How to Screen Record Windows (Three Recommended Ways)

Joshua Hill
Updated on 2022-05-19

Think about this question: “In what circumstances do you screen record windows?” Imagine you are a teacher and you need to give a lesson online amid the coronavirus outbreak. Or imagine you are a worker, you have to give a presentation to show detailed information of new product. Or you are a game player, you want to record the game live. In these circumstances do we need to capture our screen on Windows?

Of course, there are still a lot of situations that we need to do this, and there are now some very impressive tools available that can capture everything that's happening on your screen completely free, and easy to use.

In this article, I will introduce three free and simple ways to screen record Windows and show you their steps of use. Now, let’s take Windows 10 for an example.

Part 1: How to Screen Record on Windows 10 by Using Built-in Screen Recorder

Do you know that all Windows 10 does have its own screen recorder? That is Xbox Game Bar. It’s an in-built tool which is particularly made for recording games. Please follow the steps below to know how to screen record in laptop.

  • Open up one window that you want to record.
  • Launch the Xbox Game Bar app. Or press the Windows key + G to open up it.

     screen record windows
  • When you’re ready, click on the white dot button to start recording.
  • When done, click on the stop button in the recording bar or press Windows + Alt + R to stop recording.
  • When done, a notification, saying “Game clip recorded” will pop up. You can click it to open the “Captures” folder.

Part 2: Screen Capture for Windows 10 with Two Easy and Online Recorders

As we all know, there are lots of tools to tell you how to screen record on laptop including paid and free program. And some of them are either too complicated or add their watermark to the recorded video to protect their copyright. So here we recommend you two free and online ways to screen record on pc. And there is no watermark to be added to your recorded video. The detailed information are as follows:

Method 1. HitPaw Online Screen Recorder

HitPaw Online Screen Recorder is a web-based, 100% safe and completely free screen recorder. And the recorded video has no watermark. Now I show you how to screen record on pc.

  • Open up HitPaw Online Screen Recorder website, then select the audio modes first.

    screen record windows via HitPaw Online Screen Recorderr
  • In the pop-up prompt, allow this website to record your microphone and the screen.
  • Select entire screen or application screen that needs to be recorded. And then start recording.

    how to screen record on windows with HitPaw Online Screen Recorder
  • When done, you can choose to download the recorded video or record new video.

    how to screen record on windows via HitPaw Online Screen Recorder

Pros and Cons of HitPaw Online Screen Recorder


  • HitPaw Online Screen Recorder is free and can record with a few clicks
  • It supports any systems.
  • It won’t limit the recording time
  • It has a simple user-interface
  • Capture video and audio simultaneously
  • You can select a customized region and whole screen
  • The recorded video has no watermark


  • If the recorded file exceeds 100MD, then it can’t be edited with a free online video editor. You will need to use HitPaw Toolkit for that
  • It relies on the Internet

Method 2. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is also a web-based, free and easy-to-use program. You don’t have to download it. You can record it with a few clicks. Let me tell you how to record your screen on windows 10 by using Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. The steps are as follows:

  • Open up Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder website. Click “start recording” button to launch the application.

     screen record windows
  • Then choose full screen or region to customize. Choose system or microphone audio or both. When you are ready, click the red round button to start recording
  • When done, stop recording and save the recorded video

Here I want to talk about the pros and cons of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder.


  • Its intuitive user-interface enables you to capture screen online with ease
  • You can select a customized region, whole screen and web camera to record
  • Capture video and audio simultaneously
  • Edit screencast in real time


  • You need to install a launcher if it’s the first time using it
  • You can’t capture on a secondary monitor

Final thought

Those ways I have mentioned above are all effective to screen record Windows. You can choose the best one according to different situations. But while considering the features, HitPaw Online Screen Recorder is my personal favorite. It is the easiest way among them to learn how to screen record in windows 10. Hopefully, you can find the one you the love and the recording goes smoothly.

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