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How to Change Resolution of Video in Final Cut Pro?

Joshua Hill

Posted 2024-03-12

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The resolution, also known as the aspect ratio, is the frame size occupied by a video when being played. Or, in simple words, the height and width of the video. You can select several aspect ratios in Final Cut Pro. However, it may not be uncommon to have trouble figuring out how to do so. Hence, let’s assume that you just opened the software and imported your project. But now you can’t seem to figure out how to change the resolution of your video in Final Cut Pro, do not worry, as this article will teach you how to modify your video’s format and change the aspect ratio in a much simpler and easier way. Well, you might also be in for a treat because, in addition to this, it is also going to introduce you to the best video-enhancing software of 2022, so buckle up and keep reading the article.

Part 1: Know More About Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is one of the most professional but user-friendly video editing software out there. Aside from being a professional video editing program, Final Cut pro’s relatively friendly user interference allows starters to work on their project without facing any major hindrance. Introduced by Apple in 2011 as Final Cut Pro X, no doubt Final Cut Pro has gained major popularity in the field of cinematography and professional video editing and is currently one the most used professional video editing software out there, especially for newbies.

Part 2: How to Change Resolution of Video in Final Cut Pro?

Reading all the good reviews about Final Cut Pro online, you have just downloaded Final Cut Pro on your computer and are editing your first project on it but wait for a second, you can’t find how to change the aspect ratio of your video. No worries, as once you learn, you can change the video resolution to your desired aspect ratio with relative ease. Here are 5 Simple, Easy, and detailed steps just for you on how to change the aspect ratio of the video in Final Cut Pro.

STEP 1: Import the video

Launch the Final Cut Pro and import the video you want to change the resolution of by clicking the import media button and selecting the file, then clicking import file, or by simply dropping it on the timeline.

import video in final cut pro

STEP 2: Modify the video

After the video is imported, on the top right corner of your application window, you’ll see a “Modify” button. Navigate towards it and click on the Modify button. You’ll see a menu box that will appear regarding your imported video. Change the video format by selecting the custom option.

modify video in final cut pro

STEP 3: Change the aspect ratio

In order to change and customize the resolution of the video, click on the box in front of “Video” to see the options available. A dropdown list will appear. You can select your desired aspect ratio other than that of 16:9 or whichever is set by default.

Change the aspect ratio in final cut pro

STEP 4: Saving changes

After changing the aspect ratio, don’t forget to save the changes. Now that you have chosen to save, your video will be saved in your desired ratio. You have successfully changed the resolution to your desired ratio and saved your video.

Part 3: Change Resolution of Video with Best Video Enhancer in 2022

No doubt that Final Cut Pro is a great video editing software. But if you need more advanced function for enhancing the quality of your video, HitPaw Video Enhancer tops the list. All you need is to one click to upscale the quality of your video, then we have the perfect video enhancing application just for you, with trained AI.

The noteworthy features of HitPaw Video Enhancer:

  • Enhances your video’s resolution using a powerful, trained AI
  • Can fix low-resolution videos and increase the aspect ratio up to 8K
  • Can also use noise reduction to remove excessive background noise
  • Specially designed AI to perfect anime and actual human faces in the video

Step 01 Download the HitPaw Video Enhancer app by clicking on the Download option. After the application is installed, you’ll need to import your video. You can import the file by clicking on the “Choose File” option or by dragging and dropping the video into the given box.

Step 1 to HitPaw change resolution

Step 02 You’ll be given three AI models to use. Select your desired resolution from the dropdown list of aspect ratios. The selected resolution will be given to your imported and now enhanced video.

Step 2 to HitPaw change resolution

Step 03 You can preview the video enhanced by the HitPaw AI by clicking the Preview Effect option. Now, wait a few minutes, and your preview video will be visible on the screen.

Step 3 to HitPaw change resolution

Step 04 Your video has now been enhanced, and the resolution has been changed. Just click on the export button to export your edited video.

Step 4 to HitPaw change resolution


Final Cut Pro is a professional but relatively easy-to-use video editing software. And even though changing the aspect ratio or resolution of your video in Final Cut Pro can be quite hectic, it’s a relatively easy task after you have gone through the article. Not only have you now learned how easily you can edit the video into your custom aspect ratio, but you are now also aware of the best video enhancing software, the HitPaw Video Enhancer. Not only will it change your resolution, but it will also enhance your video by using its powerful AI designed specially to enhance a low-quality video. We recommend buying the HitPaw Video Enhancer for its best use and enhancing your video files with much ease.

FAQs about Changing Resolution of Video in Final Cut Pro

1. How do you change 4k to 1080p in Final Cut Pro?

When you create a project, you decide on the resolution. Consequently, start a 1080P project and just drop the 4K footage to the timeline. There it is—1080P. If you want the clips to accommodate the full frame, you might need to lower the size of it. You may also try setting the 4K Project's Inspector resolution to 1080P. Before attempting this, don’t forget to save a snapshot of your 4K project. 

2. How do you upscale 1080p to 4k in Final Cut Pro?

The 1080P clip should be imported into a 4K project using the same codec, Scaled Up to suit, and given a Sharpening effect. The codec that was chosen and how effectively the footage was filmed will determine the final quality. HitPaw Video Enhancer is yet another outstanding choice. It's a fantastic tool. Look into it. 

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