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The Best Watermark Remover for Beginners (Online&Offline Apps)

You may need to urgently use a picture for your presentation. As you download the picture that you think drives your point home, you find that it has a watermark. You don't want your audience to be distracted by the watermark so you begin to think of to use a watermark remover. Here are some ways you can instantly remove watermark from photos.

Watermark Remover Online

1. Pixlr Remove Watermark

Pixlr is a picture editing tool that can remove watermark. It comes with lots of photo editing features including blur, clone stamp, cut out, and lots more. Pixlr supports almost all image file formats including png, jpg, WebP, PSD, etc. You don't need to be a professional photo editor to use the tool.

Follow the steps below to use Pixlr to remove watermarks from pictures:

  1. Visit Pixlr online by photo editor on your computer.
  2. From the top of the page, click on “Open image”. Go through your computer folder to locate the watermarked image file.
  3. Check the tools window and click on the “clone stamp tool". You should see a circular icon appear.
  4. Press the [CTRL] button to choose the starting point from where you wish to clear the watermark.
  5. Use your mouse to drag the icon over the watermark to remove it completely.

watermark remover


  1. It is very versatile.
  2. It is free to use.
  3. It supports multiple file formats.


  • Watermark removal speed depends on internet signal strength.
  • Pop-up ads may interrupt users.

2. Watermark Remover Online

This is one of the easiest tool you need to remove background from images. All it takes is one click.

  1. Visit www.watermarkremoveronline.com.
  2. Import the target image from your computer's folder.
  3. Click Remove Watermark.

remove watermark


  1. It is so easy to use.
  2. There is no need to register or download.
  3. It removes watermarks fast.


  • Watermark on some images may not be removed.
  • It does not support batch removal of watermarks.

3. Inpaint Background Remover Online

This is one of the best software for removing watermarks from pictures on Windows and Mac. Inpaint can also remove watermarks from videos. It also supports multiple images and video file formats.

  1. Launch the Inpaint software and open the target image that you wish to remove the watermark.
  2. Click on the Marker Tool from the toolbox. Use your mouse to drag the Marker Tool over the watermark so that it is highlighted.
  3. Click the Erase button. Inpaint will remove the highlighted watermark and produce a clear output image.

background eraser tool online free


  1. It supports multiple video and image formats.
  2. It is free to use.
  3. It has an easy user interface.


  • The output image may reduce in quality.

4. Apowersoft Watermark Remover

This background remover online tool is very effective for erasing watermarks from pictures and videos. Apowersoft can remove watermarks in batches as fast as possible. It supports multiple images and video formats so you can be sure it will work for you.

  1. Register for a free account on the Apowersoft website.
  2. Log into your account to be able to use the watermark remover tool.
  3. Drag and drop the target image on the software or import them from your computer's folder. Choose the Regular Watermark Remover to hasten the process.
  4. Choose the portion of the watermark that you want to clear by highlighting it and clicking the red “X” mark.
  5. Use the marquee tool for removing watermarks from regular shapes. The polygonal tool works best for irregular shapes. The brush tool can remove watermarks easily from any type of shape.

how to remove watermarks


  1. Users can opt for the paid or trial version.
  2. It offers three watermark removal options.
  3. It supports almost all image file formats.


  • It requires registration.
  • Users may have to pay to continue to use the service.

5. PDFfiller Background Eraser Tool Online Free

Use this versatile background eraser tool online free to remove watermarks from pdf, text, and images. It gives users options to drag and drop or upload files from the computer and cloud.

  1. Register for an account on PDFfiller official website.
  2. From Dashboard page, choose ADD NEW > Select templates.
  3. From the toolbar, select Erase and then the content you want to remove. Click the Done button to process the command.

watermark remover online


  1. Offers both online and offline versions.
  2. Watermark removal is very fast.
  3. The app supports multiple file formats.


  • It requires registration or download.
  • Locating the watermark remover option on the website can be tricky.

How to Remove Watermarks with Offline Apps

1. Video Eraser

Video Eraser is a tool for removing watermarks from videos. However, its latest version can also be used to remove watermarks from pictures.

Follow the steps below to use Video Eraser to remove watermarks from pictures:

  1. Download the Video Eraser app on PlayStore for your Android.
  2. Launch the app and select Remove Watermark From Image.
  3. Choose the target image from your gallery.
  4. Tap on the box blue box on the image until it highlights all the watermark area. Click Done and the watermark will disappear.
  5. You can then choose to share or save the output file.

background remover online


  1. It can remove the watermark from videos and pictures.
  2. It is easy to use.
  3. It is free of charge.


  • Video Eraser may not support all image formats.
  • Downloading the app may take time.

2. iWatermark: Remove Watermark from Photo

iWatermark is a versatile Android and iOS supported watermark tool for images and texts. The app can be used to create or remove watermarks with ease. iWatermark comes in Free and Pro versions. The free version automatically puts iWatermark custom watermark on users' work. The paid version costs less than $2 per month and does not add watermark by default.

  1. Download the iWatermark app and upgrade to Pro.
  2. Choose the Graphic Marker option. Go down the page to choose the watermark navigation roller. Drag the tool over the watermark and click the red "-" button.
  3. Save or share the output file.

remove watermark from photo


  1. Users can choose Pro or Paid version.
  2. It supports Android and iOS.
  3. It can also customize images.


  • The free version has lots of restrictions.
  • Some images may appear blurry when watermark is removed.

3. HitPaw Watermark Remover

HitPaw Watermark Remover app is an offline app. The process for removing watermarks from pictures and videos on the website is extremely easy.

  1. Download HitPaw Watermark Remover on the official website.
  2. Choose remove image/video watermark, drag and drop your file or click to choose.
  3. Select the watermark you want to remove, then the remove mode.
  4. Click on Remove Now to preview the effect, then export your image.

how to remove watermark


  1. Watermark removal is very fast.
  2. The app supports multiple file formats.


  • It requires registration to export videos or pictures.

4. Watermark Photo

Watermark Photo provides a basic free watermark removing tool for its users. It can also be used to add logos or copyright to images.

  1. Launch Watermark Photo.
  2. Select the target image.
  3. Choose Erase Watermark option.
  4. Highlight the watermark area by moving the marker tool over the area.
  5. Click the Erase button to clear the watermark.

watermark remover


  1. The tool is free.
  2. The app size is quite small.
  3. No need to register.


  • Removing watermark can take longer some times.
  • Not suitable for removing video watermark.

5. eZy Watermark Lite

This app helps users create custom templates to add watermark to images. It can also remove watermark on batches. It is free to use and supports both Android and iOS.

  1. Launch eZy Watermark.
  2. Choose Single or Multiple Images.
  3. Import the image you need.
  4. Select Remove Watermark from the drop-down menu.
  5. Drag the cursor icon over the area from which you want to remove the watermark. Tap Done to remove watermarks.

remove watermark


  1. It supports the removal and addition of watermarks in batches.
  2. It is free to use.
  3. Users can create templates for adding watermarks.


  • The free version shows ads.

FAQs About Removing Watermarks

Q1. Is it illegal to remove a watermark from a picture?

Removing a watermark from a picture is illegal if the picture is legally recognized as the intellectual property of the original maker. Removing watermark from a picture may not hold legal consequences of the edited images are meant for personal use alone.

Q2. Can you remove the TikTok watermark?

TikTok pictures and videos often bear watermarks. You can use any of the tools listed above to remove watermarks from your TikTok videos.


Remove watermark from a file can lead to legal suit being filed against you. To avoid this, be sure that images that their watermarks were removed by you are not used for commercial purposes such as adverts. Rather, use such images for personal entertainment only or share it with friends.

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