HitPaw Voice Changer HitPaw Voice Changer for Mac HitPaw Voice Changer

Reviews 179 Great


“Ich habe schon viele Voice-Changer ausprobiert, aber der Voice-Changer ist definitiv einer der besten. ”

Troy 2024-04-01

It's user-friendly and the results are outstanding.

“I can transform my voice into different characters and it sounds so authentic. It has added a whole new level of entertainment to my gaming sessions. Love it!”

frances 2024-04-01


“Highly recommended for anyone looking to have some fun”

vivien 2024-04-01

you can adjust data

“The voice changer has a pitch control feature that allows me to adjust the tone of my voice to create different effects.”

Posie 2024-02-03

nice choice for games

“I've used this voice changer for making prank videos and it never fails to get hilarious reactions from people at lol”

Traudl 2024-02-03

it did a good job

“I've been using AI music to create background tracks for my videos, and it has significantly enhanced the overall quality of my content.”

Hooda 2024-02-03


“AI music is a great tool for composers and musicians.”

Kristina 2024-02-03


“I'm amazed at the quality of AI-generated music. It's hard to believe that a machine can create such beautiful melodies and harmonies.”

Tere 2024-02-03

good enough

“I've had so much fun playing pranks on my friends with this voice changer. It never fails to make them laugh”

Ami 2024-02-03

All my fris loved those voices

“I bought this voice changer for a costume party and it was a big hit.”

Victoire 2024-02-03

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