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10 Best Instagram Caption Apps You Can Try

Instagram captions can bring your post to completion. An engaging caption is essential for an Instagram photo or video to ensure it captures the attention of users. You can use an Instagram caption app to provide witty expressions for your selfies, drive traffic to your bio link, or boost social media interaction. We’re here to introduce you to the 10 Instagram video captions apps in 2024. We will also introduce HitPaw Edimakor, the best caption app for Instagram online.

Part 1. Best Free Instagram Caption Generator for Windows/Mac You Should Try

HitPaw Edimakor is the best free Instagram caption app that creates flawless text with the desired tone of voice. With its built-in graphic capabilities, you can also produce professional visuals that go well with engaging captions. Windows and Mac OS X are supported by HitPaw captions app for Instagram. Moreover, this Instagram video captions app offers various effects, filters, texts and audio effects to give a complete video editing experience.

Step by step on using captions app for Instagram:
  • Step 1: Launch Hitpaw Edimakor on your computer and choose “Start a new project”. Select “Import” from the Media section and add the Instagram video from computer. Moreover, you can also drag and drop the file into the program.

    hitpaw edimakor instagram caption app
  • Step 2: Now, drag and place the Instagram video on the timeline. Select “Subtitles” by going to the main menu. Now, click on “Auto Subtitling”.

    hitpaw edimakor instagram caption app
  • Step 3: The program will mark all the spoken words in the video file. The words will show up on a timeline after the program finishes marking them. Tap on the words and the written version will start appearing on the side. Further, you can edit the written live video subtitles in the box.

    hitpaw edimakor instagram caption app
Main Features:
  • Powerful integrated tools to create graphics to go along with your captions.
  • Has countless built-in features that make social media workflow more efficient.
  • Intuitive media library for adding beautiful stickers, filters, effects, audios and texts into your videos.
  • Splits scripts into several sections automatically for a more convenient production procedure.
  • Variety of layout captions for crafting eye-catching video openers.
  • The interface might be confusing if you’re new to this editing world.

Part 2. 10 Best Instagram Caption Apps for Android and iOS Recommended

1. Caption Writer

Caption Writer is a must-have Instagram caption app for all content creators and active social media users. If you add more details to your prompt, Caption Writer create a more custom caption. You can also keep formatting your font on the instagram or any other platform.

caption writer instagram caption app
Key Features:
  • Suggestions for hashtags to improve visibility.
  • Makes formatting corrections for smooth publishing.
  • Fixes line breaks for clean captions.
  • Highly customizable captions.
  • Requires specificity in prompts.

2. Caption Expert

Caption Expert is a straightforward captions app for Instagram that allows you to drop your photo and receive caption in real time. Yet Caption Expert searches its database to identify the ideal caption for your post, in a variety of formats, rather than writing new ones.

caption expert ios instagram caption app
Key Features:
  • Rapid caption suggestions.
  • Effortless sharing functionality.
  • iOS exclusive.
  • Speedy suggestions.
  • Some premium features may require in-app purchases.

3. Captions Pro

Caption Pro is a content generator driven by AI. This intelligent technology may also be used to compose comments, responses, and anything else related to written content. This one of the best caption app for Instagram has a very straightforward operation.

captions pro ios instagram caption app
Key Features:
  • Can add captions to any video with just 1-click.
  • You can customize the subtitles with more than 500 fonts and colors.
  • Helps you to add captions, subtitles to any video for Instagram Reels.
  • Diverse caption styles.
  • May not have extensive customization options.

4. AI Caption Writer

AI Caption Writer is an AI content generator that can write caption for Instagram pictures. All you have to do is enter your information in the provided prompt and the program will create Instagram captions for you. In addition, this app for Instagram captions provide an audience-targeted Predictive Performance Score system.

ai caption writer instagram caption app
Key Features:
  • By using AI to generate fresh concepts, it hacks the system.
  • • It creates captions with the help of cutting-edge AI.
  • Can add Puns, jokes and hashtags.
  • Selecting a photograph from your library and downloading the app are the only steps involved.
  • Free features may be limited.

5. Caption123

Caption123 is another best AI for Instagram captions app. It can generate captions for any photo you upload to the app and is free. After selecting the ideal caption from among its many categories, you may use the app to immediately share your picture on Instagram.

caption 123 instagram caption app
Key Features:
  • Capable of producing imaginative captions for your photos.
  • Numerous captions customized to your photo can be generated using sophisticated algorithms.
  • The software is user-friendly for non-technical people.
  • Offers several active forums and efficient technical support.
  • Needs iOS 14.0 or later to function.

6. Caption Plus

CaptionPlus is the first Instagram caption generator app specifically designed for Instagram captions on our list. It's a whole toolkit of advanced features that could help you generate captions to your Instagram images automatically. Aside from caption automation, CaptionPlus also offers a number of built-in Instagram features.

caption plus instagram caption app
Key Features:
  • Captions that are flexible and comply to detailed specifications.
  • Hashtag suggestions to increase publicity.
  • Fixes formatting issues to ensure easy publication.
  • Eliminates line breaks for neat captions.
  • Needs prompts to be personalized specifically.

7. QuinSta

Quinsta is more than simply a tool for creating captions on Instagram. You can modify your posts directly within the app captions for Instagram. In more than ten categories, the program may produce hashtags and captions. Additionally, you may make visually appealing Instagram grids, change your bio, and choose classy fonts.

quinsta instagram caption app
Key Features:
  • Allows you to update posts through the UI.
  • Produce captions and hashtags in more than ten languages.
  • Provides you with recent captions for your Instagram photos.
  • You can customize your Instagram bio with the most stylish selection of bios.
  • Only Android users can download the app.

8. Issa Caption

Issa Caption is a free app for captions on Instagram that lets you create interesting captions for Instagram photos. It gathers the most popular captions and features a dedicated area for the most current ones. You may add your own captions to this photo captioning app and even recommend new features to the app's developers.

issa caption instagram caption app
Key Features:
  • Easily copy and paste to Instagram, or any other favorite social media network.
  • Find the ideal caption for your Instagram posts with this software.
  • Has a large selection of fonts and colors.
  • Doesn't have any distracting advertisements.
  • There may be grammatical errors.

9. Capshun

Capshun is one of the useful apps for captions for Instagram. The program makes titles, captions, and other kinds of content for your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts using artificial intelligence. All you'll need to create a caption for an Instagram photo is a topic (prompt) and a brief synopsis of the image.

capshun instagram caption app
Key Features:
  • More than 100,000 captions in three languages.
  • This hashtags allow you to engage your audience nicely.
  • Captions can be found by category and tag.
  • Allows you filter captions by popular and recent captions.
  • Can create only a typographic effect.

10. Instant Caption AI

Instant Caption AI Captioning is a caption generator app for creating social media content with AI. Facebook, Instagram, and other well-known social networking platforms captions can be integrated with this tool. This best app for captions for Instagram is thoughtfully made to simplify the process of producing interesting posts with captions.

instant caption ai instagram caption app
Key Features:
  • Creates a personalized caption by scanning and analyzing your image.
  • Offers a straightforward UI that makes it simple to create captions.
  • Makes it easier to locate appropriate captions for your postings.
  • Increases interaction with relatable captions for your viewers.
  • May not have advanced features compared to other generators.

Part 3. FAQs about Instagram Caption You May Want to Know

Q1. What is the best app for Instagram captions?

A1. If you're on a quest for to find the Ultimate Instagram caption app, let me introduce you HitPaw EdiMakor. EdiMakor isn't just the best app for Instagram captions; it's your creative assitant in the world of captions. This powerhouse takes captioning to a whole new level with its smart AI and user-friendly features.

Q2. How to do auto captions on Instagram?

A2. Firstly choose a third party Instagram closed captions app which can customize captions according to your need. Then upload your photo and provide necessary prompts Hit the auto-generate or similar button within the app.

Q3. Can people see if I edit my Instagram caption?

A3. If you change your caption after uploading, Instagram does not notify your followers. You can therefore edit your caption without notifying your followers when you make changes or adjustments.


Instagram is one of the most famous and widely used social media platforms around the world. So it’s no surprise that people obviously want to constantly get new captions for their photos and videos. In this article, we have introduced the best Instagram caption app for you and provided in depth information on various captions app for Instagram. Moreover, if you try all these app for Instagram captions, you’ll find HitPaw Edimakor to be the best overall solution for you.

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