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Key Insights about Charismatic Leader: Thomas Wade

Thomas Wade is one of the most intriguing and influential characters in the Netflix adaptation of 3 Body Problem, the award-winning sci-fi novel by Liu Cixin. He is the chief of the Strategic Intelligence Agency of London, and the mastermind behind the planetary defense against the alien threat of San-Ti. In this article, we will explore his personality, family, friends, work, character stories, famous scenes, dialogues, and the actor who plays him. We will also give you some extra tips on how to get the voice like Thomas Wade within seconds using HitPaw AI Voice Changer.

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Part 1: Who is Thomas Wade?

Thomas Wade is the head of the Strategic Intelligence Agency of London, a covert organization that monitors and counters the activities of San-Ti and their human collaborators. He is also a member of the Planetary Defense Council, a global coalition that coordinates the defense against San-Ti.

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Thomas Wade is a charismatic leader with a brilliant mind and a ruthless attitude. He is not afraid to make bold and controversial decisions, even if they involve sacrificing lives or breaking laws. He is driven by his vision of saving humanity from the impending doom of San-Ti, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He is also a master manipulator, who can use his charm and connections to persuade, coerce, or blackmail anyone to his side.


Thomas Wade is married to Elizabeth Wade, a renowned physicist and a member of the Frontiers of Science, a secret organization that investigates the mysteries of the universe. They have a son named James Wade, who is a talented hacker and a loyal supporter of his father. Thomas Wade loves his family deeply, and he often tries to protect them from the dangers of his work.


Thomas Wade has a few close friends who share his vision and help him in his endeavors. One of them is Auggie Salazar, a brilliant nanotechnologist and a former colleague of Elizabeth Wade. Auggie is the inventor of the nanofiber, a cutting-edge technology that can slice through anything. Thomas Wade uses the nanofiber as a weapon against San-Ti, and he also persuades Auggie to join his agency.


Thomas Wade is a visionary leader, who has a clear and ambitious plan to defeat San-Ti. He believes that the only way to survive is to strike first and hard, and he devises various tactics and technologies to do so. He also has a network of spies and informants, who provide him with valuable information and resources. He is a formidable opponent of San-Ti, and he is determined to save the world from their invasion.

Part 2: Character Stories of Thomas Wade

Thomas Wade stories reveal the different aspects of Thomas Wade’s personality, such as his brilliance, his ruthlessness, his vision, and his morality, as well as his relationships with his family, friends, and enemies. Here are following character stories about Thomas Wade:

The Murderer of Mikhail Vadimov

One of the most shocking and controversial stories of Thomas Wade is his murder of Mikhail Vadimov, the director of the Technology Planning Center of his agency and one of the candidates to succeed Luo Ji as the next Swordholder. Thomas Wade kills Vadimov by using a nanofiber to slice his head off, and he makes it look like a suicide. He does this because he believes that Vadimov is a traitor, who is secretly working for San-Ti and sabotaging the defense efforts.

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The Impersonator of AA

Another story that reveals the cunning and ruthless nature of Thomas Wade is his impersonation of AA, a mysterious hacker and a leader of the ETO, a radical cult that worships San-Ti and opposes the defense. Thomas Wade uses his son James to hack into the ETO’s communication system, and he pretends to be AA. He does this to lure Cheng Xin, a Chinese aerospace engineer and another candidate for the Swordholder, into a trap.

character series

The Savior of Humanity

The final and most heroic story of Thomas Wade is his role as the savior of humanity, when he faces the ultimate threat of San-Ti. After Luo Ji sends a signal to San-Ti, triggering their attack, Thomas Wade realizes that the only hope for survival is to use the nanofiber as a shield. He convinces Auggie to help him, and they launch a massive operation to deploy the nanofiber around the Earth. They manage to create a thin but strong barrier that blocks the incoming projectiles from San-Ti, and they save the world from annihilation.

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The Nanofiber Slicing Scene

One of the most horrific and memorable scenes in 3 Body Problem is the nanofiber slicing scene, where Thomas Wade and Auggie Salazar use the nanofiber to destroy a ship that is controlled by San-Ti. The scene shows the power and the danger of the nanofiber, as it cuts through the ship and its crew with ease, leaving behind a bloody mess.

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Part 3: Who plays the Thomas Wade Main Character?

The actor who plays the main character of Thomas Wade is Liam Cunningham, a famous Irish actor who is best known for his role as Davos Seaworth in the hit series Game of Thrones. Cunningham is an experienced and versatile actor, who has appeared in many films and TV shows, such as Clash of the Titans, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, The Guard, and The Childhood of a Leader. He has also won several awards, including the Irish Film and Television Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role in Television. Cunningham’s portrayal of Thomas Wade brings depth and complexity to the character, making him a memorable figure in the show.

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Extra Tips: Get the Voice Like Thomas Wade Within Seconds

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Step 4: After you have chosen and previewed the sound effects you like, you can adjust the voice settings by hovering over the cartoon avatar.

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Part 5: FAQs about Thomas Wade

Here are some common questions related to Thomas Wade and his portrayal in 3 Body Problem:

Q1. Who plays Thomas Wade in the Netflix series?

A1. Thomas Wade is portrayed by Liam Cunningham, a talented Irish actor known for his versatility and captivating performances. Cunningham’s portrayal brings depth and complexity to the character, making Thomas Wade a memorable figure in the show.

Q2. Is Thomas Wade based on a character from the original novel by Liu Cixin?

A2. Yes, Thomas Wade is a key character in Liu Cixin’s novel The Three-Body Problem. The Netflix adaptation remains faithful to the source material while adding its own unique twists and interpretations.

Q3. What motivates Thomas Wade’s actions throughout the series?

A3. Thomas Wade’s unwavering commitment to humanity’s survival drives his actions. He believes that the impending threat of San-Ti requires drastic measures, even if they involve sacrifice and morally gray decisions.

Q4. Does Thomas Wade have any redeeming qualities?

A4. Despite his ruthless demeanor, Thomas Wade’s love for his family and his determination to protect Earth reveal his more human side. His complex personality keeps viewers guessing about his true intentions.

Part 6: Conclusion

In summary, Thomas Wade is a multifaceted character who embodies both heroism and moral ambiguity. His charisma, intelligence, and unwavering resolve make him a central figure in the gripping narrative of 3 Body Problem. If you’re intrigued by his voice, don’t forget to explore HitPaw Voice Changer, and unleash your inner charismatic leader!

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