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Should I Stream on Twitch or YouTube in 2024

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-12-28

Every day thousands of people join digital platforms like YouTube or Twitch. Most people want to enjoy the entertaining content, while others are content creators who wish to engage the users. As more and more people are turning into social media freaks, choosing YouTube or Twitch for steaming is a hot debate nowadays. Twitch vs YouTube is driving fans and celebrities crazy alike. Fans want to enjoy while streamers wish to earn a handsome income. 

So, if you're also finding yourself in the middle of the road, is it better to stream on Twitch or YouTube then read this article to learn which platform is best for you. So, without any ado, let's know about streaming on Twitch vs YouTube. 

twitch vs youtube

Part 1. What are YouTube and Twitch?

Both YouTube and Twitch are streaming platforms where content creators engage audiences from all over the world. However, online streamers use Twitch primarily for creating gaming content. 

Twitch is leading YouTube in online gaming content. However, YouTube is also refurbishing YouTube Live to bring more online streamers and gaming enthusiasts. Unlike Twitch, YouTube has a greater variety of content categories such as Vlogs, educational videos, gaming videos, comedy videos, tag or challenge videos, and much more. 

Part 2. The Key Difference between YouTube and Twitch

Choosing a platform for online steaming is a heck of a task. Because a wrong choice can spoil your thousands of hours of effort and dedication, knowing the difference between YouTube and Twitch can help you understand the importance of streaming on YouTube vs Twitch. So, let's know the critical difference between these streaming platforms.

twitch or youtube


Browsing is an essential feature of any platform. Without comfortable browsing, navigating the platform can become a challenge in itself. So, let me know the browsing features of Twitch vs YouTube.


  • Twitch is an online gaming platform primarily.
  • Browsing helps find the streamers, games and content categories.
  • Twitch doesn't allow its users to customize thumbnails.
  • Browsing research on Twitch recommends famous online streamers.


  • YouTube covers almost all the topics, including games.
  • Browsing helps discover videos and channels.
  • YouTube allows content creators to customize thumbnails as it pleases.
  • YouTube's browsing research recommends the relevant content.



  • Twitch has lousy rules because online streaming.
  • Twitch can ban the online streamers without any prior warning.


  • YouTube has strict rules for both online streamers and uploaders of pre recorded videos.
  • YouTube gives three signs before blocking the channel entirely.


Every content creator wants to grow its business exponentially, and knowing the growth features of YouTube and Twitch can help streamers do that. So, let's see the growth statistics of Twitch vs YouTube.


  • Twitch favors the online streamers with the most significant number of followers.
  • Twitch requires you to stay connected with the views all the time.
  • Twitch showcases streamers with a large number of followers.
  • On Twitch, you have to make long videos to engage the audience.


  • YouTube gives change to even new content creators to grow.
  • YouTube is always accessible, so you can engage with the community when you want.
  • YouTube favors quality over quantity.
  • On YouTube, you can make video shorts to entertain the viewers. 


Content creators and online streamers want to make money through their content. However, monetization rules are pretty different regarding Twitch vs YouTube money. So, let's take an overview of the difference in monetization policies of YouTube and Twitch.


  • Twitch online streamers use inline ads to make money
  • Views support the online streamers through monthly subscriptions


  • YouTube users use Google's AdSense Contextual Advertising, with ad revenues of 55%.
  • Viewers purchase the Super Stickers and Super Chat to keep the content creators.

YouTube gaming vs Twitch

Understanding the difference between YouTube gaming vs Twitch can add a ludicrous amount of income into your wallets. YouTube is a giant platform used for creating almost all types of content. Unlike YouTube, Twitch is a gaming platform primarily. So let's take a hawk's eye of YouTube gaming vs Twitch.


  • Twitch is a gaming platform.
  • Twitch is more lucrative in broadcasting online gaming videos.
  • It has more features such as powerful video encoding software to in-game overlays.


  • YouTube has many other content categories besides broadcasting online games.
  • YouTube has a YouTube Live feature for broadcasting online games.
  • YouTube lacks such gaming features specifically.


Before joining any affiliate program on YouTube and Twitch, you must meet specific criteria. Once you meet the requirements and certain threshold, you can enjoy the perks and benefits of a partnership. So, let's take an overview of the partnership in Twitch vs YouTube.


  • After achieving certain thresholds such as subscribers, followers, and viewers' engagement, streamers can join the affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate and partnership programs of Twitch are accessible to join.


  • There is much hassle to join the YouTube Affiliate programs because each different monetization option has its criteria.
  • YouTube has many stringent criteria and complicated procedures for YouTube Affiliate Program.

Part 3. YouTube vs Twitch: Where Should You Produce Content?

YouTube vs Twitch streaming is a hot topic for content creators. Online streamers want to extract large sums of money while entertaining and engaging the audience. YouTube is not a niche-specific platform; you can upload almost any type of video, excluding the prohibited content containing nudes and sexual violence.

However, Twitch is a niche-specific platform with the most significant users of content creators from broadcasting online games. So, you may want to know should I stream on twitch or YouTube? Let's take an overview of the features of YouTube and Twitch to decide which platform you use for product content. 

1. Why you should choose YouTube?

YouTube is the largest streaming platform all over the world. You can find every type of video in any category. It has the most extensive viewers and a ludicrous amount of content. 

YouTube has a sophisticated algorithm that allows the new content creator to pop up in the search results, giving them a fair chance to grow their business. 

Moreover, YouTube has Google's AdSense Advertising program for online earning from paid advertisements. Depending on your need, you can upload both recorded videos and stream them online on YouTube Live. 

2. Why you should choose Twitch?

Twitch is primarily a gaming platform with the most significant number of online video broadcasters. Online streamers can join the partnership program. 

Twitch promotes the online streamers with the most significant number of followers. It has a monthly subscription plan through which the viewers support the streamers. 

It has lousy rules and regulations because almost all the streaming goes online. So, there are not many stringent rules. However, Twitch can outrightly block anyone without any prior warning upon violation of regulations. 

So, is it better to stream on Twitch or YouTube? Both are streaming platforms. It depends on whether you should stream on Twitch or YouTube. It depends on your niche, target audience and the quality of content. If you can dedicate a considerable period, then go for YouTube. And if you want to target only game enthusiasts, then go for Twitch. 

Part 4. Stream on YouTube or Twitch with HitPaw Screen Recorder like a Pro

Content creators and online streamers want to engage and entertain the audience optimally. So, whether you choose YouTube or Twitch, providing a real-time world experience is the best option to increase the quality of your content. However, how will you add that appealing look to your content that can drag every viewer into your streaming?

You can use the HitPaw Screen Recorder. You can unleash your creativity using the inspiring live streaming templates and editing tools. It can add an incredibly excellent virtual background to your otherwise drab background. Moreover, it supports live streaming so that you can increase your followers or subscribers in no time. The HitPaw Screen recorder helps you access 300+ streaming platforms and video meeting apps.

The following features of HitPaw Screen Recorder can be priceless:

  • Supports the professional-grade live streaming
  • Stream on over 30 different platforms
  • Has the incredible feature of recording and lives streaming at the same time
  • Record the video with internal audio or sound from a microphone
  • Offers free templates, virtual backgrounds, stream overlays, stickers, and texts

Steps for live streaming using HitPaw Screen Recorder

To enjoy these outstanding features of HitPaw Screen Recorder while streaming on YouTube or Twitch, follow the steps given below:

Step 01 Download and install HitPaw Screen Recorder.

Step 02 Select Live Streaming. You can use HitPaw Screen Recorder for live streaming or recording according to your need. So, you can select "Record" or "Live"- "Live streaming."

Select the Record of Live on HitPaw Screen Recorder

You can also choose a template for live streaming on YouTube and Twitch. To make your Live Streaming more appealing, click Templates on the right side of the screen. 

Select the Live Streaming on the right side of the Screen

Step 03 Select Add Source and then choose what you want to live stream such as webcame or screen. 

Select Add Source and like the Webcam

Step 04 Open the live streaming platform if you want to live stream on YouTube or Twitch. Then, select "HitPaw Virtual Camera" under the camera list. After this step, you can start streaming live on YouTube or Twitch. 

  • Live Stream on YouTube: 
    • 1.After choosing the Webcam, select "Go Live" from YouTube.com. 
    • 2.Under the "Webcam'', you'll see "HitPaw Camera" a camera list and select your camera.
    Live Streaming on YouTube using the HitPaw Screen Recorder
  • Live Stream on Twitch:
    • 1.Launch Twitch Studio. 
    • 2.Add Source "Video Capture Device".
    • 3.From the device list, choose "HitPaw Camera" .
    • 4.Following the above steps, you can use HitPaw Screen Recorder to record or stream online on YouTube or Twitch. 
    Live Streaming on twitch using the HitPaw Screen Recorder

Part 5. FAQS about Twitch Vs. YouTube

1. Can You Stream On YouTube And Twitch At The Same Time?

You can stream on YouTube and Twitch simultaneously using the HitPaw Screen Recorder. It gives you 4K video quality and live streaming templates.

2. Does YouTube Own Twitch? 

No, YouTube doesn't own Twitch. Amazon bought Twitch in 2014 for over $ 1 billion. So, Amazon owns Twitch and Google owns YouTube.

3. How will cloud gaming affect streamers on Twitch vs YouTube?

Cloud streaming allows gamers to stream games directly from the Internet. There's no longer a need to install the games on your electrical devices. It'll help the online streamers have greater access to fun and increase the competition between YouTube and Twitch. 


YouTube vs Twitch, the hottest topic for online streamers and content creators, has opened many doors to progress and growth. Being niche-specific, Twitch is the hotspot of online gaming broadcasters, and YouTube, the comprehensive streaming platform, is the epicenter of content creators.

Whether you'll use Twitch or YouTube, attracting viewers' attention is the greatest challenge. So, you need something which can increase the quality of streaming, add more features and attract more viewers through stunning virtual backgrounds.HitPaw Screen Recorder is a perfect tool for both Twitch and YouTube. It allows recording and streaming at the same time and helps the content creators to achieve their milestones. 

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