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15 Best Birthday Video Message Ideas Recommended

Videos are the best way to share happy moments with loved ones far away. Recording a surprise birthday video message tells the birthday person how much you value them. People who find trouble confessing themselves can make such videos to convey their emotions for the birthday person. It’s an exciting way to make wishes and greet the birthday person instead of just saying “Happy Birthday.”

So, surprise them with creative video messages after reading the ideas discussed in this article. Plus, learn to design a happy birthday video message through a step-by-step guide.

Part 1. 15+ Creative Birthday Video Messages Recommended

Are you confused about what to say in a birthday video message? This section is for you, especially when you are nervous about choosing appropriate words for the video. Keep reading and get birthday message ideas to make a personalized video.

  • 1. Talk About Achievements

    Everyone has achieved something in their lives, either in sports, education, work, or in hobbies. In your message, you can tell them how proud you are of them and pray for their success. Besides, tell them they are your inspiration as a friend, colleague, family, or neighbor.

  • 2. Tell How You Meet Them

    If you share an exceptional bond with the birthday person, people will be curious to know how you met. This message proves equally worthy for family members. They can talk about their first happy memory with you and share childhood pictures.

  • 3. Words of Advice

    This idea will prove worthwhile when you've achieved a birthday milestone. Whether they are turning 18 or 80, you can still appreciate them with words of wisdom. For instance, make a birthday video advising your grandparents to go on a regular walk and take medicines, if any.

  • 4. Put a Performance

    Not everyone is comfortable speaking in front of the camera, so they can make others laugh with their actions. In addition to that, they can show their talent by sketching portraits or signing. They can change the lyrics according to the birthday person for a customized and heartfelt touch.

    putting up birthday performance
  • 5. Share Memories

    Scroll your phone's album and find your best picture with the birthday person. Edit the videos in a sequence and add a voiceover explaining the story behind that picture. You can talk about your holidays spent together and your university/school life adventures of the past.

    sharing birthday memories
  • 6. Tell Funny Incidents

    Making the birthday person laugh and emotional at the same time could be the best Birthday wishes video message. To do so, people share funny moments of the past that might be recorded in videos or pictures. While sharing the media, you can explain the story live to see their expressions.

  • 7. Show Gratitude

    Birthday is a great chance for you to say thanks to the birthday person appropriately. Assemble ideas on what changes they have brought in you and how you feel in their presence. Answer these questions in a video message and practically say, “Thank you for being you!”

    showing gratitude on birthday
  • 8. Compliment the Birthday Person

    You might be thinking that compliment is just like showing gratitude. Let us tell you that it's different because you make the birthday person feel special regarding their personality and actions. You can find ideas by thinking about how much they are devoted to family, working on goals, and being friendly.

  • 9. Showcase the Outtakes

    Bloopers are the most awaited part of a birthday video that can fill the party with laughter. It's a sign of how much the birthday person means to you, and you still have their random moments. You can play this happy birthday video message with pauses to see their reactions.

    birthday bloopers video
  • 10. Share How they Help You

    If you are going to wish your work besties a happy birthday, this idea could prove groundbreaking. Here, you are suggested to assemble moments when they help you out of trouble. It will enhance their meaning in your life, resulting in a stronger bond in the workplace.

  • 11. Inspirational Quote Compilation

    Go to the friends and family circle of the birthday person and collect their random moments. Merge those clips and insert relevant quotes that will inspire the audience. Sharing valuable and motivational quotes can uplift the birthday person for a better future.

  • 12. DIY Greeting Card Flipbook

    It's a trending way to express your best wishes on social media. Using this idea, you have to write different messages on different flip cards and reveal them individually. You can ask your friends and family to hold those cards while recording their video.

    greeting card flipbook video
  • 13. Digital Scrapbook

    For a sentimental and aesthetic touch, you should make a digital scrapbook for the birthday person. In this regard, you can gather solo pictures of the birthday person and make their collage. Afterward, write whatever you want under every picture and arrange them using graphics.

    digital scrapbook in video
  • 14. Multi-lingual Greetings

    This idea will prove worthy if the birthday person loves to read books and has an interest in literature. You can write birthday wishes in different languages, showing diversity and cultures. Some people love to explore this kind of hidden message, which shows the efforts of another person.

  • 15. Digital Fortune Telling

    Add a playful factor in birthday messages through a digital fortune-telling idea. You just have to use your editing skills to creatively show predictions about the birthday person in the video. It will grab the audience's attention at the birthday party and prove exciting for the birthday person.

    digital fortune telling in birthday

Part 2. How to Make Creative Birthday Video Messages in Minutes

Until now, you have gathered enough ideas to draw the best video message for birthday people. It’s time to turn those ideas into virtual reality with the help of HitPaw Edimakor. This platform is designed to capture attractive birthday messages with AI features. Let’s read the prominent features of Edimakor to get a clearer picture of this incredible tool.

  • 1. AI Script Generator:If you are not good at writing, ask AI to do this. The Edimakor script generator can write appropriate words to wish your loved ones happy birthdays. Besides, it can generate messages in more than 20 languages with your chosen vibe.

  • 2. Rich Resources: Use abundant resources of stickers, filters, and effects to make your birthday video eye-catching. It will set the right birthday tone for your video by adding firecrackers or cake stickers. With filters, you will get a chance to enhance the birthday person bloopers and so on.

  • 3. AI Audio Editor: Music is an essential element in making birthday videos. That’s why Edimakor gives you access to its vast music library and allows you to extract one from videos. Moreover, you can record a birthday message in your voice through the voice recorder and changer options.

  • 4. AI Subtitle: There is an Auto-subtitle option for people intending to share birthday video messages on social media. They can make their videos accessible to a wider fan following. To give a birthday touch, they should add different fonts and animations to the subtitles.

Below are the steps on how to make a birthday video message to address your queries after learning the useful functionalities of this tool.

  • Step 1: Start a New Project with Edimakor.

    Make a successful installation of HitPaw Edimakor and access its main interface to choose the 'Start a new project' tab.

    digital fortune telling in birthday
  • Step 2: Import and Polish your Cheerful Memories.

    After pressing that tab, enter the editing screen and hit the '+ (Add)' button to import your moments with the birthday person. Clips will get merged automatically after the import process. Now, click on the Transitions icon from the toolbar and drag the selected one to the timeline. Repeat the same process after choosing the Stickers, Filters, and Audio icons for polishing your birthday video.

    add video and make edits
  • Step 3: Play and Export as Desired.

    Lastly, preview your changes from the Player section by pressing the Play button or Space key. Afterward, head to the top right corner and hit the 'Export' button to adjust video saving parameters. You can set the video saving destination, Frame Rate, and Format. Then, press the 'Export' button and get the file saved to your assigned path.

    export final birthday video message


This article has relaxed you in expressing emotions through creative birthday video message ideas. After choosing ideas, there comes a time to make a real-time video message. For this purpose, you should use HitPaw Edimakor, a powerful video editor. With this platform, your birthday video creation journey will get much easier and quicker due to its rich resources and AI features.

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