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If Freepik Safe? How to Keep My Freepik Account Safe?

Whether you want to download the royalty free images or videos, platforms like Freepik could be handy. However, despite being an official platform, the safety of the Freepik is still questioned. Many people nowadays ask ''is Freepik safe'' or ''is Freepik safe to download from''?

The nice part of this discussion is that this guide is all set to answer all your queries, allowing you to keep your Freepik account safe.

Part 1: Is Freepik Safe and Legit?

Freepik is generally considered safe and legal, and most of the content you'll find there comes with the copyright claim. Unfortunately, many people have claimed that some of the content on Freepik violated copyright rules and was copied from other platforms before being downloaded to Freepik.

If you're using the Freepik images or videos for personal use, you don't have to get the answer ''is Freepik safe to use''.

But, if you're aiming to use the Freepik images or videos for commercial learning, whether ''Freepik is safe to download'' is crucial.

Part 2: What Safe Resources Does Freepik Provide?

After learning about ''Is Freepik safe to use'' let us talk about the safe resources Freepik blesses you with.


1. Premium and free images

Freepik has many images in several categories, including technology and business. You can either access the images for free or unlock all the images by acquiring the premium package of the Freepik.

2. Illustrations and vectors

If you're searching for vectors and illustrations to use on several projects, you can visit the official Freepik platform to get all the fantastic content on board. With Freepik, you've got the luxury to get a fantastic collection of icons that help you enhance the look of presentations, websites, and several other projects.

3. Templates

If you're roaming here and there searching for different purposes, including resumes, business, etc., you can find attractive templates downloaded from the Freepik We website.

Part 3: How to Keep Your Freepik Account Safe

Making the Freepik account safe is vital to prevent unauthorized access to the content you tend to download from the Freepik. To make the Freepik account safe, you'll need to look at the amazing methods given below.


1. Use a secure password

You are recommended to establish a unique and strong password for the Freepik account. You must not set up a simple password like ABCDEF, as this type of password could easily be hacked or blocked.

2. Sign out of your Freepik Account when you Don't Use it

If you're relying upon the public or shared computer, you must sign out of the Freepik account regularly, as doing so will help you protect the account from being accessed by unauthorized people. Even if you're using the Freepik account on your personal computer, signing out from the Freepik account when there is no need of visiting the website is also recommended.

3. Don't Share your Freepik Account

Whether you're using the Freepik account for free or have the Freepik premium package, sharing the Freepik personal account with even family members and friends isn't recommended. If you're sharing personal accounts with others, it could create many issues while uploading or downloading content from Freepik as things could get mixed, making the Freepik experience disastrous.

4. Make sure Your Computer Safe

While logging in with the Freepik account credentials, you must ensure that your computer is safe. You must install the antivirus software. Clicking on the unrecognizable links in the internet is not a good idea as this way you can make the computer prone to hacker's attack.

Bonus Tips: How to Download videos from Freepik

If you're a free user of Freepik and would love to download the Freepik premium videos for free, HitPaw Video Converter could be a game changer. HitPaw Video Converter is arguably the best way to download videos from 10,000+ online websites, and you won't complain about the video quality either.

Since the HitPaw Video Converter is compatible with several video formats, getting the videos downloaded in as many video formats as possible is quite simple. On top of that, while helping you download the videos from the Freepik, HitPaw Video Converter doesn't bother inserting the watermark and doesn't prompt the unnecessary ads while clicking on the download window of HitPaw Video Converter.


  • Allows you to download the videos from the Freepik
  • Prompts the simple user interface
  • Doesn't insert the watermark into the videos
  • Lets you download multiple videos simultaneously
  • Supports multiple video formats
  • No unwanted detected

Here's the step by step guide to download the videos from the Freepik via HitPaw Video Converter.

Step 1: To begin with, you'll need to visit the official webpage of the HitPaw Video Converter and install the software afterward. Next, you'll need to tap on the ''Freepik Downloader'' icon after hitting the Toolbox button.

freepik download safe

Step 2: Before searching for the videos or photos, you'll need to log in with your Freepik account to improve the downloading experience.

is it safe to download from freepik

Step 3: Once you've signed in with the Freepik account credentials, you must find the videos you wish to download. Upon searching the desired videos, you'll need to tap on the Download button and doing so, begin analyzing for the URL address.


Step 4: Once you see the Downloading tab, you can select the video you aim to download.


Step 5: Now, the process of downloading the Freepik videos has been initiated. The time the HitPaw Video Converter takes to download the Freepik videos depends upon the number of videos you're anticipating downloading.

If you're downloading more than one video, the process could take longer than usual, but maintaining the fast internet could assist you in downloading the Freepik videos quickly.


FAQs about Freepik

Q1. Is it okay to use Freepik?

A1. Freepik is a significant platform that empowers you with amazing videos, images, templates, vectors, and other sensational things. Visiting the Freepik website and downloading the royalty free images and videos is recommended. Still, before downloading any content from Freepik, you'll need to ensure that downloading the content doesn't violate the copy-right rules.

Q2. Is everything on Freepik free?

A2. Although Freepik prompts the impressive free trial version to download the content for free, going for the premium package is crucial to download all types of content. If you're aiming to download videos or images for a specific purpose, getting the premium package of the Freepik is strongly recommended.


The answer to ''is Freepik safe'' is crucial to visit the website. Luckily, this guide helps you get all the queries answered about the ''Freepik.com safe,'' and you can dig into this post to take the precautions to make the Freepik account safe. We have also recommended the HitPaw Video Converter as the best option to help you download videos from Freepik. HitPaw Video Converter doesn't affect the videos' quality when downloaded to the computer.

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