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Pika AI Tool: A Detailed Review

Pika, another text-to-video creation tool, is famous for its hyper-realistic video generation from simple text, image, and video prompts. In this review, you will see how efficient Pika’s AI algorithms are and in how many ways you can use the solution to make your life easier when it comes to having graphical illustrations to support your content.

Part 1: What is Pika?

The latest product from Pika Labs, Pika 1.0 is now up and running and has significant advancements compared to its prior siblings. The AI tool responds to prompts more prominently and produces more detailed results.

Some key features Pika 1.0 offers include:


The good news is that Pika 1.0 works on the web interface and Discord equally well, allowing you to choose your preferred platform to generate AI-powered visuals.

Command Acceptance

Pika 1.0 accepts texts, images, and videos as inputs to generate AI-powered videos.


Video upscaling is another new feature Pika 1.0 has, using which you can outpaint your clips to make them appear clearer.


Pika 1.0 can inpaint your videos where you can change the apparel of your characters, add new objects, and modify the entire ambiance within existing videos to meet your requirements.


Pika's videos are pretty detailed and pixel-perfect as if they were created manually by professionals with decades of experience.

Part 2: How to Use Pika Efficiently?

While using Pika is simple and you can see the abundance of quality in all the videos it produces, you must sign up before using the AI tool. Also, at the time of this writing, Pika 1.0 is still in the Beta phase, and your sign-up request may have to wait for some time before the portal lets you in.

Nevertheless, the process to sign up and use Pika is given below:

Step 1: Sign Up to Pika

Launch your favorite web browser and go to https://pika.art/login.On the Homepage, click Sign in with Google or Sign in with Discord.

Pika pika

If you’re on the Wait List, keep checking your inbox for the confirmation mail from Pika.

Pika pika Once you receive the email, follow the on-screen instructions from there to sign in.

Step 2: Re-create an Existing Clip

After signing in, from the top-left corner, ensure that you are on the Explore tab. Click the Retry, Reprompt, or Edit button under the thumbnail of any clip to use the same prompt to generate a different clip, change the prompt to have another clip based on the selected one, or edit the existing clip to add elements or manage its length, respectively.

pika pika

Step 3: Share the Clip

Note: As you modify an existing clip and save the changes, Pika automatically moves the altered video to the My library tab. Also, when you click the Share button, the portal asks you to choose a social media site, i.e., X (formerly called Twitter) or Facebook. You can also click the Copy button to copy the sharable link to the clipboard and send it to your family, friends, and colleagues.

pika pika pika pika

Alternate Method

Alternatively, you can use the text input field at the lower part of the page to enter a prompt describing the type of video you want and tell Pika to generate it for you. This method is helpful when you want to produce a fully tailored clip from scratch. You can even upload a video or image to use it as a base for clip generation.

pika pika

Part 3: Differences Among Pika, Runaway, and Stability AI

Pika gives tough competition to its rivals. The following table shows the main differences between Pika, Runway, and Stability AI, and how Pika is better among these three:

Product Pika Runway Stability AI
Image to Video Yes Yes No
Text to Video Yes Yes No
Video to Video Yes No No
Video Inpainting Yes No No
Video Upscaling Yes No No
Inpainting in Uploaded Videos Yes No No
Web + Discord Yes No No
Visual Details Pixel Perfect Average Average
AI Technology Exploitation Maximum Mild Mild

Part 4: Bonus Part. An AI Video Editor for Windows and Mac (Recommended)

Pika 1.0 is efficient and worth appreciation alright. However, nothing can beat the freedom of using a PC app when it comes to data security and having more control over your files. Also, if such an app is cross-platform, it would be the icing on the cake.

One program that checks all the above boxes is HitPaw Edimakor. HitPaw Edimakor is an all-in-one toolkit for your video production assignments. The tool also comprises various AI-powered features to automate your tasks, saving a considerable amount of time that you can invest in other, more engaging projects.

Pros of HitPaw Edimakor
  • Available for Windows and Mac computers
  • Keeps your files local, reducing the risk of data theft
  • Lightweight and easy on your PC’s hardware
  • Supports over 30 languages
  • Up to 99% accurate
Key features that HitPaw Edimakor offers include:
  • Step 1:Screen RecorderThe Screen Recorder tool allows you to record your computer screen to create video tutorials and gameplays. The integrated microphone and webcam recorder features help you become more interactive by appearing on the screen and adding voiceover to your visuals.

    Pika pi_ka
  • Step 2:Subtitle GeneratorThis feature uses AI technology to assess the audio and generate text from it. Once done, you can also modify its appearance to match your brand theme. In addition, HitPaw Edimakor allows you to export the subtitles in SRT, TXT, VTT, etc. formats.

    HitPaw Edimakor pi_ka
  • Step 3:ScriptwriterYou can use HitPaw Edimakor to write AI-powered scripts for screenplays. After creation, the program allows you to edit the text and import media files. Next, you can tell Edimakor to merge the clips automatically to sync with the script.

    HitPaw Edimakor pika
  • Step 4:Video EditorThe Timeline-based video editor helps you edit videos more granularly for final production and commercial distribution.

    HitPaw Edimakor pi_ka
  • Step 5:Text-to-speechThis tool accepts your text and uses AI to convert it into a hyper-realistic human-like voice, eliminating the need to hire expensive voiceover artists.

    HitPaw Edimakor pika


Recently launched, Pika 1.0 is one of the best AI tools to generate and manipulate videos for commercial gains. However, it uses the web, which makes your data vulnerable to theft. Considering this, it would be a wise idea to use a PC app like HitPaw Edimakor that works locally and almost nullifies the risk of exposing your data to unauthorized people, which wouldn’t be the case if you used Pika.

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