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Quick Fix: What to Do when VLC Convert No Sound

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-03-08

The powerful audio and video decoding capabilities of the VLC player are self-evident. Beyond that, the majority of people have discovered additional hidden functions. Among them, video conversion is expected to be the most frequently used. However, many users complained that the converted file lacked sound after being converted using VLC. To that end, this article will discuss two straightforward solutions to the VLC convert no audio issue and will provide a convenient and quick conversion application to ensure success:

Part 1. Why Does VLC Convert with No Audio?

Video conversion with VLC is a complicated process that requires the user to enable a plethora of options. VLC player without sound is a rare occurrence that causes inconvenience to a large number of users. The most common scenarios that result in VLC conversion no sound or VLC convert mov to mp4 no audio are listed below.

vlc conversion no sound

Corrupted Video Files

Video file corruption is one of the most common causes of VLC no sound. The corruption may affect the file's metadata, causing playback issues with the video.

Virus and malware attacks can corrupt a file's video/audio integration, affecting the sound output on VLC. A lost internet connection while downloading a video can result in missing data, which is another common cause of video files failing to play in VLC.

Missing or faulty codecs

Another reason VLC player does not play sound is due to faulty or missing codecs. Additionally, codecs decompress data received for playback and editing. If the video codec used in your MP4 or MKV file is incompatible with VLC, a VLC no sound error will occur.

This scenario could occur as a result of the codec being incorrectly installed or corrupted. When updating a codec pack, an incorrect installation may occur.

Configuration Setting Errors

One of the most frequent causes of VLC player not playing sound is configuration settings errors. Set your VLC player to mute by accident and you will encounter a VLC audio missing error. The operating system may invoke the setting and mute VLC automatically the next time you use it.

Part 2. 7 Solutions to Fix VLC Convert to MP4 No Audio Directly

VLC player handles video and audio streams independently, and the audio stream may have been disabled during conversion. This results in the conversion of the video without audio. Let's check out 7 solutions that are available to get rid of this problem.

1. Change Audio Sample Rate

The quality of the audio is determined by a property called sample rate. If a file is processed with a sample rate that is different from the one it was created with, the audio may not play or convert correctly.

  1. Open the file you want to convert. Then Click Tool >  codec information > codec details to check the audio sample rate. This file is 48000 Hz.
  2. Click Media > Convert/Save. Add your video and convert.

  3. check audio sample to solve vlc convert no sound issue
  4. In the Profile interface, select “Edit Selected profile".

  5. check the audio sample  to solve vlc convert no sound issue
  6. Click “Audio codec" and select the sample rate of your orginal file. In this case, it's 48000 Hz.

  7. check to to solve vlc convert no sound issue

2. Change Standard Compliance

To convert files, VLC makes use of FFMPEG. It serves as the base codec for a large number of the files it converts.

  1. Go to Tools>Preferences > Input/Codecs and enable the ‘All' option to get the complete list of VLC preferences.
  2. change compliance to solve vlc convert no sound issue
  3. Select FFMPEG and in the pane on the right, look for Strict standard compliance.

  4. steps to change compliance to to solve vlc convert no sound issue
  5. Set its value to -2 and restart VLC.

3. Update or Reinstall VLC

Another straightforward fix for the VLC Player with no sound issue is to update to the latest version of VLC. VLC's older versions are prone to glitches, one of which could be VLC no sound or VLC no audio MP4. By upgrading your VLC, you'll gain access to program enhancements that were previously unavailable in older versions. Click Help > Check for updates in the menu bar. It will display a prompt to download an update if one is available.

4. Unmute Speaker and VLC

Check the Speaker icon on the right lower part of the taskbar to make sure the Speaker is on and in range. Open your VLC and select Mixer, then unmute it.

unmute to solve vlc convert no sound issue

5. Adjust VLC audio settings

Adjust VLC Audio Settings in Preferences is one of the VLC solutions you can use. This is a simple procedure. To begin, click Tool > Preferences in VLC. The next step is to navigate to the Preferences interface's "Audio Settings." Check the "Enable audio" box and then select "DirectX audio output" from the output drop-down list.

adjust to to solve vlc convert no sound issue

6. Reset VLC audio preferences

The "Adjust VLC Audio Settings in Preferences" option is one of the VLC solutions you can use. This is a cinch. To begin, navigate to VLC's Tool menu and select Preferences. On the Preferences interface, navigate to "Audio Settings." Click “Reset Preferences" in the button.

reset to solve vlc convert no sound issue

7. Disable all enhancements in Control Panel

  1. To begin, navigate to the control panel and select the Sound option. By pressing the Windows button and typing Control Panel, you can access this menu.
  2. After selecting the sound option, right-click on the sound device and select Properties.
  3. Expand Enhancements and check the box labelled "Disable All Enhancement" for all devices.
  4. At this point, you must apply the changes and restart your device. This procedure should resolve your VLC no sound issue. Even if nothing changes after you disable enhancements, there is no reason to be concerned. The following steps should suffice.

Part 3. VLC Convert No Sound? Solve it with the Best VLC Alternative HitPaw Video Converter!

Still failed to fix VLC no sound? You can easily solve it with HitPaw Video Converter, the best alternative of VLC to convert videos from any formats to 1000+ formats. With 60X faster speed, converting could be finished in seconds. Additionally, you can download media from over ten thousand popular websites with a single click and gain access to add-on video editing features that enhance your video experience.

The following guide will walk you through the process of downloading online videos to your computer. Before you start, get it free now.

Step 01 Open HitPaw Video Converter. Click “Add Files" or drag and drop your video files to upload.

use hitpaw  video converterto solve vlc convert no sound issue

Step 02 After uploading, select the format you want and click “Convert".

use hitpaw converter to solve vlc convert no sound issue

Step 03 You may pause and resume saving at any time. After the process is complete, you can check the video in the converted tab.

 use hitpaw to solve vlc convert no sound issue


While VLC is recommended for playback of all types of media, it is not the best software for video conversion. It is recommended to seek out an alternative if possible and to use VLC only if no other option is available. We suggest trying HitPaw out with all that it has to offer. You will find it really simple to perform MOV to WMV, AVI, MP4 and more formats you can think if you follow the strategies we offer.

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