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How to Use VidTrim - Video Editor [Step by Step] 2024

VidTrim is a full-of-function video editing application that makes editing and enhancing videos on mobile devices simple. The vidtrim video editor makes video editing easier with its user-friendly capabilities, which include cutting, combining, and adding filters. In this article, we will learn how to make the most of VidTrim's features to easily produce polished videos that appear professional.

Part 1: How to Use VidTrim Video Editor

What is VidTrim Video Editor?

A robust mobile tool for editing and improving videos on the move is VidTrim Video Editor. With its many functions, which include cutting, combining, and filtering applications, it's perfect for both beginner and experienced editors.

How to Use Basic Editing Functions of VidTrim Video Editor?

You can follow the given guideline to use the basic editing function of VidTrim video editor:

1.Import video Clips

To import video clips into VidTrim, first open the vidtrim pro video editor apk free download on your smartphone. To choose the video clips you want to edit from your device's gallery, tap the Import or Add button.

vidtrim - video editor

2.Trim and cut Video Clips

You can perform differen editing tasks at vidtrim pro video editor 2.2.0 apk. After importing your clips, you can cut and trim them to get rid of extraneous material or make smooth transitions. Drag the handles to change the beginning and ending positions of your video segments using the trimming tool.

vidtrim pro video editor

3.Adjust Video Speed and Orientation

The vidtrim pro video editor v2.4.9 apk lets you make changes to your film's speed and orientation to improve its visual impact. Try varying the speed settings to get effects of slow or fast motion. To obtain the appropriate orientation, you may also flip or rotate your movies.

vidtrim pro video editor 2.2.5 apk

4.Add Music or Audio Tracks

Click the Audio option in VidTrim's toolbar to add audio tracks or music to your videos. You may pick an audio track that comes pre-installed from vidtrim video editor app for pc collection or choose a song from your device's music library.

vidtrim pro video editor 2.2 0 apk

Part 2: Best Alternative to VidTrim - Video Editor

Now, we are here with an amazing alternative of vidtrim video trimmer editor that lets you edit videos using advance algorithms .

What is Edimakor(Video Editor)

Ediamkor is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) video editor that is transforming the editing industry with its cutting-edge capabilities. Essentially, Ediamkor uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of video material and accelerate the editing process. It stands out for its sophisticated editing features.

vidtrim pro video editor app download

Advanced Editing Features

  • With its sophisticated capability for subtitle integration, Ediamkor makes the process of adding subtitles to videos easier.
  • The text-to-speech conversion tool in Ediamkor allows users to easily convert written text into voice that sounds natural.
  • Using artificial intelligence (AI), Ediamkor's script generator tool creates video scripts automatically depending on user input or preset criteria.

Basic Editing Functions

  • With the wide range of filters offered by Ediamkor, users can easily add artistic touches to their films.
  • With Ediamkor's streakers function, users may give their films a dynamic motion aspect.
  • A wide range of audio and visual effects are available from Ediamkor to improve the overall impact of videos.

How to Use Ediamkor(AI Video Editor)

Step 1: Obtain HitPaw Edimakor

Like VidTrim video editor, Edimakor supports PC &Mac.To acquire HitPaw Edimakor. Visit the HitPaw website, select the version compatible with your operating system, and proceed to download the software onto your device.

Step 2: Integrate Media

Integral to the editing process is the incorporation of specific footage and audio. Access the Media menu atop the screen to seamlessly add media to your project.

vidtrim video editor pro apk

Step 3: Apply Captivating Effects

Enter this phase to select from a diverse array of effects, infusing your video with captivating elements. Navigate to the Effects tab and opt for the effect that aligns with your creative vision.

vidtrim pro video editor apk free download

Step 4: Utilize Text-to-Speech Functionality

Once content editing is complete, access the Text-to-Speech feature within the tool. Here, input the desired text for conversion into speech, enhancing the audiovisual experience.

free android video editor 1. vidtrim pro

Step 5: Add Subtitles

HitPaw Edimakor also has another amazing feature and that is of adding subtitles to a video easily. You just have to provide the video to this tool and subtitles will be implemented on it automatically.

vidtrim pro video editor

Step 6: Export Your Creation

Upon completing your video edits in HitPaw Edimator, proceed to export your final masterpiece. Simply click the export button and await the download of your video.

vidtrim pro video editor app download


In the list of perfect working video editors, vidtrim - video editor has its distinct position and is specially designed for the users who are in search of a tool that provides them the best results but is very simple to use. In addition to Vidtrim, we are also here with its amazing alternative that is Edimakor(Video Editor).

FAQs About Vidtrim - Video Editor

Q1. Is Vidtrim Free To Use?

A1. Yes, VidTrim is mostly a free video editing tool that works with iOS and Android smartphones. Basic editing functions like cutting, combining, and applying filters are available in the free edition, but access to more resources and certain advanced functionality could be restricted.

Q2. Is Vidtrim Easy To Use For Beginners?

A1. Beginners may explore and use VidTrim's editing tools with acceptable ease due to its user-friendly interface. For simple editing operations like cutting and combining video clips, changing the playing speed, and adding music tracks, the software offers user-friendly tools.

Q3. What Video Formats Does Vidtrim Support?

A1. VidTrim is compatible with several widely used video formats. Among the formats that are supported are MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, and WMV. With no conversion or compatibility problems required, users may import a large variety of video files from many systems and devices into the VidTrim editor thanks to its extensive compatibility.

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