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(Updated!) BEST 6 Ways to Get Tiger Sounds in 2024

The struggle for authentic and high-quality animal sounds continues for digital content creation and wildlife education. Among these, the majestic sound of a tiger holds an unmatched fascination. With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, getting these tiger sounds has never been easier or more accessible.

This article outlines the BEST 6 ways to get tiger roar sound in 2024, ensuring that enthusiasts, educators, and content creators can find the perfect roar for their projects. Continue reading for the details!

Part 1: What Sound Does A Tiger Make?

Sound of a Tiger

Tigers are considered the largest of the big cats in the world, with a roar that can resonate over 2 miles in the wild. Their vocalizations range from ferocious roars to subtle chuffs, each serving a different communication purpose. A tiger roar sound is not only a declaration of its presence but also a display of its power. Capturing the essence of this sound digitally requires high-quality recordings and the right tools to replicate the depth and intensity of a tiger's voice.

Part 2: Best Way to Get Tiger Sounds on Windows/Mac

Now that you know what does a tiger sound like, you may want to achieve this sound. In this scenario, HitPaw Voice Changer is the premier choice for accessing and manipulating tiger sounds on Windows and Mac platforms. It offers various voice effects and soundboards, including the tiger sounds. You can modify and integrate these sounds into various multimedia projects on different platforms. With an intuitive interface and powerful AI algorithms, it simplifies obtaining and customizing animal sounds.


  • Offer a quick setup to get you the sound of a tiger
  • Provide Tiger sound effect and other animal soundboards
  • Compatible with Discord, Twitch, and other platforms
  • Change your voice in the pre-recorded audio/video files
  • Allow you to preview the output before exporting

Click Now & Check How to Use Soundboard

Step 1. Choose HitPaw Virtual Audio

Choose HitPaw Virtual Studio

The first step involves selecting the "HitPaw Virtual Audio" as an input on the compatible platform.

Step 2. Select the Tiger Sound

Select the Tiger Sound

Secondly, you have to launch the software and open the "Soundboard" section. Choose the "Animal" category and select the "Tiger" sound effect. Click it to apply.

Step 3. Change Global Settings

Change Global Settings

It's time to check the bottom of the Window and enable/disable the "Voice changer," "Hear myself," and "Noise reduction" options.

Step 4. Adjust Sound Settings

Adjust Sound Settings

Once you apply the sound effect, a settings column panel appears on the right side. You can change the "Pitch" and "Similarity level." That's all. Start changing your voice!

Part 3: 2 Most-Picked Tiger Sound Apps

While HitPaw Voice Changer remains a top choice, other apps are also available, each with strengths and limitations. Let's explore:

1. Tiger Sounds

Tiger Sounds Android

Tiger Sounds is a specialized platform that delivers a wide array of tiger vocalizations. Catering to sound designers, educators, and animal enthusiasts, it provides an immersive experience by offering high-quality recordings of various tiger sounds, from the intimidating roar to the gentle chuff, ensuring users can find the exact sound they need for any project or educational purpose.

Step 1. Install the Tiger Sounds app on your Android phone.

Step 2. Browse the collection to find the specific tiger sound you need.

Step 3. Listen to previews and download your chosen sound.

  • A wide range of tiger sounds is available
  • Come up with high-quality audio files
  • It may require a subscription for access to all features
  • The interface might not be as modern as some users prefer

2. Growl

Growl Tiger Roar Sound iOS

Growl is a unique application that dives deep into the animal kingdom's auditory experiences, particularly on tiger growls. It aims to serve filmmakers, game developers, and wildlife enthusiasts by providing an array of fierce and authentic tiger growl sounds alongside other animal noises. Its user-friendly interface and quality-focused collection make it a go-to resource for those looking to add realistic animal sounds to their work.

Step 1. Install the Growl app from the app store on your iPhone.

Step 2. Search for tiger growls in the app's database.

Step 3. Play or download the sounds as needed.

  • Easy to use with a friendly interface
  • Offer a variety of animal sounds beyond just tigers
  • Limited to the sounds available in the app
  • Requires app installation, deterring multiple users

Part 4: 3 Hottest Online Tiger Sounds

Some users prefer online tools since these are convenient for accessing tiger sounds without downloading software or apps. Here are the top 3 to consider:


Soundboard Tiger Sound is a comprehensive online repository for sound clips, offering an extensive collection that includes a wide variety of tiger sounds. Its user-friendly platform is designed to cater to a diverse audience, including content creators, educators, and anyone needing specific sound effects for presentations, videos, or personal projects, making it a versatile resource.

Step 1. Visit and use the search function to find tiger sounds.

Step 2. Play the sound clips online to find the perfect one for your needs.

Step 3. Download or share the sound clip directly from the website.

  • Let you listen to the sounds on the go
  • Provide free access to a wide range of sounds
  • Sound quality varies from clip to clip
  • Sounds require payment or a user account to access

2. 101 Soundboards

101 Soundboards Tiger Sound

101 Soundboards is a dedicated platform for finding and playing back many sound effects and clips, including a rich selection of tiger sounds. It appeals to users looking for easy access to various sound effects for entertainment, educational, or content creation purposes, offering an intuitive interface and quick playback options.

Step 1. Open the 101 Soundboards website and search for "tiger sounds."

Step 2. Preview different tiger sounds through the platform.

Step 3. Choose and play or download the sounds for your projects.

  • Allow you to download the clips in MP3 format
  • Let you share the sound clips on social platforms
  • Some premium sounds may require payment
  • Ads can be intrusive on the free version

3. Realm of Darkness

Realm of Darkness Tiger Sounds

Realm of Darkness offers a unique twist on the traditional soundboard experience, combining humor and entertainment with its sound clips, including tiger roars. It targets users seeking authentic tiger sounds and an engaging browsing experience, making it ideal for those looking to add fun and authenticity to their projects or personal collections.

Step 1. Go to the Realm of Darkness website. Click "Soundboards" from the menu.

Step 2. Choose "Animals" sounds and select the "Tiger" sound.

Step 3. Listen to and choose the desired sound clips.

  • A unique and diverse collection of sounds
  • User-friendly and entertaining interface
  • More focused on entertainment than professional use
  • The collection isn't extensive and couldn't be downloaded


The quest for the perfect tiger sounds presents a variety of paths, from comprehensive software solutions like HitPaw AI Voice Changer to convenient online tools and mobile apps. Each option has its own set of pros and cons. But if you seek quality, versatility, and ease of use, HitPaw AI Voice Changer is the top recommendation. It provides an exceptional toolkit for accessing and customizing tiger sounds and other animal effects. Whether for educational purposes, content creation, or personal enjoyment, the digital world is rich with the roars waiting to be discovered.

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