How to Remove Background Noise with HitPaw Video Converter

This guide will tell how to remove background noise from audio and video in HitPaw Video Converter. It uses the AI technology to automatically remove noise with one click.


Follow the steps below to remove background noise from audio and video instantly using the AI technology.

Firstly, please install and launch HitPaw Video Converter on computer.

Step 1: Download AI Noise Remover Feature

Launch HitPaw Video Converter, swtich to the Toolbox section where you can download Noise Remover feature.

hitpaw noise remover

Step 2: Add an Audio or Video File

After downloading the AI Noise Remover feature, you'll enter to the main screen. Add or drag an audio/video file to the program.

add audio file to remove background noise

Step 3: Removing Background Noise

This program automatically start removing the background noise from the audio or video file you've added. The AI algorithm that comes with the program will automatically identify and get rid of the background noise.

removing background noise from audio in hitpaw video converter

Step 4: Preview and Export

Wait untile the noise removing process to be completed, we can preview and compare the effects before and after removing the noise. Click the Export button to export the file with no background noise. If you want to add a new file, just click the Replace button.

remove background noise successfully

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