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How to Remove Subtitles from Video [Soft & Hardcoded]

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-08-29

With subtitles, people can enjoy a video in a different language. Moreover, these are useful for people who can’t hear or find it hard to hear anything. However, if you see subtitles look of a video unnecessary then you can simply remove it. Here are easy methods on how to remove subtitles from video.

Part 1. Soft or Hardcoded Subtitle? What's the Difference?

There are particularly two types of subtitles you will see in different videos. First, one is hardcoded subtitles which are already added to the videos during their making. You can not remove such subtitles using any tools since hardcoded subtitles are irremovable and can’t be changed.

The second type of subtitles is soft subtitles. These are not embedded already in the movie/video and are mainly added by the users. This is done by adding subtitles to a video that is already available without subtitles. So, you can easily turn on or turn off such subtitles that appear as an independent stream.

So, in short, hardcoded subtitles are the part of the video and soft subtitles are not the part and work as a separate stream.

how to remove subtitles from video

Part 2. 3 Ways on How to Remove Soft Subtitle from Video

That being said, you can easily remove or delete soft subtitles from a video. This section will explain the tools to assist you in how to delete subtitles from video.

Using VLC

The VLC media player can help you to remove soft subtitles. However, in case your video has hardcoded subtitles already embedded in the video then you can’t use this tool to remove them. You can only remove that part of the video which shows the subtitles. To remove soft subtitles using VLC here is how to remove a subtitle from a video using VLC.

  1. Click on subtitle and go to “Sub track”
  2. Press disable to remove subtitles from videos
how to remove subtitles from video with vlc

Using Handbrake

Handbrake is an open-source video transcoder that you can use free of cost. This tool helps you to remove subtitles from the video in the interface after importing the video. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Launch the Handbrake tool and import your video
  2. Press the subtitles tab in the bottom section and click on clear
  3. Now browse to search the location of the file and click on “start encode” at the top. Wait for some time to complete the process. Once the file is imported, you will see no subtitles in the video
how to remove subtitles from video with handbrake

Using MP4Muxer

In your search for tools to remove soft subtitles, you can also consider MP4Muxer. As its name indicates, it mainly works for MP4 videos’ multiplexing and demultiplexing. This tool is able to demux subtitles from your MP4 videos as an independent file. However, it only extracts soft subtitles, not hardcoded ones. Here is how you can use it.

  1. Launch MP4Muxer
  2. From the home screen click on the “demultiplex” option. Then tap browse to import your video. Once imported into the current tracks’ windows, select any MP4 video with subtitles and click on the delete option to delete the subtitles track of the MP4 video
  3. Next, choose the browse option at the bottom to finalize a destination folder for your MP4 file. Click on the “demultiplex” option to start the demuxing process of your video. It will extract a soft subtitle track from the video and save it as a separate file
  4. Once the process is completed, open your MP4 video, and subtitles won’t show up in the video
how to remove subtitles from video with mp4muxer

Part 3. How to Remove Hardcoded Subtitles from AVI/MP4/MOV Files and More

After reading the above part, you must be looking for how to remove embedded subtitles from the video. As we know it’s practically impossible to remove embedded subtitles however, you can still manage to remove them from your video.

HitPaw Edimakor is a remarkable editor which offers top-notch video editing features. With this software, you can remove hardcoded subtitles by cropping them and then zooming your video. This way you will not need to worry about removing embedded subtitles since it supports an excellent way to remove hardcoded subtitles without compromising video quality.

how to remove subtitles from video with hitpaw
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How to remove hardcoded subtitles (cropping)

To remove hardcoded subtitles from AVI file, MP4, MOV, and many more files is not hard, first of all, you need to make sure the subtitles are hardcoded. For that, you can use Subtitle Remove or MKV Extract GUI software. From the subtitle setting drop-down button, you will see if the subtitles are hardcoded or soft.

Once you know the subtitles type, the question comes to how to remove hard subtitles from video. For this, you can use HitPaw Edimakor. Taking use of its cropping tool, you can crop the bottom half of your video. With its user-friendly interface, you won’t find it complex to perform this editing since it supports you in every process. Here is how to remove hardcoded subtitles from MP4 video files.

Step 01 Download and Launch HitPaw Edimakor

Step 02 Import your video to the main timeline

how to remove subtitles from video with hitpaw editor

Step 03 Select the crop and zoom option from the top and adjust the frame to get rid of subtitles

how to remove subtitles from video with hitpaw video editor

Step 04 Once done, save your video and export it in the desired format you need


Removing hardcoded subtitles is definitely an impossible job, however, we have presented the only possible solution for how to remove subtitles from video. HitPaw Edimakor lets you edit your video and crop the precise part of the video to remove subtitles. Download it now to have a try.

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