HitPaw Voice Changer HitPaw Voice Changer for Mac HitPaw Voice Changer

Reviews 183 Great

Plentiful sound effects

“I was previously looking for an app that would add special sound effects to my songs, and HitPaw Voice Changer fit the bill perfectly.”

Harper 2024-05-08

Rich sound effects

“I love the variety of sound effects in this app, and its tweaking options allow me to have finer control over the sound.”

Aria 2024-05-08


“If you are looking for an easy to use yet powerful voice changer, then HitPaw Voice Changer is definitely a good choice. I have already recommended it to my friends.”

Evelyn 2024-05-08

Operational Stability

“HitPaw Voice Changer is one of the most stable voice changing apps I've ever used. Never had a crash or lag, very reliable.”

Charlotte 2024-05-08

Fun to use

“I've used this software to add some hilarious sound effects to my recordings and HitPaw Voice Changer is really fun to use.”

Amelia 2024-05-08

Great page design

“As a content creator, I've found HitPaw Voice Changer to be very useful for creating voices for different characters. It gives me a lot of inspiration and has a great user interface design!”

Mia 2024-05-08

Real effect

“After using this software, my friends and I had twice the fun while voice chatting! The voice changes are realistic and it's easy to find your favorite voice.”

Isabella 2024-05-08

Easy to Use

“HitPaw Voice Changer's interface is easy to use and intuitive to operate. The voice changing effects are also very diverse and can satisfy a variety of needs. It is recommended for anyone who wants to try something new!”

Ava 2024-05-08

Very Fun

“This voice changer is very interesting! I like to use it to add various effects to my voice to make it sound like I'm from a different character or animal. Very fun!”

Emma 2024-05-08

Voice Changer

“I think this is top level voice changer, with a lot of features and realistic voice changes, it's really a great software.”

Zoe 2024-04-30

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