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Travel Diaries: Things about Melman Madagascar

The Madagascar series is a popular animated franchise that follows the adventures of four zoo animals who escape from their captivity and explore the world. One of the main characters is Melman, a hypochondriac giraffe who is afraid of germs, heights, and almost everything else. He is also the love interest of Gloria, a sassy hippo who cares for him deeply. In this article, we will share some interesting facts and trivia about Melman Madagascar, his personality, voice, family, and friendship with the other animals.

melman madagascar

Melman Madagascar: Things You Should Know

Melman is a hypochondriac who is always worried about his health and has various medical conditions. He is also very nervous and timid in new situations and often needs the support of his friends. Here are some of the facts about melman madagascar.

Melman ’s Stories

Melman was born in captivity and raised in the Central Park Zoo in New York. He never knew his real parents, but he considered Alex, the lion, as his best friend and surrogate brother. He also looked up to Marty, the zebra, and Skipper, the penguin, as his mentors. He was very loyal and protective of his friends, even when they got into trouble or danger. However, he often slouches or bends his neck, making him appear shorter than he really is.

alex, marty, gloria


Melman was a very nervous and anxious giraffe who suffered from various ailments and phobias. He had a daily routine of medical check-ups and treatments, and he always carried a thermometer, a stethoscope, and a first-aid kit with him. He was also very clumsy and awkward, often tripping over his own legs or bumping into things. He is also very smart and knowledgeable, as he becomes a witch doctor in Africa and cures many sick animals.


Melman had a strong bond with his friends, especially Alex, Marty, and Gloria. He often acted as the voice of reason and caution, trying to keep them out of trouble. He also cared for their well-being and comfort, such as giving them massages or making them tea. He was very supportive and encouraging of their dreams and goals, such as Marty’s wish to see the wild or Alex’s desire to perform. He was also very grateful and appreciative of their friendship, often expressing his love and affection for them.

Melman’s Family

Melman never met his biological family, but he found a new one in his travels. He fell in love with Gloria, a confident and charismatic hippo who accepted him for who he was. He also befriended King Julien, a self-proclaimed lemur king who gave him the title of “Witch Doctor”. He also met his fellow giraffes in Africa, who welcomed him as one of their own. He learned to embrace his heritage and identity, and to appreciate the diversity and beauty of life.


Melman voice

Melman’s voice was provided by David Schwimmer, a famous actor and comedian who is best known for his role as Ross Geller in the sitcom Friends. Schwimmer gave Melman a distinctive and memorable voice, with a nasal and neurotic tone that matched his personality. He also added some improvisation and humor to his lines, making Melman more relatable and funny. Schwimmer said that he enjoyed voicing Melman because he could express his own insecurities and fears through the character.

david schwimmer

FQAs About Melman Madagascar

Here are some frequently asked questions about Melman Madagascar that you might be curious about:

Q1. What is Melman’s full name?

A1. Melman’s full name is Melman Mankiewicz III, which is a reference to the Mankiewicz family, a famous Hollywood dynasty that includes writers, directors, and producers. His name also suggests that he comes from a wealthy and prestigious background, which contrasts with his humble and modest personality.

Q2. What kind of giraffe is Melman?

A2. Melman is a reticulated giraffe, which is a subspecies of giraffe that has a distinctive coat pattern of polygonal brown spots separated by white lines. Reticulated giraffes are native to Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

Q3. What is Melman’s favorite food?

A3. Melman’s favorite food is leaves, especially acacia leaves, which are rich in nutrients and fiber. He also likes fruits, vegetables, and nuts, but he avoids spicy or exotic foods that might upset his stomach or trigger his allergies.

acacia leaves

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open settings

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pick voice and sound effects`

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turn on the voice changer

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fine-tune voice settings


Melman Madagascar is a beloved character from the Madagascar series, who has entertained and inspired millions of fans around the world. He is a funny and adorable giraffe who has a lot of personality, voice, family, and friendship. He is also a brave and loyal friend who has overcome his fears and challenges to find his true happiness. If you want to sound like Melman or any other anime character, you can use HitPaw Voice Changer, to have some fun and express yourself. Download HitPaw Voice Changer today and enjoy the amazing voice effects!

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