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[2024] Top 6 Pumbaa Voice Changers for PC, Online & Mobile

The jovial and unforgettable character of Pumbaa from Disney's The Lion King has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his cheerful demeanor and distinctive voice. As fans seek to emulate Pumbaa's enchanting essence, the demand for voice changers tailored to his voice has surged.

In response, we present our carefully curated selection of the top 6 voice changers designed specifically to replicate the voice of Pumbaa Lion King. Whether you're seated at your PC, surfing the web online, or on the go with your mobile device. In this guide, we will discuss Timon and Pumbaa voice actors and provide you with the best tools and applications that you can utilize to access the sound effects and voices of Pumba and Timon.

picture of pumbaa

The Best Pumbaa Voice Changers for PC

Discover endless inventive opportunities with HitPaw Voice Changer. This powerful tool empowers you to become a voice changer extraordinaire. It redefines voice modulation with its versatile software, offering users an innovative way to transform their voices in real time. Whether you're aiming to emulate the jovial voice of Pumbaa, voiced by an acclaimed voice actor, or capture the dynamic duo of Timon and Pumbaa's voices from The Lion King, Hitpaw delivers an immersive experience.

With an extensive collection of voice effects and an easy-to-use interface, HitPaw Voice Changer is the perfect tool. You may unleash your creativity and give your creations a lovely touch by using HitPaw to capture the spirit of Pumbaa's voice most easily.


  • An extensive range of Pumbaa Lion King voices, from contemporary sounds to traditional chimes
  • All skill levels can easily integrate with your system with these clear guidelines
  • Benefit from continuous improvements and new features with regular updates from HitPaw, ensuring optimal performance over time

Step-By-Step Guide

  • Step 1:Begin by uploading an audio clip of Pumbaa's voice into HitPaw. This is the initial action.

    Screen showing how to import audio files
  • Step 2:Next, you can experiment with several preset voice effects or modify the settings to achieve the desired voice alteration. The platform offers a Pumbaa voice effect that you may easily select.

    Menu for selecting voice effects
  • Step 3:After altering this voice, listen to it to ensure it is correct, and then save it in the format required for your Pumbaa voice effect project.

    Screen for saving the edited voice

3 Hottest Online Pumbaa Voice Changers

Let's Dive into the world of online voice changers and unleash your inner Pumbaa with these top 3 picks:

1. Voicemod

homepage view of voice mod

Voicemod is a cutting-edge voice modulation software that revolutionizes the way users interact with their voices. Voicemod allows users to transform their voices in real time during voice chats and online gaming sessions.


  • Real-time modification of speech in online gaming and voice chats
  • A huge variety of voice effects that replicate different characters, Lion King Pumbaa voice included
  • An intuitive interface allows for easy modification of voice settings
  • Offers a wide range of voice effects to suit different preferences
  • Allows for instant voice transformation during conversations
  • The intuitive interface makes it easy for users of all skill levels to navigate
  • A premium subscription might be needed for some advanced functions
  • It may not be compatible with all voice chat or gaming systems


homepage view of voice changer transforms online interactions by offering users an easy-to-use interface and a broad selection of voice effects including voices of Timon and Pumbaa. allows users to smoothly modify their voices in real time.


  • A diverse selection of voice effects to mimic various characters
  • Instantaneous voice modulation for online gaming and voice chats
  • Effortless customization of voice settings
  • Provides a wide spectrum of voice effects
  • Facilitates immediate voice modulation during ongoing conversations.
  • Allows users to fine-tune voice settings for desired effects.
  • Free online tools can introduce audio issues
  • Sound quality may not be good

3. Voicy

homepage view of voicy

Voicy stands out as a cutting-edge online platform, empowering users to transform their voices to multiple different characters like Pumbaa from Lion King in real time with ease and precision. Voicy provides a dynamic platform for unleashing creativity and expression.


  • Voicy offers dynamic voice effects that respond to user input
  • Users are able to store and retrieve personalized voice settings for various characters like Timon and Pumbaa
  • Voicy supports real-time voice modulation
  • Voicy provides a variety of voice effects to inspire artistic creation.
  • Easy navigation caters to users of all levels
  • Instant transformation enhances interactive experiences
  • Mastery of all features may require time and practice

2 Most Useful Pumbaa Voice Changers for Mobile

Here are the 2 most useful voice changers apps for Android & iOS.

1. VoiceFX

download page for voicefx

VoiceFX lets your voice run wild! This free mobile app offers real-time effects like pitch shifting and filters. Transform your voice, create funny soundbites, or unleash your inner Pumbaa - all on the go!


  • Instantly modify your voice with pitch shifting
  • Make amusing soundbites, and sing in a different key
  • Experiment with vocal manipulation and have fun
  • Experiment with real-time effects like pitch shifting & filters
  • Unleash your inner singer, or even Pumbaa - the possibilities are endless!
  • More advanced solutions may need to be purchased
  • Audio quality can vary depending on your device

2. Super Voice

super voice changer download view

Super voice injects instant vocal flair into your mobile life! This free app offers a playground of voice filters and effects including Timon and Pumbaa voice effects. Morph your voice in real time, add cartoonish twists, or unleash your inner prankster - all with a few taps!


  • Instantly transform your voice with playful filters
  • Add a lighthearted touch with cartoonish effects
  • Experiment and create funny voice modifications with ease
  • Make funny voices with cool effects
  • Prank friends or create silly characters
  • Easy to use, fun for all
  • Advanced options might require purchase
  • Pristine audio might be affected

Things about Pumbaa Voice Actor

For those seeking the definitive answer to "who voiced Pumbaa". or “who is the voice of Pumbaa,” look no further than Ernie Sabella (1949-2016). Sabella's iconic performance as Pumbaa in Disney's timeless animated classic "The Lion King" (1994) remains etched in the minds of audiences worldwide. He was a prolific voice actor, lending his talents to various animated projects

There was a live-action remake of "The Lion King" in 2019, utilizing photorealistic CGI animation and opting for actors whose movements and expressions were incorporated into the characters. In this iteration, Seth Rogen provided the voice of Pumbaa.

FAQs of Pumbaa

Q1. Who voiced Pumbaa originally?

A1. Ernie Sabella (1949-2016) is the iconic voice behind Pumbaa in the original "Lion King" (1994) and its animated releases.

Q2. Different voice for live-action?

A2. Yes, the 2019 live-action remake used Seth Rogen's voice for Pumbaa, with a focus on actor movements for a more realistic portrayal.

Q3. What made Sabella's performance special?

A3. Sabella's deep, playful voice perfectly embodied Pumbaa's personality. His reported inspiration for Pumbaa's laugh (his own father's) added a layer of warmth that resonated with audiences.


Voice changers are fantastic tools for enhancing online interactions and expressing creativity. Throughout this article, we've explored different options, but for those seeking to embody Pumbaa's iconic voice or experiment with character voices, HitPaw Voice Changer remains a top recommendation.

HitPaw Voice Changer stands out as an excellent choice. With its intuitive interface, extensive library of voice effects, and seamless integration across devices.

Try it out today and elevate your online experience with the power of voice modulation.

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