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How To Upscale Video Davinci Resolve And Its Alternative

Davinci Resolve has emerged as a powerhouse in the realm of video editing, color grading, and post-production. Some people is looking for a guide to upscale 480p to 1080p Davinci Resolve now. Just read on. This guide will provide an in-depth look into what Davinci Resolve is and how you can upscale DaVinci resolve within this software and the major alternative of it for beginners and experienced alike.

Part 1. What is Davinci Resolve?

What is Davinci Resolve?

Davinci Resolve is a multifaceted video editing software that offers color grading, color correction, visual effects, and audio post-production capabilities. Originally crafted by the people at da Vinci Systems, later shifted to Blackmagic Design in 2009.

The compatibility is amazing. From macOS to Linux and Windows, you can use this Davinci Resolve AI upscale tool on any. The free version is handy and accessible for all. However, for the professional level work, you need to buy the premium services of commercial DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Functions & Features of Davinci Resolve AI Upscale
  • Video Editing: Allows for cutting, trimming, and arranging video clips.
  • Color Correction: Offers advanced grading tools to enhance the visual appeal.
  • Audio Post-Production: Integrated with Fairlight audio tools for sound enhancement.
  • Visual Effects: Integrated with Fusion for advanced VFX.

Davinci Resolve offers a free version with limited features. The commercial version, DaVinci Resolve Studio, comes at a cost of $295.

davinci resolve studio
  • Comprehensive video editing tools
  • Advanced color grading capabilities
  • Advanced DaVinci resolve ai upscaling
  • Regular updates and feature additions
  • Integration with other Blackmagic Design tools
  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Requires a powerful system for smooth operation
  • Can ger costly
  • Limited features in free version

Part 2. How To Upscale Video Davinci Resolve?

Upscaling videos in Davinci Resolve enhances the resolution, making your content sharper and more detailed. Here's how you can upscale videos in Davinci Resolve:

  • 1. Import Your Video
    Start by importing the video you want to upscale into the media pool.
  • 2. Open the Project Settings
    Go to the bottom right corner and click on it.
  • 3. Change the Timeline Resolution
    In the 'Master Settings' tab, adjust the timeline resolution to your desired upscale resolution, such as 1080P or 4K.

    davinci resolve studio
  • 4. Add Video to Timeline
    Drag and drop your video onto the timeline.
  • 5. Open the Inspector
    Now, select the inspector. It should be at the top right.
  • 6. Adjust the Zoom
    In the 'Transform' section, adjust the zoom to fit the new resolution.
  • 7. Render the Video
    Go to the 'Deliver' tab, select your desired format and resolution, and start the render.

    render video Davinci Resolve
  • 8. Export the Enhanced Video
    After you finish editing, you can export the video from DaVinci Resolve.

By following these steps, you can easily upscale your videos in Davinci Resolve and achieve a higher resolution output.

Part 3. Best Alternative Of Davinci Resolve AI Upscaling

When it comes to enhancing video quality, HitPaw Video Enhancer stands out as a top-tier alternative to DaVinci resolve upscale video. This software is specifically designed to upscale and enhance videos using advanced AI algorithms, ensuring that users get the best possible quality from their footage.

Features of HitPaw Video Enhancer
  • AI-Powered Upscaling: With the ability to upscale videos to 4K and even 8K resolution, HitPaw Video Enhancer ensures that your videos are of the highest quality.
  • Mature AI Technology: The software utilizes cutting-edge AI algorithms to enhance videos, providing users with clear, sharp, and vibrant footage.
  • Noise Reduction: HitPaw Video Enhancer can effectively reduce background noise in videos, ensuring that your footage is clear and free of unwanted distractions.
  • Multiple AI Models: With models designed for general denoise, animation, face details, and colorization, the software can cater to a wide range of video enhancement needs.
  • Simple and Clean Interface: The user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can easily navigate and use the software.
  • Preview Without Watermarks: Users can preview the enhanced video without any watermarks, ensuring that they are satisfied with the results before exporting.
New Models Added for Windows Version

HitPaw Video Enhancer has introduced new AI models for the Windows version, further expanding its capabilities and ensuring that users have a wide range of tools at their disposal.

Steps to Use HitPaw Video Enhancer
  • Step 1: Download and Install
    You can get started by first going to their website and installing the software.

  • Step 2: Upload the Original Video
    Next, you need to add the video you need to edit. You can upload or just drag drop it in any format ranging from MKV to MP4.

    video enhancer
  • Step 3: Select an AI Model
    Choose from the available AI models based on the type of video you have. For instance, use the Animation Model for animation videos or the Face Model for videos focusing on human faces.

    choose an AI model for video to upscale it
  • Step 4: Preview the Effect
    After the enhancing is done, check your work and if satisfied, save it.

    preview video

Part 4. FAQs Of Upscale Video Davinci Resolve

Q1. Can you edit 4K in DaVinci Resolve free?

A1. Yes, you can edit 4K videos in DaVinci Resolve's free version. However, certain advanced features and tools are reserved for the Studio (paid) version.

Q2. What is the maximum resolution of DaVinci Resolve free?

A2. The free version of DaVinci resolve 17 upscale has a maximum timeline resolution capped at Ultra HD 3,840 x 2,160. This means that while you can import and work with higher resolution footage, the timeline where you assemble and edit your project will be limited to this Ultra HD resolution. Nevertheless, this is more than adequate for many projects, especially considering that Ultra HD is four times the resolution of Full HD. Additionally, even within this limitation, the software provides flexibility by allowing users to create timelines in various aspect ratios to suit different project needs.

Q3. Is DaVinci Resolve good for low-end PC?

A3. It’s usually thought that DaVinci resolve can only work properly on high-end computers and that is not entirely false. But, here are some tips that can make this editor work even on low-end PCs.

●Shut down other programs to free up RAM and CPU.
●Use the "optimized media" feature to improve media files for faster rendering.
●Lower the render quality while editing.
●Switch to Performance Mode to optimize software settings.
●Use render-cached images to speed up production.
●Switch DaVinci Resolve to Proxy Mode for faster rendering without sacrificing final quality.
●Use the right scratch disk, preferably an SSD.

Bottom Line

This guide has simply described how to use Davinci Resolve AI upscaling with detailed instructions. Whether you're a seasoned editor or not, you will find your solution with this page.

Alternatives like HitPaw Video Enhancer. Armed with AI-driven upscaling and an interface that's a breeze to navigate, it's a worthy contender. So, before pay for your video quality, just take a try at this useful AI video upscaler.

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