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[Full Guide] How to Send Large Video on WhatsApp (2022)

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-07-07

#Compress Video

WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform, turning from personal to professional in past years. It lets you share photos, videos, contacts, locations, and even documents; however, there is a specific limit. So you can’t send any file larger than 16MB at once. So a video larger than 90 seconds to 3 minutes is ineligible to be shared via WhatsApp.

In this scenario, people wonder how to send a large video file on WhatsApp? Surely, there are multiple options to benefit from but choosing the perfect way becomes the real challenge for people. However, here are the three ideal methods to carry out the required task, including Google Drive, WeTransfer, and the best HitPaw Compressor!

Part 1: Why Can’t I Send Large Video on WhatsApp

Indeed, almost everyone has become a user of WhatsApp now. It is not only in demand to send text/voice messages but also the photos, videos, and real-time location. But the problem is you can’t send a large video on WhatsApp, more than 16MB. The reason is to keep the clutter out of this application so it can perform better and work quickly.

Send Large Videos on WhatsApp

Whenever you try to send a video that exceeds the supported limit, WhatsApp will display an error via notification. Though you have the option to trim the video by cutting it into smaller parts, it is frustrating to see the poor quality result. Now, you can try the below alternatives!

Part 2: How to Send Large Video on WhatsApp with Google Drive

Google Drive is a full-fledged online application that stores and shares documents, images, videos, and much more. You can easily upload a file or the complete folder for whatever purpose behind it. It allows you to sync your device folder to find the required files. Plus, the files people shared with you will be viewable in the specific folder.

Along with that, you can control the advanced settings like who will be able to view/comment/edit the file. It lets you browse any file using the search bar; even you can add any file format and get add-ons. Moreover, you can star, share, or effortlessly delete a file. Most importantly, the work is done in a secure manner, so you don’t need to worry about your data.

Let’s move forward to the steps for how to send long videos on WhatsApp via Google Drive:

Step 01 First of all, open the Google Drive website on your browser. From there, you can either create a new account or log in to your existing one. Click on the “New” tab from the left-side menu, choose “File Upload,” browse, and import the required video. It will display the upload notification in the bottom left corner.

Step 1 to Google Drive Send Large Video on WhatsApp

Step 02 Secondly, click the uploaded video, where you will see the three-dots menu on the top-right side. Press it and select “Share” to get more options where you can update the settings and click “Copy Link” to proceed further.

Step 2 to Google Drive Send Large Video on WhatsApp

Step 03 Finally, open WhatsApp on your phone or system (scan to your account) and then open the chat of the specific person you need to share the video with. Paste the link in and hit the “Send” icon. You are done!

Step 3 to Google Drive Send Large Video on WhatsApp

Part 3: How to Send Large Video on WhatsApp with WeTransfer

Suppose you are looking for an efficient browser-based tool that works perfectly for sharing your big files quickly. It offers you to either get the email transfer or the shareable link to send on any social media platform, including WhatsApp. Plus, you will receive the HD video results without any hassle. Here, it’s worth mentioning that the link remains valid for a week.

Furthermore, the tool allows you to upload a single file or complete folder to get the link to share on WhatsApp. Also, you can repeat the process for as many files as you want, but the maximum file size limit is 2GB at once. You need to purchase any package to get access to more features like storage, password protection, and team collaboration.

Here is the procedure for how to send large files on WhatsApp with WeTransfer:

Step 01 After opening the website of WeTransfer on your system browser, click “I Accept” from the small pop-up window on the left-hand side. Now, this will come up with the new options, including the file or folder upload. Use it to import the required video file here.

Step 1 to WeTransfer Send Large Videos on WhatsApp

Step 02 Now press the three-dots menu at the bottom, where you must choose “Get transfer link.” The app displays the loading option on the screen, but once the process is completed, you will see the video details.

Step 2 to WeTransfer Send Large Videos on WhatsApp

Step 03 Next, hit the “Copy Link” tab to get the video link. After that, open your WhatsApp account and chat with the person you need to send the big video. Click the “Send” icon, and that’s all!

Step 3 to WeTransfer Send Large Videos on WhatsApp

Part 4: How to Send Large Video on WhatsApp by Compressing

HitPaw Compressor is a safe, stable, and superb functioning desktop software. It aids you in compressing both the images and videos to reduce their file size. However, the video/image quality is retained throughout the compression process. You can choose the output file quality using the Low, High, and Customize buttons. Plus, it is feasible to keep the source file format or select one from WebM, MP4, and more. Even you can convert multiple files simultaneously to save your time and effort. It displays the in-depth details of your file before/after compression. Last but not least, the software is best for naive users.

Here are some more unique features to consider:

  • Clean and intuitive interface for quick processing
  • Offer 256-bit SSL encryption technology
  • Support formats like BMP, JPG, PNG, FLV, MOV, etc.
  • Compress files without any quality loss
  • Support the unique batch conversion feature
  • Let you customize the video/image aspects

Let’s learn about the video compression with HitPaw Compressor to send big videos on WhatsApp:

Step 01 The first step requires you to open the official website of HitPaw Video and Image Compressor and complete the downloading and installation process. Once it’s done, you must launch and select the “Video” option from the side menu.

Step 1 to HitPaw Compression of Large Videos

Step 02 Now, drag & drop your long video into the upload section. Here you can easily select the quality and format of the target file.

Step 2 to HitPaw Compression of Large Videos

Step 03 In the final step, you must choose the destination folder and then hit the “Compress” button. The video will get saved there, and you are all done!

Step 3 to HitPaw Compression of Large Videos


After going through the article, you must have got the solution to your query about how to send a large video on WhatsApp. You can use the compression method or other platforms like WeTransfer and Google Drive. Though you can pick the way that appears suitable for you, HitPaw Compressor proves to be the efficient one. Not only does it offer quick compression but also high-quality results. Keeping its multiple unique features in view, why not try it once?

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