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MP4 VS MOV, Which One Should You Choose?

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-03-07

MP4 is a digital multimedia format used for storing files such as audio and video and is also known as MPEG-4 Part 14. On the other hand, MOV is a video storage file format developed by Apple. It is also known as QuickTime File Format. Nowadays, many people are searching for MP4 vs MOV or what is the difference between MOV and MP4. If you have one of them, this read is for you.

What are the differences between MOV and MP4 Formats?

MOV and MP4 are two of the most used digital multimedia storage formats in the world. Both formats use lossy video compression to make the video lighter in its size. However, many users become confused while choosing between these two formats. To choose according to your needs, it is important to know the difference between MOV and MP4.

1. MOV VS MP4 Size

Many users want to know about MOV vs MP4 size. MOV files are larger in size and require more space. Whereas, MP4 files are smaller in size as they are compressed. This is one of the reasons why MP4 is widely used and preferred by users.

this is the size difference between mov and mp4

2. MOV VS MP4 Quality

To know whether MOV or MP4 is better, it is crucial to know about MOV vs MP4 quality. MOV is generally better in quality than MP4. This is due to the fact that MOV files are not heavily compressed. On the other hand, MP4 files are compressed and due to this reason, their quality is not as good as compared to MOV.

this is the quality difference between mov and mp4

3. MOV VS MP4 Supported Devices

The major MOV and MP4 difference is that both of these video formats support different devices. MOV was originally made for Mac and is a file format for QuickTime. Comparing MOV vs MP4, MP4 is an international standardized method that supports a majority of devices. Owing to this reason, it is also preferred for cross-platform and for streaming.

this is the device difference between mov and mp4

MP4 VS MOV, Which Suits You Best?

MP4 and MOV are the most used video file formats around the globe. However, the choice entirely depends upon the user. You should always consider your requirements as well as the device you are using. Do you want to know about MOV or MP4 which is better? Below is the description of MOV and MP4 formats which will help you to choose the best format for you.

MOV Format

MOV is a famous video format used to save movies, videos, and was intended to support QuickTime Player. Apple used an advanced algorithm in it. This format uses tracks to store various data and a track is stored in a multimedia storage file. The storage has numerous tracks that store audio, text, video, etc.

Furthermore, MOV also has a particular format to contain a digitally-encoded media stream. If the same stream is found in any other file, it resultantly makes a data reference to the media stream.

mov description of mov vs mp4

MP4 Format

MP4 is supported by various media players in numerous operating systems. Due to this reason, this format is more widespread than MOV. It also offers support for hardware devices. In addition, this can also be used to store subtitles and images.

mp4 description of mov vs mp4

Conclusion: MOV is Better for MacOS and MP4 for The Rest

In conclusion, the MP4 file is smaller in size whereas the MOV file is larger. In terms of quality, many would question is MOV better than MP4? This is due to the fact that MP4's files are more compressed than MOV's files. In fact, the file you choose to use mostly depends on your operating system. MOV is better for macOS and MP4 for the rest of the devices.

MOV is the best choice for Mac users as it was intended for QuickTime Players. On the other hand, MP4 supports numerous devices while supporting multiple bits of data. Therefore, it would be the best option for Windows users. Thus, it is important to consider the device you are using before choosing MOV or MP4.

How to Convert MOV to MP4/MP4 to MOV without Limits?

You can use either MP4 or MOV format. However, you can also easily convert MOV to MP4/MP4 to MOV without any difficulty if you have the right software to convert it. Many video converters are available on the internet but you should always use a trustworthy one.

It is vital to find the best software such as HitPaw Video Converter to convert your files as you do not want the quality loss. HitPaw allows you to convert any formats including MOV and MP4 files up to 60X faster. The lossless acceleration can even make your numerous files converted within seconds. The below-discussed steps are the easiest way to convert MOV to MP4/MP4 to MOV using HitPaw.

Step 01 Get free HitPaw Video Converter on your computer. If you already have this software on your computer, skip to step 02.

Step 02 To convert files, you have to launch the program and import your MP4/MOV file by adding file or dragging the file and dropping it.

use hitpaw to convert mov or mp4

Step 03 After files are uploaded, you can choose output file formats.

use hitpaw converter to convert mov or mp4

Step 04 Lastly, you just need to click on the “Convert” button to convert your file successfully. With this, you can find the converted file on the converted part on your computer.

use hitpaw video converter to convert mov or mp4


While considering .mov vs .mp4, it is important to know about all the differences between them to choose the best for yourself. It will help you decide on which is better MOV or MP4. With HitPaw Video Converter, you could freely convert MOV or MP4 files, or even convert YouTube to AVI. Why don't you try it now?

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