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[Lastest!] Top 8 Best Photo Pixel Enhancers for Win/Mac/Online

Imagine clicking the essential photos in low pixels and then suddenly realizing that these photos won't serve the purpose you're looking for. No one likes to come across blurry or pixelated photos, and opting for the photo pixel enhancer is your only option.

Can you enhance photo pixels? Although improving photos' pixels remains one of the most sensitive aspects, this guide is all set to introduce remarkable tools to enhance pixelated photo.

Part 1: 7 Best & Convenient Photo Pixel Enhancers Online in 2023

Read the seven terrific tools below if you need help accessing the free online photo pixel enhancer.

HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer

It feels like HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer is something other than an online tool courtesy of the unbelievable services it comes up with.

With the ability to enlarge the photos to 8x, improving the pixels of images has always been easy.

Apart from offering AI-powered technology, HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer ensures that you face any issue while improving the quality of your photos. Since this pixel-up photo enhancer is an online tool, you don't need to install the software.

Instead, only visiting the official website of HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer will be enough to enhance photo pixels.

hitpaw is a photo pixel enhancer Pros
  • Allows you to enhance photo pixels automatically
  • Improve the quality of photos simultaneously
  • Remove the blur from the photos
  • Doesn't compromise the quality of photos


You can also opt for the Cutout. Pro to enhance photo pixels quickly. This excellent online tool is designed to increase resolution, improve quality, and upscale the details of your photos. This pixel-up photo enhancer uses advanced algorithms to upscale and sharpen images, resulting in a professional, more polished look.

Upscaling the Photos in Cutout Pro is way too easy as all you need to do is visit the official website of Cutout Pro, import the picture you'd like to enhance, and then let the tool do the rest.

you can use cutout as a photo pixel enhancer


Despite being an online photo editor, Fotor has come up with a remarkable automated object recognition feature that allows users to identify the pixels on their photos and then fix them quickly.

Apart from enhancing the quality of photos, this pixel-up photo enhancer also enables you to resize and crop the images, adding effects and filters. You can also explore the brilliant photo templates in Fotor, adding another dimension to your photos and making them top-notch.

you can use fotor as a photo pixel enhancer

Let's Enhance

Another online photo pixel enhancer that can improve the pixels of your photo by using Artificial intelligence technology is Let's Enhance. By visiting the official website of Let's Enhance, you can increase your photo's resolution to up to 16 times its original resolution.

You can also explore the excellent color correction features, including hue/saturation, color balance, sharp edge details, and more.

you can use letsenhance as a photo pixel enhancer

IMG EnLarger

Besides allowing you to enhance pixelated photos and coming up with AI-powered technology, IMG Enhancer helps you turn lower-resolution photos into high-resolution ones. You only need to launch the AI image enhancer and improve your photos' pixels to enhance photo pixels.

On top of that, AI image enhancer offers the most straightforward user interface, and you don't need to install the software. Thus, opting for this reliable online tool to upscale the quality of your photos and make it complete, and you should try it at least once.

you can use img enlarger as a photo pixel enhancer


Befunky could be that free online photo pixel enhancer you've just been searching for so long. With tremendous artificial intelligence, BeFunky ensures you can enhance the quality of your photos by only visiting the official website of BeFunk.

Regardless of how much the pixels of your photo have been damaged, BeFunky ensures that you can enhance pixels without any delay or issue. It brings in unique frames and special effects that help you to add creativity and flair to the photos quickly.

you can use befunky as a photo pixel enhancer


Increasing the pixels and resolution of your photos has become simple courtesy of online tools like Upscalepics.

This online tool has a simple user, and your picture will retain the original quality when editing the photos according to your preferences.

From helping you to remove the blur from photos to allowing you to colorize the images, this free online photo pixel enhancer has been an excellent photo quality enhancer for some time now.

you can use upscalepics as a photo pixel enhancer

Part 2: Your First Choice of Photo Pixel Enhancer for Windows and Mac

If you ask for a perfect photo pixel enhancer that, along with fixing the pixels of your photos, upscales the picture wonderfully, it will look like the HitPaw Photo AI. There are several things to ponder about the HitPaw Photo Enhancer that sets this pixel-up photo enhancer apart from the rest of the tools. use hitpaw to enhance photo pixels

Apart from allowing you to enhance photo pixels, HitPaw Photo AI is known for unblurring photos, colorizing black and white images, improving the details of images, removing the noise from the pictures, and much more.

Overall, HitPaw Photo AI is the best photo pixel enhancer that comes out with all guns blazing to improve the quality of the photos.

  • Allows you to enhance the photo quality automatically
  • It enables you to upscale multiple photos simultaneously
  • Customize the size and shape of photos
  • Improve the details of your photos
  • Available for Mac and Windows


Finding a reliable photo pixel enhancer to fix photos' pixels is daunting. However, this post reviews the best online tool and software to help you enhance photo pixels. If you want to ensure that the photo you're going to improve the pixels of doesn't lose the original quality, going for the HitPaw Photo AI is the best option.

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