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Reviews 412 Great

None Watermark

“Good experience for none watermark that I hate so much. It's a nice tool for me. Enhance well, support well.”

Tumi Normand 2024-06-05

Ads Free

“I have to say, if a tool can give me a 100% non ads processing, it is the best one I would save. HitPaw Video Enhancer makes it. There is no annoying ads during my video enhancement. I love it.”

Liz Karry 2024-06-05

Fast processing

“I tried some other tools before. Almost everyone took me a lot of time to enhance just a 3 or 4-mins video. That's ridiculous. HitPaw Video Enhancer is faster than them. And I am gald of the final work.”

Pam Milly 2024-06-05

Upscale Well Done

“I use it for my nico game records. Switch or Ps cannot give me a clear expression which disturb me. HitPaw does it.”

Jami Fether 2024-06-05

Endless Possibilities with Backgrounds

“HitPaw's background replacement is so much fun to play with! I've been swapping out boring backdrops for all sorts of cool, creative scenes. It's a quick way to add some pizzazz to my videos.”

Riny Maria 2024-06-04

Breathe Life into Old Footage

“This little tool is a game-changer! I used the colorize feature to breathe new life into my old black and white videos. The results are stunning - it's like watching history unfold in full color.”

Alex Jip 2024-06-04

Best Video Enhancer Out There

“Tried HitPaw Video Enhancer and it exceeded my expectations. Videos are now crisp and clear. Worth every penny!”

Liddy Abram 2024-05-31

Super Easy and Effective!

“Boosted my video quality in no time. HitPaw Video Enhancer is user-friendly and delivers fantastic results. Love it!”

Verna 2024-05-31

A Lifesaver for Old Videos

“HitPaw Video Enhancer breathed new life into my grainy old videos. Easy to use and the results are amazing. Highly recommend!”

Janine Connie Peck 2024-05-31

Worthy to Try

“Just few clicks, my video is upscaled a lot. And frequent coupons make me really love it.”

Junne Taury 2024-05-16

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