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Google Drive Low Quality Video: How to Upload and Share in High Quality

Capturing memories through videos is a cherished activity for many. But when these moments are stored on platforms like Google Photos, a noticeable decline in video quality can sometimes occur. This article aims to highlight the reasons for this quality degradation and offers actionable solutions to ensure your videos remain vibrant and clear.

Part 1. What is Google Photos?

What is Google Photos

Google Photos stands as a trusted space for all your photos and videos. It's more than just a storage platform; it organizes your memories, making them easy to find and share. With features like smart filters and editing tools, Google Photos goes beyond mere storage, allowing users to enhance their media. Its main attraction lies in its secure backup feature, ensuring memories are accessible across devices and protected from potential loss.

Part 2. What Caused Google Photos Video Quality Loss?

The primary goal of Google Photos is to offer users a convenient spot for their cherished memories. However, there have been instances where the quality of videos seems to diminish.

Why do Google Photos reduce video quality?

Google Photos provides two distinct storage options: High Quality and Original. The High Quality option, while free, compresses photos and videos to conserve space, which can lead to a minor quality drop. The Original option, however, maintains the initial quality but uses up your Google Drive storage.

How to fix Google Photos video quality loss?

To preserve the original quality of your videos, selecting the 'Original' storage option in Google Photos is advisable. But remember, this will consume more of your storage space. Additionally, ensuring videos have completed their upload and processing in Google Photos before viewing or sharing can help. Accessing a video immediately after its upload might show reduced quality as it might still be in the processing phase.

How to fix Google Photos video quality loss

While Google Photos offers an efficient way to store and categorize memories, being aware of its storage settings is crucial to maintain video quality. If the quality is a priority, opting for the 'Original' storage setting and allowing ample time for uploads can make a significant difference.

Part 3. How To Resolve Google Photos Video Quality Loss Using AI

Platforms like Google Photos have become a staple for many, allowing users to store countless photos and videos. However, with the convenience of cloud storage, some users have reported issues like google photos video quality loss and google drive low quality video playback. Even high-end smartphones like the Google Pixel 5 video quality, known for its superior camera capabilities, aren't immune to video quality degradation when paired with certain cloud storage solutions.

While Google Photos offers a seamless experience for storing and organizing memories, the platform's compression algorithms can sometimes reduce the quality of videos, especially during playback. This is where advanced tools like HitPaw Video Enhancer come into play.

HitPaw Video Enhancer is your best friend when it comes to enhancing the video quality. Designed with a focus on enhancing videos for platforms like Instagram, this software is equipped with cutting-edge AI algorithms that promise to transform your videos, making them clearer and more vibrant.

Key Features
  • Upscale Videos: One of the standout features of HitPaw Video Enhancer is its ability to upscale videos to resolutions as high as 8K. This ensures that your videos remain sharp and detailed, even when viewed on larger screens.
  • Advanced AI Technology: At the heart of HitPaw Video Enhancer is its mature AI technology. This ensures that the software can intelligently enhance videos, bringing out the best in them.
  • User-Friendly Interface: For those who might be new to video editing and enhancement, HitPaw offers a simple and clean interface. This makes the process of enhancing videos straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Preview Without Watermarks: Before finalizing any changes, users can preview their enhanced videos without any watermarks. This allows for a clear view of the improvements made.
  • New Models: The latest version of HitPaw Video Enhancer has introduced new models like the Frame Interpolation Model and Stabilize Model. These models further improve the software's capability to enhance videos, ensuring they are smooth and stable.
Easy Steps To Follow
  • Step 1:Begin by visiting the official HitPaw website and downloading the Video Enhancer. Once downloaded, follow the installation prompts to set up the software on your device.

  • Step 2:Launch the HitPaw Video Enhancer and click on the 'Add File(s)' button to import the video you wish to enhance.

    import video
  • Step 3:Once your video is imported, you'll be presented with various enhancement options. Here, you can choose to upscale the resolution, stabilize the video, or apply the Frame Interpolation Model.

    AI video enhancement
  • Step 4:After making your edits, you can preview them before saving them by clicking the "Preview" button. If you're happy with the results, you can export the modified clip.

    preview enhanced video

Part 4. FAQs Of Google Drive Low Quality Video

Q1. Does Google Drive lower video resolution?

A1. Google Drive is a file storing and sharing service that also supports video sharing. Videos uploaded to Google Drive retain their original quality and resolution, contrary to popular perception. This means that Google Drive will preserve the original video resolution of any video you upload. Your video footage will keep its original quality because to the platform's emphasis on data integrity. You may have confidence that your high-definition video's quality will be preserved after being uploaded to Google Drive.

Q2. How do I stop Google Drive from lowering video quality?

A2. The good news is that video quality is not automatically decreased while using Google Drive. Video quality is not diminished during uploading. When uploading videos, it's ideal to do so in their original quality, with a reliable internet connection, and with the playback options checked.

Q3. Does Google Drive allow 4K video?

A3. Yes, videos in 4K resolution can be uploaded and stored in Google Drive. The site does not limit the quality of the videos you upload. Google Drive may automatically modify the playback resolution to provide a more fluid streaming experience if you are not using a 4K-capable device or screen, or if your internet connection is poor. Your stored 4K video will always maintain its original quality.

Bottom Line

While platforms like Google Photos offer immense convenience, the issue of Google drive low quality video remains a concern for many. However, with tools like HitPaw Video Enhancer, users now have a powerful solution at their fingertips. Whether you're looking to upscale a video, stabilize shaky footage, or simply enhance the overall quality, HitPaw promises to deliver results that are nothing short of impressive. So, if you're tired of compromised video quality, it's time to give HitPaw Video Enhancer a try and experience the difference for yourself.

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