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[Beginner's Guide] What is DragGAN and How Does it Work?

Editing the photos could be daunting, especially if you need help finding the most reliable photo editing tools. However, the upcoming DragGan tool won't even allow you to complain.

It allows you to alter the photo's position, form, layout, or expression in seconds. So, should some popular photo editing tools fear the emergence of DragGan photo editor?

This post reveals all the DragGan AI image photo editing credentials, including what it is and how to use it.

Part 1: What is DragGAN

DragGan is a new photo editor that allows users to modify their photos excellently. This AI image photo editing tool is yet to come, and the anticipation about this remarkable photo editing tool is immense.

Unlike the various traditional image editing tools that only crop or distort existing pixels, this tool can create content that matches your intention. For instance, if you're willing to make the person's mouth smile in a photo, the DragGan photo editor doesn't only stretch your lips, but it also adjusts the facial expression while generating the teeth.

draggan is an ai image manipulation tool

The developers of DragGan AI claim that importing the photos will only take RTX 3090 GPU. Doing so introduces the way for collaborative editing sessions, real-time, which might quickly iterate between your alternative layouts until you get the desired results.

Another thing to like about the DragGan photo editor is that it offers a user-friendly interface, and processing the photos won't be an issue.


Here's a list of some photo editing operations you could perform using the DragGan.

  • Change the car's size and shape by dragging its doors, wheels, or windows.
  • Change the expression and pose of a single person by dragging the arms, head, mouth, legs, or eyes.
  • Alter the perspective and layout of a landscape by dragging the sky, water, trees, or mountains.


DragGan photo editing tool is worth checking out and has many benefits.

  • Since it is easy to use, you can edit the photos regardless of your experience.
  • DragGan AI image photo editing allows you to perform multiple editing operations on the images, including altering the pose of an object, changing a person's facial expression, and removing or adding objects from your images.
  • DragGan doesn't ask you to pay even a penny to start using it, as it is free.
  • DragGan comes up with AI-powered technology, meaning it automatically performs all the editing operations on the photos.


  • Where DragGan comes up with various benefits, it also has some unfortunate limitations.
  • Since it is in the development phase, it implies there could be some limitations or bugs.
  • You can't edit the videos in the DragGan photo editor as it is only suited for editing photos.
  • It is a new tool, and most people don't know about the credentials of this AI image photo editing tool.

Part 2: How to use DragGAN Step by Step

this tool has revealed the interface of this AI image manipulation tool. Luckily, using the DragGan photo editor will be easy, and it isn't supposed to tinker with the quality of photos either.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to use the DragGan.

  • Step 1:To begin with, you'll need to upload the image before dropping or dragging points on your image.

  • Step 2:Since DragGan is an AI image photo editing tool, it will automatically apply all the editing operations on the photos. Next, you can preview its changes and make more edits afterward.

    how to use draggan

DragGan AI photo editor isn't all about the layers, brushes, and tools. Instead, it allows you to earn points by tapping on a photo's certain parts. Then, upon dragging the finger, the purpose will be carried out.

Part 3: DragGAN Exact Release Date and Its paper

DragGan photo editing tool is still developing, and the exact date must be revealed for various reasons. However, people waiting for this AI image photo editing tool continue predicting the expected date of the DragGan photo editor's arrival.

However, GitHub has revealed that this DragGan AI image manipulation tool is expected to be released in June 2023 but has yet to mention the exact date.

Part 4: HitPaw AI Photo Enhancer to Easily Upscale Your DragGAN Work

After editing the photo on the DragGan photo editor, you might need a video quality enhancer that takes the image's quality to the next level. Make no mistake, HitPaw Photo AI has the best photo upscaling qualities. It has four AI models: General, Denoise, Face, and Colorize.

hitpaw is also a great ai image manipulation tool

Applying these AI models, which automatically perform all the photo-enhancing operations, makes even an ugly photo look relevant and worth watching. Despite offering highly professional features and the ability to make your photos look flawless, HitPaw Photo AI offers a user-friendly interface.

From helping you remove noise from photos and eliminating pixelated photos to allowing you to colorize black and white photos, HitPaw Photo AI has come a long way.

  • The best AI photo quality available for Mac and Windows
  • Automatically enhance image resolution and quality
  • Remove noise and blur from the photos
  • Upscale and enlarge photos without losing the quality
  • Allows you to upscale multiple photos simultaneously


For those looking to acquire the services of picture-perfect AI image manipulation tools, DragGan will come in handy. DragGan AI tool offers all the photo editing features you'd have expected to find in an AI image photo editing tool.

You can read this post to get all the relevant information about the upcoming DragGan photo editor. HitPaw Photo AI is the most reliable image quality enhancer when it comes to upscaling the photos edited by the DragGan AI image manipulation tool.

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