistants that engage users on a whole new level.

  • offers many famous music artists' voices to choose from.
  • voice cloning is supported.
  • Expensive subscription service for Enterprise.
  • Certain features are charged.
  • Limited selection of sound effects.
  • The voice is too robotic.

[Bonus Tip] Change Your Voice and Use It In Your Music

One notable voice changer worth exploring is the HitPaw AI Music Generator. This versatile software allows you to modify your voice in real-time, offering a range of music style and music theme for you to generate various royalty free music. Whether you're seeking the Jazz, EDM or Romantic, the HitPaw AI Music Generator provides a plethora of options to choose from.

Features of HitPaw AI Music Generator:
  • Genarate your voice with various voice-changing effect in real-time.
  • Support to upload your singing files to change voice with AI.
  • Great text-to-songs AI generators.
  • Remove noise and echo while generating singing voice.

How to Use HitPaw AI Music Generator to Generate AI Singing Voice?

The very first step is to download and install HitPaw AI Music Generator to your desktop.

After downloading, you can watch the following guide video to learn how to use this tool to generate AI singing voice.

Using the HitPaw AI Music Generator in your music production process opens up exciting avenues for creativity. You can infuse your tracks with a variety of altered voices, ranging from subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations. Experimenting with different voice styles can breathe new life into your compositions, making them more engaging, unique, and captivating.


Changing your voice and incorporating it into your music can be a game-changer for your creative journey. With the availability of AI singing voice generators tools you can take your game to the next level. Other than that you can use tool like the HitPaw AI Music Generator, and you can explore a wide range of vocal possibilities, and breathe new life into your compositions.

The HitPaw AI Music Generator stands out as a versatile and user-friendly software, offering real-time voice modification and a variety of effects and filters. This tool provides you with the means to elevate your AI generated singing voice.

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