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How to Watch A Date with the Future Chinese Drama

If you are new to the Chinese drama and series scene, you must know about A Date with the Future loved by thousands worldwide. It is one of the best drama shows from China, especially if you are a fan. Now that the show has aired, there are few places to watch A Date with the Future drama. So, in this article, we talk in detail about how you can watch and download this show.

Part 1: What is A Date with the Future Chinese Drama?

A Date with the Future is a Chinese drama that aired on ZJTV in June last year and concluded after 36 episodes. The drama is based on the novel Shi Guang Ru Yue, which Xiao Lu wrote. The story revolves around two star-struck lovers: a reporter, Xu Lai, and a firefighter, Jin Shichuan. Jin saves Xu during an earthquake as he is one of the first responders.

Unfortunately, Jin doesn't remember him, while Xu has fallen in love with him. She tries to make new connections around Jin, hoping he will recognize her and maybe fall in love with her.


The show was extremely loved because of the real-life portrayal of firefighters and reporters and the intensity of the cinematography, with the story taking twists and turns and intense and thrilling scenes where the firefighters fight to save lives while staying alive.

Following is the cast of the show.

  • Leading Male Role: Jin Shi Chuan, played by William Chan.
  • Leading Female Role: Xu Lai, played by Zhang Ruo Nan.
  • Supporting Roles
    • Lu Fang Qi [Firefighter], played by Ren Hao
    • Huo Yan Zong, played by Ci Sha
    • Zang Qiu [Doctor], played by Luo Qiu Yun
    • Yu Shi Shi, played by Jia Nai
    • And many more.

Part 2: Where to Watch A Date with the Future Chinese Drama Online?

If you want to watch A Date with the Future ep 4 Eng sub online, the following are the three best options. Let's discuss how you can enjoy this fantastic show through these options.

1. Viki

Viki is a free-to-play streaming website for A Date with the Future mydramalist. It has 9.4/10 stars on this platform. You can find all the episodes on this page. All you need to do to watch the show here is sign up and start watching.


The only issue with watching free here is that there will be regular ads that you cannot skip. Furthermore, for free, you get a lot of shows similar to A Date with the Future but none of the latest ones.

If you want to bypass these restrictions, you can buy their passes to enjoy without interruptions.

2. TencentVideo

You can also watch A Date with the Future drama on Tencent TV, known as WeTV for international customers. If you are a free member, you can watch only four episodes. You must become a VIP member to watch the rest of the episodes without ads.


The monthly subscription for WeTV is $5.99 or $56.99 annually. The VIP membership allows you to enjoy the platform on two devices simultaneously. Another great thing is that you can watch the latest shows in advance with VIP.

3. A Date with the Future Dailymotion

The best place to watch A Date with the Future Dailymotion because here, you can watch all the episodes free of cost. You don't need a subscription to enjoy them.


The only issue some users may have is ads like YouTube, which you can skip after 5 seconds, but the quality will be lowered. So, if you don't want to pay to watch A Date with the Future Chinese drama, then you can enjoy it here.

Part 3: How to Download A Date with the Future Chinese Drama to Watch Offline

We understand you want to watch it now behind all the hype of A Date with the Future ep 4 Eng sub and the whole season. We shared the three best ways you can watch them online. But what do you do if you want to binge-watch them on another device or watch them on the go?

Well, the best option is to download it from one of the three websites we shared. To download A Date with the Future without hassle, you only need the HitPaw Video Converter. Why do we recommend it? Because of these features.

Best HitPaw Video Converter Features

  • Download all your favorite shows and movies from WeTV, Dailymotion, and 1,000 more websites easily.
  • Easily choose different video and audio quality with simple selection and download with 120x the speed, using hardware acceleration.
  • It easily surpasses tons of other downloaders and streamers.

How To Download A Date With The Future With HitPaw Video Converter

Step 1: Launch HitPaw and Copy Download Link

Install and launch HitPaw. Then, open any website for A Date with the Future, whether on your browser or an inbuilt HitPaw browser. Copy the link to the episode from there.

copy a date with the future url

Step 2: Paste URL to Choose Format

Open the HitPaw app again and paste the link into the Download tab, as shown below.

paste a date with the future url

Format and other options popup will appear. Finalize and click the download button.

choose a date with the future video format

Step 3: Download the Show

The episode will start downloading, where you can see your chosen speed and format.

finish downloading a date with the future


Q1. Is It Worth Watching A Date With The Future?

A1. If you love Chinese shows and movies, then it is totally worth watching the high-quality A Date with the Future show. It shows the life and love of a TV reporter who falls in love with a fireman who saves lives daily when needed as a first responder.

Q2. How many episodes are in A Date with the Future?

A2. The show, which had 36 episodes and aired on ZJTV in 2023, can be watched on three main platforms in 2024. Dailymotion, Viki, and WeTV.


A Date with the Future is a great entry point for anyone new to Chinese drama and shows. The show has love, action, thrilling scenes, intense firefighting scenarios, and a sad story until the reporter finds love.

The show has already aired on ZJTV, so there aren't many sites where you can watch it online. In this article, we shared three main platforms where you can watch the show effortlessly. WeTV, Dailymotion, Viki, etc., are some of the best options.

If you are not a fan of streaming different shows and want to download them to watch at your leisure, we have the best solution. Download and try HitPaw Video Converter, the Best Video Converter today, for the best experience.

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