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[Latest] How to Blur Video in CapCut with Easy Steps

CapCut is one such app that has gained popularity and meet the demand for powerful yet user-friendly editing tools , one question that frequently arises among Capcut users is how to blur a video in Capcut.

This can be especially useful in situations where the content of the video may not be suitable for all audiences or when you want to protect the privacy of certain individuals in the video. Whether you are a vlogger, content creator, learning how to make a video blurry on CapCut can be a valuable skill. In this article, we will guide you through the process of blurring your video using CapCut, and provide some helpful tips along the way.

Part 1. How to Blur Background in CapCut Video?

Capturing a beautiful video is not just about the subject in focus but also the background behind it. Blurring the background can create a more professional and cinematic look to your videos, and CapCut is an excellent tool for achieving this effect. In this part, we will guide you through the steps on how to blur video in CapCut, so you can make your videos stand out from the rest.

  • Step 1. Download and Run CapCut
  • Double click to run CapCut. You can sign in with your Facebook or Google.

    how to blur video in capcut download

  • Step 2. Import the video you want to blur
  • Click New project to continue, then type the Import button to add the videos to continue on the blurring video in CapCut.

    how to blur video in capcut add video

  • Step 3. Choose the blur effect
  • Start creating after dragging the video onto the timeline. You can find a variety of blur effects in the Video effects and also adjust the blur level in the right column. And then click Export.

    how to blur video in capcut choose blur effects

  • Step 4. Removing effects from the timeline
  • After exporting this blurred video to your computer, go back to CapCut home page and remove the video and effects from the timeline.

    how to blur video in capcut remove effect from timeline

  • Step 5. Adjust the video background
  • Import the blurred video exported in the previous step into the media and drag it onto the timeline. Then drag and drop the original video onto the timeline above the blurred video. Click on the original video, then click on the Cutout section on the right side of the home page and select Auto Cutout.

    how to blur video in capcut adjust video background

  • Step 6. Export the final video
  • After the processing is completed, you can see that the video background is removed and only the recognized portrait part is retained.

    how to blur video in capcut export the processed video

Part 2. How to Blur a Part of a video in CapCut?

Sometimes you may want to blur out a specific part of a video. This can be easily achieved using the CapCut by adding and blurring the video overlay layer. Consider using this technique to blur face in CapCut or another specific area of your video. These detailed steps can definitely help you with how to blur a face on CapCut.

  • Step 1. Import the video you want to blur
  • Place your video in timeline after uploading it.

    how to blur part of video in capcut import the video

  • Step 2. Click Effects and choose blur effect
  • Drag the blur effect of your choice onto the timeline and click Export.

    how to blur part of video in capcut choose blur effect

  • Step 3. Import the modified video again
  • Remove the blur effect and place the previously exported processed blur file on top of the original video.

    how to blur part of video in capcut modify

  • Step 4. Select the mask form of your choice
  • Select the mask shape according to the shape of the object to be blurred, and you can change the position and size of the shape with Feather and Size.

    how to blur part of video in capcut select the mask

Part 3. How to Blur Video Background in CapCut on Your Phone?

About how to blur background on CapCut, CapCut's mobile application can also easily help you blur video backgrounds, which are pretty much the same as in the CapCut desktop software.

  • Step 1: Download CapCut and select New Project, select Video to import the timeline.
  • how to blur video in capcut mobile import

  • Step 2: Click the Effect button and select a blur effect that suits you.
  • how to blur video in capcut mobile select blur effect

  • Step 3: Go back to the timeline and click the Overlay button. Then select the original video and add it as an overlay layer.
  • how to blur video in capcut mobile select overlay

  • Step 4: Select the original video on the timeline and swipe down to select the "Cut" button.
  • how to blur video in capcut mobile select cut

  • Step 5: Select the Remove background option.
  • how to blur video in capcut mobile remove background

  • Step 6: Wait for the processing to finish, click the play button, you can preview the blurred video and export.
  • how to blur video in capcut mobile export

Part 4. Pro-Tips: Useful Tools for Removing background than Blurring Video in CapCut

When it comes to video production, blurred backgrounds, there are instances where that may not be sufficient. In such cases, a video object remover tool can be a valuable asset in post-production.

HitPaw Video Object Remover can remove unwanted elements and create a more polished and professional-looking video, it can easily help you remove backgrounds in seconds, and you can export to green screen and transparent backgrounds.

    • Make a polished video background than just blurred the background
    • Easy to use and intuitive to operate, user-friendly tool
    • Removing the unwanted background in two seconds
    • Free processed videos effect preview
    • Quick video rendering and quick export

  • Step 1. Download and Installation
  • Download HitPaw Video Object Remover on your Computer.

  • Step 2. Import Video
  • To upload the video from which you want to apply green screen effects, click ‘Select file.’ Alternatively, you may just drop the video into the edit box.

    object remover import video

  • Step 3. Choose the Background Fill Mode
  • Choose the Background Fill mode you need in HitPaw Video Object Remover.

    object remover choose fill mode

    Green Screen Fill: The exported video will have the missing segments filled in with a green screen.

    object remover green screen fill

    What is more, you can also try the transparent function: the background of your video will become transparent.

    object remover be transparent fill

  • Step 4. Preview and Export the Green Screen Video
  • Preview the removing effection and export the video to your computer.

    object remover export the video

Part 5. FAQs of CapCut Blur Video

1. Is vertical blur on CapCut?

You must first prepare and import your videos into Capcat. Then go on to Effects. Next, decide on video effects. Then move on to the details. Go to details on this page to locate the vertical blur.

2. Where is the blur effect on CapCut?

If you are in a different version, you can find different Blur effects in the separate Blur option. If you are in an older version, you can find different Blur effects in Trending and the rest of the options.


In conclusion, this article fixes the problem of how to blur video in CapCut. And CapCut offers various ways to blur videos, including the Gaussian Blur, Mosaic Blur, and Pixelate Blur effects. These detailed steps make the Capcut blur video becomes easy.

Aside from CapCut, HitPaw Video Object Remover is another powerful tool that users can utilize to achieve their video editing goals. Users can easily remove unwanted objects or backgrounds from their videos, allowing for a cleaner and more professional look.

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