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Discover Top 5 Noise Cancelling Apps & Pro-Tip

You know how it is - the hustle and bustle of everyday life can make it tough to carve out quality focus time. Between chatty coworkers, city traffic, and cries of "Mooom!" at home, peaceful silence can feel hard to come by.

But zoning in without distractions is a clutch for firing up your creativity and productivity. That's where noise-cancelling apps can really help a guy out. These clever programs leverage audio processing magic to mute annoying sounds around you. Café clatter? Gone. Office chatter? Silenced. Barking dogs? You get the idea.

Below, we'll dish out 5 top-notch options for noise cancellation in 2024. Give them a whirl the next time you need some bonafide peace and quiet to get in the zone. Your distractible brain will thank you. Now focus, my friend, and get creating.

Part 1. What is a Noise Cancelling App?

what is a noise cancelling app

We've all been there - you're trying to focus but can't drown out the surrounding chatter or noise. Noise-cancelling apps to the rescue. These clever apps utilize advanced audio processing to actively block out external sounds in real-time.

Unlike old-school noise-blocking headphones, noise cancellation apps work on sounds coming through your device's microphone.

This allows them to remove background noise from phone calls, video chats, voice recordings, streaming music, and more. The result? Your audio comes through crystal clear, even if you're in a bustling cafe or standing on a noisy street.

Part 2. How Does Noise Cancelling App Work?

They use a super smart technique called active noise control. Basically, the app listens to the background sounds around you using your device's mic. It studies the audio wavelengths of all that chatter, traffic, construction noise, etc.

how does noise canceling app work

Then, get this - the app generates an inverted audio wavelength to actively cancel out the distracting sounds. It's like throwing a noise-canceling blanket over the world around you!

The algorithm is smart enough to only target non-essential noise frequencies, so your voice still comes through loud and clear. Pretty slick, right?

End result: the app creates a little oasis of silence so you can focus, hop on calls, or record audio without any annoying distractions. Now you can get stuff done in peace.

Part 3. Best Noise Cancelling App Recommendation

Let’s take a look at the top 5 best noise-canceling apps in 2024. Here is the review of each one of them:

1. Neutralizer: Noise Cancelling App Android

noise cancelling app recommendation

Neutralizer leverages a hearing test to deliver excellent noise cancellation customized to your hearing. But it's only noise canceling app Android, may impact battery life, and requires an initial time investment for setup.

  • Uses a hearing test to create a custom profile tailored to your hearing
  • Automatically adjusts volume in headphones to suppress background noise
  • Provides personalized EQ settings based on your hearing profile
  • Very effective at blocking background noise due to custom hearing profile
  • EQ settings compensate for individual hearing deficiencies
  • Completely free to use
  • Works with any headphones
  • Android only, not available for iOS
  • Can cause volume to spike loudly at times
  • Drains battery faster than not using it

2. Hearing Amplifier Clir Voice: App to Hear Background Voices

noise cancelling app recommendation

Clir Voice provides helpful on-device transcription and audio enhancement with a focus on privacy. But it has limited platform support, high battery usage, and costs extra to unlock full features.

  • Remote listening to enhance audio from your device to hearing aids or headphones
  • On-device processing for privacy - no internet required
  • Real-time transcription and captions
  • Post-processing transcription for accuracy
  • Designed for accessibility and ease of use
  • Excellent privacy since all processing is on device
  • Audio clean up app
  • Useful real-time transcription for conversations
  • Enhances audio for better clarity
  • Refines transcriptions for accuracy
  • Intuitive, accessible interface
  • iOS only, not available on Android
  • Transcription accuracy may vary
  • Can be battery intensive with continued use

3. Noise Eraser: Noise Killer App

noise cancelling app recommendation

Noise Eraser leverages AI for excellent background noise removal, making voices stand out. But it's Android only, can impact audio quality if overused, and has limited utility beyond speech.

  • Uses AI to separate human voices from background noise
  • Removes ambient sounds to isolate speech
  • Tools for audio noise reduction and sound adjustment
  • Designed for content creators
  • Very effective at eliminating background noise
  • Keeps voices and desired sounds clear
  • Easy to use tools for noise removal
  • Can adjust and fine-tune audio
  • Free to download
  • Android only, not available on iOS
  • Can cause distortion if noise removal is too aggressive
  • Limited features compared to paid options

4. Krisp: Free Noise Reduction Software

noise cancelling app recommendation

Krisp utilizes powerful deep learning for unmatched background noise cancellation during calls and recordings. It is a free noise cancelling app. However, it comes with some audio tradeoffs, limited free usage, and lack of mobile support.

  • Removes background noise in real-time during calls
  • Works with any calling, conferencing, recording app
  • Local audio processing to keep data secure
  • Widget indicates audio quality issues
  • Uses deep learning for noise cancellation
  • Extremely effective at eliminating ambient sounds
  • Works universally across apps and platforms
  • Protects privacy with on-device processing
  • Easy to use with set-it-and-forget-it operation
  • Free version available
  • Can cause some audio artifacts/distortion
  • Free version has limited usage time

5. Audio Video Noise Reducer: Noise Reducer App

noise cancelling app recommendation

Audio Video Noise Reducer provides free and unlimited background noise removal for recordings using deep learning. However, it is Android-only, may impact audio quality, and lacks real-time noise cancellation.

  • Removes background noise from audio and video files
  • Uses deep learning for noise cancellation
  • Built-in sound recorder
  • Saves files in various formats after noise reduction
  • Works for audio books, music, videos and more
  • Very effective at eliminating background sounds
  • Integrated recorder is convenient
  • Supports many popular file formats
  • Easy to use interface
  • Completely free with no ads
  • Limited to pre-recorded files, not real-time
  • No cloud storage integration

Part 4. Pro-tip: Best Video Noise Reduction Software

Improving the quality of videos shot on mobile devices can be a challenge, but AI video enhancement tools like HitPaw Video Enhancer provide an easy solution. With advanced deep learning algorithms, HitPaw can significantly upgrade mobile video resolution and reduce noise and artifacts.

HitPaw Video Enhancer is designed specifically for working with the limitations of mobile video. The AI-powered models can upscale footage shot on smartphones to crisper and more professional-looking 4K or 8K resolution. It also utilizes neural networks to reduce blurriness, stabilize shaky footage, and repair corruption or compression defects.

Here are some of the key features of HitPaw Video Enhancer:
  • Uses AI models to enlarge mobile video resolution up to 4K or 8K
  • Reduces noise, blur, and artifacts common in mobile footage
  • One-click batch processing to enhance multiple videos
  • GPU acceleration for fast upscaling and rendering
  • Fixes corrupt footage and repairs damage
Here is how to use HitPaw Video Enhancer and its free noise reduction software:
  • Step 1:First thing first - head to the HitPaw website and download the software. Installing it is quick and easy.

  • Step 2:Once it's on your computer, find the video you want to upgrade and drag it directly onto the HitPaw interface. The software supports all common formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.

    select the file to import video
  • Step 3:Now comes the fun part - choosing an AI model to work its magic! You've got options like reducing noise, enhancing color, stabilizing shaky footage, and more. Just pick whichever one fits your video.

    upscale video with enhancement model
  • Step 4:Hit the Preview button and let HitPaw analyze your clip. Give it a few seconds to do its thing with the AI algorithms. When it's ready, check out the improved version.

    export the video
  • Step 5:If you're happy with the enhanced video preview, go ahead and click Export to save the high-quality file to your computer.

Bottom Line

HitPaw Video Enhancer provides a powerful yet easy way to significantly improve the quality of videos shot on mobile devices. With just a few clicks, the AI-powered models can effectively upscale resolution, reduce noise and grain, and repair defects.

For anyone shooting video on a smartphone or other mobile gear, this tool unlocks the ability to achieve crisp, professional 4K or even 8K results. No longer are you limited by the hardware constraints of mobile cameras.

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