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How to Download Instagram profile Picture from Computer, Mobile and Web

Are you tired of seeing those small-sized Instagram profile pictures that show nothing about the user, and you want to find easy and effective ways to see the profile pictures of public and private accounts in full size with HD quality? We are sharing with you 3 ways to download Instagram profile pictures from computer, mobile and web. Every Instagram profile downloader on our list is easy to use and works for sure. These ways take only 3 steps or less to work, and some also help you see content other than profile photos like videos, reels and IGTV posts of public and private accounts.

Part 1. How to Download Instagram Profile Picture from Computer

Downloading Instagram profile pictures on a computer can be tricky as pictures usually don't get downloaded. If they get downloaded, they will be in very low quality or be blurred and distorted, which ruins the whole purpose of Instagram profile picture download.

To solve this issue, we have HitPaw Video Converter, which has all the features of a modern and intelligent video converter. It also serves as an Instagram profile picture downloader because of its Instagram Downloader Feature.

It is almost effortless to use the Instagram Downloader feature to download IG profile pic, and by doing three simple steps, you can do an Instagram profile picture download 1080p.

3 Steps to Download Instagram Profile Pic

With HitPaw Video Converter’s Instagram Downloader feature, you can view and download HD PFP by entering the username only. Below are the steps you can follow:

  • Step 1.Open HitPaw Video Convertor after installing and launching it. Go to Instagram Downloader by clicking on the Download Tab, or go to the Toolbox, and select Instagram Downloader from the options.

    hitpaw video converter’s Instagram downloader
  • Step 2.On the Instagram Downloader, enter the username whose profile picture you want to download in the search box. It is no need to sign into your Instagram account.

    enter Ins username
  • Step 3.You will see the Instagram profile pictures of different resolutions of the person whose username you have entered. Check on the profile picture you want and click Download to save profile picture to computer.

    hitpaw Instagram profile picture download

Along with being an excellent and easy-to-use Instagram PFP downloader and viewer. HitPaw Video Converter has some fantastic features for video conversion, download and editing like:

  • Converts videos, DVDs and audios to 1000+ formats
  • Download Instagram videos, photos, posts, IG stories, and reels by entering the video/photo URLd
  • Download videos and audio from 10000+ websites including You Tube, Tik Tok, Bilibili, etc.
  • Batch convert images to JPG, PNG, WebP, TIFF, etc.
  • Download and convert Apple Music/Spotify Music to MP3, WAV, etc.
  • Edit videos and images easily and in batch
  • Remove vocals from any song with AI technology
  • Smartly compress videos/photos at optimal quality

Part 2. Instagram PFP Downloader Online

For people who don't want to install a separate software for IG profile pic download. We have two excellent websites that help you save profile picture Instagram online.

1. IG Downloader

It is a great and easy-to-use website that helps view and download profile pictures on Instagram. It is very straightforward to use. All you have to do is type the username in the search box of this website. It has multiple features like Video, Photo and Reels Downloader to download photos, videos or reels of any profile. It has an IGTV downloader to save IGTV videos on your mobile and PC.

The two most unique and valuable features are Profile Downloader and Private Downloader. Profile Downloader downloads multiple posts online, while Private Downloader is an Instagram private profile downloader that saves private photos and videos on Instagram.

The drawback of downloading Instagram profile on IG Downloader is that you have to put up with the ads.

IG Downloader

Save Instagram

Save Instagram is an excellent website for people who want a simple Instagram profile downloader without any other features. It is straightforward to use. All you have to do is:

  • Copy the Instagram profile URL of the account whose profile picture you want to view and download.
  • Paste URL in the search box, and click on View.
  • You can see the profile picture on your screen. You can either Download it or Zoom it using the options below.
download ig profile picture online with save instagram

Part 3. Instagram Profile Download for iPhone or Android

Most people use Instagram from their smartphones, like iPhones or Android. Here are some of the best websites and apps for Instagram profile picture view and download.

You can use the two websites mentioned above on your Android or iPhone to save Instagram profile picture or view profile pictures. You can also use a few apps as Instagram profile picture downloaders.

Zoomer for IG, Insta Big Profile Photo, Insfull and Insta Profile Pic Zoom & Save are some of the best apps to use as an Instagram Profile Downloader. Below I will take Insfull as an example to illustrate how to download Instagram profile on Android.

  • Step 1. Download the app from Google Play.
  • Step 2. Launch the app on your phone, and type the username or profile URL in search box.
  • Step 3. See the profile pic in full size, zoom and HD Mode. Download image with the button on the top right.
insful ins pfp downloader on android

Part 4. Is Downloading Instagram Profile Picture Legal?

Now that we have learned the best ways to download and save Instagram profile pictures. We will answer the infamous question and concern: Is downloading Instagram profile photos legal?

The answer to this is Yes, with a few limitations. When someone shares something on social media, they own the copyright of that thing, but still, that thing is public. You can use the downloaded profile image for your use. But you can't use it for defamation and deception as it comes under cybercrime. You cannot also claim the picture as yours or try to make money as it comes under copyright. Using a picture for personal use is legal.

The Bottom Line

Instagram Profile pictures are the first introduction and identification step, and the small size of the IG sticker stops us from seeing the picture correctly. We want to make your time on Insta, Stress-free and entertaining, and that's why we have shared with you the three best ways to view and download someone's profile photo on your mobile, laptop or any other device so that you don't spend your days in curiosity. Those three ways will not only help you see and download profile pictures but also help you see and download content like feed pictures, videos, reels and IGTV videos. We have also shared a HitPaw Video Converter that will solve all your video and audio conversion problems with its outclass features.

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