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10 Best Free Caption Extractors to Extract Subtitles from Videos

Subtitles are an essential element of any video for increasing global audience and engagement. Additionally, these captions also help in increasing the online visibility of the videos. So, if you wish to target videos to a multilingual audience, extracting subtitles and then converting them to multiple languages works great. To get this task done, you would need specialized caption extractor tools. In this article, we will take you through the best and top free caption extractor tools in the category.

top caption extractors 2023

Part 1. How to Extract Subtitles from Videos with Best Caption Extractor

When it comes to the best caption extractor, HitPaw Edimakor is the software to rely on. Though this is an AI-based video editor, its caption extraction feature is excellent and works seamlessly. The software facilitates downloading online videos and then extracting subtitles from them. The entire process is user-friendly and requires just a few simple steps.

Besides extracting subtitles, the software supports a wide range of features like AI-powered speech-to-text, audio visualizer, video splitting, adding text, speed ramping, and more. All latest versions of Windows and Mac support software download.

Steps on how to extract subtitles from videos using HitPaw Edimakor

Before proceeding with the below steps, copy the online video URL from which you wish to extract the subtitles.

  • Step 1. Open software and download online video
    Launch the HitPAw Edimakor software on your system and under the 'Media' tab, tap on the 'Download' button and then paste the copied video URL in the space provided. Click on the 'Download' button.

    hitpaw edimakor extract caption step 1

    Note: To add the local video file, click on the 'Import' button to browse and add the file.

  • Step 2. Add downloaded video to timeline
    The software will start analyzing and downloading the video. Once the video is downloaded and added to the tool, drag and drop it to the timeline at the bottom.

    hitpaw edimakor extract caption step 2
  • Step 3. Extract captions
    Click on the added video and then on the right-side panel under the Audio tab click on the 'Speech to Text' option. The software will start recognizing the subtitles. The recognized subtitles will now appear on the timeline. Tap on the text and the subtitles will now appear on the right-side panel.

    hitpaw edimakor extract caption step 3

Finally click on the 'Save' button, and from the pop-up window choose the file name and the format in which you wish to save the extracted subtitles.

Note: The above listed are the steps for the Windows system. On Mac, the steps are almost the same.

Part 2. How to Extract Subtitles from Subtitlevideo Online Caption Extractor

Online tools can also be used for extracting subtitles when you do not want to download a system software. One of the most popular tools in this category is subtitlevideo online, which works straight from your browser. A wide range of spoken languages is supported and you can either browse and add a local file or even add a link to an online file.

You can extract subtitles from MP4, WebM, AVI, FLV, 3GP, and many others video file formats. The program gives you the option to choose between downloading audio track transcription or getting hardcode subtitles.

subtitlevideo online Steps to use https://www.subtitlevideo.com/ to extract subtitles
  • 1.Open https://www.subtitlevideo.com/ on your system browser and then choose the spoken language of the video from the drop-down menu.
  • 2.Next, add a local video file by clicking on the Browse button. Alternatively, you can also add a video link.
  • 3.Enter your email address and then choose from audio track transcription or hardcode subtitles.
  • 4.Finally, click on the Extract subtitle to start the process.

Part 3. Other 8 Caption Extractors You Can Try

In this part of the topic, we will discuss a few other popular tools that can be used for extracting subtitles from your videos.

1. HitPaw Video Converter (Speech to Text)

Another HitPaw tool that can be used for quick caption extraction is HitPaw Video Converter. This is mainly a Windows and Mac-based video conversion tool that supports a wide range of additional features as well including the Speech To Text function. Using Speech Text, video can be transcribed to subtitles or plain text effortlessly. The steps are simple and quick where you need to add the video and then choose to extract its subtitles in the desired format.

hitpaw video converter

2. VLC

When it comes to top video-watching and editing tools, VLC is a must-have name. This is a free and open-source, cross-platform media player that can play a variety of files and also perform multiple additional functions including subtitle extraction. VLC extract subtitles using the VLsub feature on the View menu and it can be used for searching and downloading the subtitles. There are no ads, spyware, or user tracking which makes VLC a safe and reliable tool.


3. Jubler

Jubler is an open-source tool under a liberal GNU public license. The tool facilitates editing text-based subtitles and can also be used for multiple other tasks like adding next subtitles, conversion, transforming, extract subtitles from video, correcting, and refining the existing captions. The tool supports all popular subtitle formats and has been tested on Windows, Linux, and MAC systems. The tool also supports splitting, joining, time shifting, and several other features.


4. DownSub

This is another free online tool that facilitates downloading subtitles in an array of formats including SRT, VTT, TXT, and more. The tool allows downloading captions from videos on YouTube, Viki, VIU, Vive, and more. Subtitle format and language can also be elected using the tool. The process of downloading subtitles is simple and quick where you simply need to enter the video URL and choose to download the captions.


5. Easysub

This is another free-to-use app that allows downloading subtitles from YouTube, VLive, VIU, and other sites. Simple free registration is needed to use to tool that can download subtitles in SRT, VTT, TXT, and other formats. Paste the video URL to the app and choose to download the captions and you are done.


6. Savesubs

This is also a free browser-based subtitle extractor site that can be used for YouTube videos. All major subtitle formats are supported like SRT, VTT, TXT, and others. The caption downloading process is simple where you just need to paste the YouTube video URL and then wait for the app to process.


7. YouSubtitles

Subtitles from YouTube videos can be quickly downloaded from this online tool that needs no software download or registration. Different formats and languages for downloading subtitles are supported by the tool. Copy the YouTube URL and paste its URL to the app and the tool will start downloading the captions.


8. DVDVideoSoft

Subtitle files can be quickly downloaded in text or SRT files using this online app. The tool can also be used for configuring YouTube subtitles for extracting SRT files with timestamps. Additionally, you can also customize the timestamps, change the language, and even choose time intervals from where you want the captions to be downloaded. The preview feature is also supported by the tool.



Multiple online and desktop-based caption extractor tools are discussed in the above topic. Though each of these tools might fit suitability for different users, HitPaw Edimakor is one that will surely work for all. This excellent software once downloaded on your Windows or Mac system, is ready for extracting subtitles quickly and easily from the local as well as online videos in an array of formats. Additionally, the software can be used for several other video editing and AI-based functions.

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