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Everything You Should Learn About Wonwoos in 2024

Description: Wonwoo is a South Korean rapper and songwriter. He is a member of the boy group Seventeen and part of the team as the lead rapper. Wonwoo has been featured in several popular songs from Seventeen. In addition to being a member of Seventeen, Wonwoo has also been featured in other popular songs. Here are more unknown details about the rapper you probably don't know.

Who is Wonwoo?

Jeon Wonwoo was born in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam Province, South Korea. Wonwoo birthday is July 17, 1996. In 2015, Wonwoo graduated from the School of Performing Arts. His major is K-POP at Hanyang University in the 2020 batch. Wonwoo height is around 182 cm and his weight is around 63 kg.

Wonwoo was introduced as one of Seventeen's 13 members in April 2015. He debuted with the group on May 26, 2015, with their first mini album 17 Carat. As a songwriter and producer, Wonwoo has writing and composing credits on several of Seventeen's songs. You can check Wonwoo stage reddit for more information.

He has also appeared in the group's music videos. In addition to his music career, Wonwoo has endorsement deals with brands. Wonwoo glasses are quite popular among fans. He continues promoting actively as part of the popular K-pop group Seventeen.


The Introduction of Wonwoo's Three Popular Songs


Before debuting with Seventeen, Wonwoo starred in the music video for NU'EST's album"FACE". He starred alongside his future SEVENTEEN bandmates S.Coups, Hoshi, Mingyu, and Woozi in the video.

The song they appeared in was essentially a hip-hop track with inspirational lyrics. It delivered a motivational message through its rap verses. "FACE" was released back in 2012, two years before SEVENTEEN's official debut.

The lyrics for "FACE" were written by songwriter Jiwon Ji. The music composition and arrangement were handled by producer Barkman Daniel. Their combined efforts created an energetic hip-hop sound.

In the music video, Wonwoo and the other future SEVENTEEN members played background dancers and models. This allowed fans to get an early glimpse of their talents before they officially became an idol group.


2. Venus

Hello Venus was a six-member act under Fantagio Music at the time. To promote their "Venus" mini album, they released the title track music video on May 9, 2012.

A few months later in July 2012, Hello Venus put out a repackaged version of the mini album called "Like a Wave".

In the original "Venus" music video, pre-debut Wonwoo made a cameo appearance. He could be seen acting alongside the Hello Venus members.

This allowed fans to catch an early glimpse of Wonwoo's talents and visuals before he officially debuted with SEVENTEEN the following year.

While just a brief appearance, it generated excitement among fans who recognized Wonwoo from the music video once SEVENTEEN arrived on the scene.

Hello Venus's "Venus" mini album and music video marked one of Wonwoo's first forays into the K-pop world prior to his debut.


3. Bittersweet

Wonwoo collaborated with Seventeen's Mingyu and singer LeeHi on the song "Bittersweet". The song describes the bittersweet feelings of falling in love with a close friend. The lyrics express the dilemma of choosing between love and friendship. The lyrics also capture the conflicting emotions of sweetness and bitterness in this situation. Wonwoo sang and rapped about these complex feelings on the track. Wonwoo's vocals conveyed the happiness of falling in love with a friend while also capturing the anxiety of possibly jeopardizing the friendship. His performance highlighted the conflicting feelings of sweetness and sourness.

The song "Bittersweet" struck a chord with many listeners who could relate to the complex emotions it explored. Falling for a close friend brings a mix of joy and apprehension. Listeners connected deeply with the song's honest portrayal.


Bonus Tips: How to Make an AI Song Cover for Wonwoo?

Now you can make AI's song cover for Seventeen Wonwoo. How? HitPaw AI Song Cover is a powerful tool. It lets you transform your voice to sound like your favorite singers.

You can make your voice just like Wonwoo Seventeen! With the voice changer, you create unique song covers and upload them to different platfroms. The interface is user-friendly and has lots of great features. With this effective voice changer tool, you can put Wonwoo's unmistakable vocals onto any song you want in just minutes. It's an amazing way for fans to get creative with his music. You can take a closer look at HitPaw Voice Changer in the video below.

Some key features include:

  • HitPaw AI Song Cover is a powerful tool with great features. It lets you change your voice or music in real-time.
  • Get professional quality results that sound truly realistic. You can even transform written lyrics into a sung song quickly using the AI vocals.
  • The tool offers pre-loaded AI voices. With just a few clicks you can make AI covers.
  • The best part of the tool is that it offers high-quality results.
  • You can change the music Genre using different sound mixing options.

How to use HitPaw AI Song Cover?

Using 4 simple steps you can use HitPaw to create an AI cover. All you need to follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Import Files or Paste Links

From the menu, select "AI Cover" and import audio/video files. You can also directly paste YouTube links. You can choose a song according to your preference. HitPaw AI Cover supports more than 70+ audio and video formats.


Step 2: Select AI Singer Models:

Choose your favorite singer models like Wonwoo. You can choose from a variety of voices on HitPaw. There are many singers you can mimic, including Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez.


Step 3: Adjust Sound Settings

It is possible to customize the pitch and voice similarity to your liking. The pitch of a voice can be altered to make it sound more like a male or female voice. It mainly depends on your choice.


Step 4: Preview and Download The Desired File

If you are satisfied with the AI cover, preview it. Once you're happy with how it sounds, export the new AI cover. The songs will seem authentic and professional.



Wonwoo, a talented rapper-songwriter and integral member of SEVENTEEN. He continues to engage audiences with his musical prowess. From his debut with SEVENTEEN in 2015 to collaborations, Wonwoo has left an indelible mark. If you are a fan of the rapper you can now make any song sounds like him. Make unlimited realistic AI covers using the HitPaw AI Song Cover. There are preloaded singers in the tool. Simply choose the song and singer you want and create. It is the easiest tool to make realistic AI covers.

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