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Best Accent Generator to Convert Text to Speech in American, British and More

There might have come a time when you would have felt the need to add voice narration to your video project. While doing so, most of the people does not have the time, skills, or budget to add this narration. Or in some cases, most of the people might need to make the video more entertaining by adding the narration in different languages and accents. If so is the case, then we have got you covered. In this article, we will have a look at different accent generator tools that can help you suffice your needs. Keep reading to know more.

Part 1. The Best Versatile Tool to Generate Accents in Various Language

HitPaw Edimakor is a powerful British accent generator that can generate accents in many languages as well. The tool does this with clarity and ease. This tool creates the natural sounding voices that users can add to their projects easily. The tool comes with different voices and accents and supports various languages. In addition to this, HitPaw also allows users to turn text into speech in the most natural sounding voices.

british accent generator
  • Automatically transfer text to speech in different accents
  • Can convert text into speech easily with the help of built-in AI
  • Mimic the natural rhythm, intonation, and stress patterns of human speech
  • Customize voice's pitch, speed, tone to create a unique synthesized voice
  • Minimize background noise to improve the speech clarity
  • Ability to generate the voiceover in different languages

Part 2. Popular Online Accent Generator to Create Realistic Text to Voice

This section lists different online accent voice generator tools that users can use. Keep reading to know more.

1. American Accent Generator

Narakeet is one of the popular Russian accent generator tools that can create many other accents as well. The tool allows users to create voiceovers with various accents using high-quality voices and users select from more than 600 voices in 90 languages. This includes 2 Bangla accents, 11 English accents, 2 Dutch accents, 3 Chinese accents, and 3 German accents, among others. Users can also adjust the voice with volume and speed, and even generate a dialog between different voices.

The tool has an easy and fast interface that enables users to paste or type the text, preview the audio, select a voice and an accent, and download it as an MP3, M4V, or WAV file. However, the tool is not for free and users can buy video or audio duration on demand. Subscription accounts are also provided for big enterprises by this Scottish accent generator.

australian accent generator

2. Accent Translator | Text to Speech Generator

With this German accent generator, users can get free translations in different languages. While Accent Translator provides the basic tone and meaning, it lacks some advanced features. For more precise translations, users cannot rely on this tool. However, if your content needs are basic, then this Italian accent generator will do the job.

russian accent generator

3. MURF.AI Accent Generator

Murf AI Accent Generator is an AI-powered French accent generator that allows users to generate voiceovers with various accents with natural-sounding voices. Users can select from more than 120 voices in 20 languages, such as Indonesian, Korean, Scottish English, Portuguese, and Australian English, among others.

Users can also adjust the emphasis, speed, pitch, and pause of the voice. This Irish accent generator has a simple and sleek interface that enables users to select a voice and an accent, paste or type the text, preview the audio, and download it as MP3. Users can use this tool for free to try all voices and create voices up to 10 minutes every month, or upgrade to a paid plan for downloads and voice access.

accent generator

4. VEED.IO Accent Generator

VEED.IO Accent Generator is a well-known online Indian accent generator that allows users create voiceovers with different accents. Users can select from more than 100 accents and different female and male voice profiles. Users can also preview the voice prior to adding it to the video.

This New Zealand accent generator comes with a user-friendly UI that enables users to record or upload your video, edit video with different tools and effects, add text and convert it to voice, and export video or audio. Users can also add background music and sound effects from their stock library. Users can use this tool for free for videos up to 10 minutes every month, or opt for a paid plan for longer video creation.

scottish accent generator

5. ttsMP3 british accent generator

ttsMP3 british accent generator is a random accent generator that provides a simple solution for those looking to add accent to their videos. With a user-friendly and simple interface, users can easily convert text to speech without any hassle. The tool requires no login and users get access to popular accent instantly. The tool comes with different accents, with female voice accent as wells.

Users can use different speakers for the different languages. The tool also allows you to turn the speakers when you wish to hear the preview of the written text. The speech generated will emphasize a few words and will add speed to a few words.

german accent generator

Part 3. FAQs about Accent Voice Generator

Q1. Is there an app that can change your accent?

A1. Yes! The above mention online apps can be helpful for changing the accent. But we suggest to opt for HitPaw Video Editor since it is easy to use can comes with tons of advanced features.

Q2. What is the British voice generator AI?

A2. A British voice generator AI is a tool that creates text to speech in British accent. HitPaw Video Editor is one such tool that does this job easily and efficiently.

Q3. How do I change my voice to a British accent?

A3. You can use HitPaw Video Editor to change your voice not only to British accent but different accents as well.


All in all, we just had a look at different accent generator tools such as Australian accent generator that can suffice your needs. Among all the options mentioned above, the best option is HitPaw Edimakor since it can generate accents in many languages.

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