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Top 13 BEST Naruto Manga Panels that Once Amazed All Fans

Over five years have passed since the last chapter of the Naruto manga, yet the series is still widely discussed among the anime fandom and is required viewing for any newcomers. Even fewer Naruto manga panels have managed to permanently imprint themselves in the minds of numerous readers.

Here are 10 best Naruto manga panels that are quite brilliant and wonderful.

1. 13 Best Naruto Panels that Stir Your Soul

Throughout the whole 17 years that the Naruto manga Panels was being published, innumerable panels were imprinted in the memories of the readers and created a unique fan following throughout that period. These panels were responsible for the growth of the Naruto franchise.

Naruto Is Finally Acknowledged By Irukae

Early on in his existence, Naruto is perceived as nothing more than a monster. Growing up horribly alone, Naruto is an ostracized orphan who doesn't even know who his parents are. This changes when Mizuki confronts Iruka for harboring hatred against the Nine-Tailed Fox, at the conclusion of the first chapter of Naruto.

Iruka agrees but then elaborates that this doesn't mean he hates Naruto. Iruka talks about respecting Naruto, acknowledging him as a true citizen of Konoha for the first time in his life. This brings Naruto to tears in a powerful panel that lets viewers feel the same relief and acceptance.

naruto is finally acknowledged by irukae

Lee Stands Again After His Crushing Defeat

Lee's fight against Gaara during the Chunin Exams' Tournament arc is one of Naruto's most iconic. Gaara's built up as untouchable until this point, and Lee not only scratches him but nearly shatters Gaara's defenses. Gaara's sand protects him, grabs onto Lee's limbs, and completely crushes them.

lee stands again after his crushing defeat

Parallels Between Naruto & Gaara

Naruto is the only person who can relate to Gaara's inner suffering because he is a fellow Jinchuriki who has been shunned since birth. They had a harsh and beautiful duel at the end of the Konoha Crush storyline, and their similarities are highlighted in this panel before their last strike.

parallels between naruto & gaara

Itachi and Sasuke's Final Goodbye

It is from the manga is among the saddest in the whole Naruto manga panel series. Itachi becomes reanimated in the Great battle and he finally gets to see Sasuke and properly say farewell to him. For Saskuse, it's also a moving experience since he finally receives closure on the matter of murdering his brother.

naruto best manga panels

The World Shall Know Pain

It's a famous panel from the naruto manga penal. It is the moment that altered everything for the hidden leaf village and brought it to its knees. The Village is assaulted by the incredibly strong members of the Akatsuki nicknamed the Pain.

naruto manga panels

Obito and Kakashi Parallel Sharingan

The Sharingan connects Obito and Kakashi even more closely than their animosity does. Obito bestows the Sharingan on Kakashi. In this manga panel neutro, two opponents square off, and the great shot is of them locking eyes as they use their Sharingan.

naruto manga panel

Naruto’s Promise to Sakura

This manga panel naruto is widely considered to be among the most important in the whole Naruto canon. That scene in the panel represents a turning point in the story's three main characters' lives. After Naruto leaves the secret leaf village, he assures Sakura that he will return with Sasuke.

best naruto panel

Naruto’s Heartbreak

It is common knowledge that manga naruto panels have had a childhood love for Sakura ever since they were little. When Naruto witnesses Sakura crying while being comforted by Sasuke, he is taken aback and comes to the realization that the level of love.

best panels in naruto

Hinata’s Confession to Naruto

Another panel from the naruto best manga panels that sent fans into a frenzy was the one in which Hinata spoke cleanly with Naruto about her feelings for him. The confession was delivered against the background of an extremely stressful circumstance, which contributed to the fact that it had a greater effect on the psyche of the readers.

naruto manga best panels

Naruto Confronts His Darkness

This best naruto manga panel wishes to fully take control of the abilities bestowed upon him by the Kyuubi, he must first face the evil that lies inside him. He confronts all of the heartbreaks and misery.

best manga panels naruto

Rock Lee Goes Extreme Against Gara

This one is among the best manga panels of naruto in the Naruto series. In the Chunin examinations, Rock Lee faces up against Gara of the sand village. Rock Lee resolves to use all his inner strength and go all out in the battle when the going gets rough.

naruto best manga pages

Naruto and Sasuke’s Accidental Kiss

This is an extremely amusing scenario that occurs early on in the naruto manga penal series. When Naruto and Sasuke accidentally lock lips in class, both of them feel sick to their stomachs. As a result of Naruto's theft, Sakura is fuming mad at him.

manga panel naruto

All Hokage Reanimated

All Hokage Reanimated is among the naruto best manga panels and when this page of the Naruto manga made it to the readers, all hell broke out. Orochimaru reawakens the four Hokage at the height of the Great Ninja War, raising the stakes considerably with their commanding presence.

naruto best panels

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3. FAQs of Naruto Manga

Q1. Is the manga of Naruto finished?

A1. The last chapter of the manga was published on November 10, 2014, after 15 years and 700 chapters. With so many chapters, there must be numerous plot lines and memorable individuals that contribute to Naruto's maturation into a respected leader.

Q2. Who created Narutoverse?

A2. Japanese manga artist Masashi Kishimoto (, Kishimoto Masashi; born November 8, 1974) goes by his given name. In May of this year, nearly 250 million copies of his manga series Naruto had already been sold across 46 different nations.

Q3. Who created Narutoverse?

A3. Kaguya, an Otsutsuki, is one of the most powerful figures in the Naruto universe. But after eating the whole Chakra fruit by herself from the God tree, she obtained godlike powers and became an invincible force in Naruto.


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