How to Convert Video/Audio to Text with HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw Video Converter's Speech to Text feature can convert video and audio to plain text or subtitle SRT files. Follow the guide to translate voice to text easily.


This tutorial will tell you how to convert video, audio to text with HitPaw Video Converter

Step 1: Choose Speech to Text Feature

Launch HitPaw Video Converter and choose Speech to Text feature from the Toolbox.

hitpaw speech to text

Step 2: Add a Video or Audio File

Now, you can add or drag a video or audio file to the Speech to Text interface. HitPaw Video Converter supports 1000+ formats import.

add a video or audio

Step 3: Select Output Format and Language

After adding a video or audio file, you need to select the output format and language.

You can select to convert voice to plain text, or convert video, audio to subtitles.

convert video to text or subtitles

In the language drop-down options, please select the primary language of the source file.

choose primary language

Step 4: Click Create to Start Transcribe

Now, click the Create button after selecting the output format and primary language.

transcribe video to text

Step 5: Convert Video/Audio to Text

If you select Plain text (.txt) as the output format, HitPaw Speech to Text will transcribe the voice to plain text which means there is no timestamp.

converting video to text

Step 6: Convert Video/Audio to Subtitles

If you select Subtitle (.srt) as the output format, you will get a .srt file with timestamp.

convert video to subtitles

Step 7: Preview and Export

When the speech recognition is completed, you can preview the video to check if the text conversion is correct. Click the Export button if all is fine. You will get a plain .txt file or a subtitle file in .srt format.

trascribe speech to text export subtitle

If you convert video to subtitles, you can check the option "Export Video with Subtitles". Thus, you will export the video with subtitles to computer.

export video with subtitles

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