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[Solved!] How Do I Convert WPEG to WMV?

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-05-24

With the development of technology, there are more and more file formats available on the web and Internet media. Each different file format will be adapted to different devices. We always encounter times when the format is not supported, and then we need to convert the file format. WMV is a common file format in our life. Do you need to convert MPEG to WMV? Follow this article to learn how to convert MPEG to WMV.

Part 1. MPEG to WMV

The MPEG video file format is a popular format for movies distributed over the Internet. They use a specific type of compression that makes streaming and downloading much faster than other popular video formats. The WMV was developed by Microsoft as a compressed video container for the Windows Media framework. Having three different types of video codec, this container can be used for online video streaming as well as sharing video content via HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs.

Not all applications support MPEG files. WMV format provides better compression, making it more suitable for use. So some people may want to convert MPEG to WMV format.

Part 2. The Best Way to Convert MPEG to WMV in 90x Faster Speed

The best way to convert MPRG to WMV is HitPaw Video Converter, which is a wonderful tool to convert MPEG to WMV without losing quality. HitPaw Video Converter is reliable MPEG to WMV converter desktop software for all your needs. In addition, the software also supports a wide range of video formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, and so on.

HitPaw Video Converter features:

  • Fast conversion without quality loss
  • Batch conversion of multiple videos up to 5000 at once
  • Convert to and from more than 1,000 video/audio formats
  • 90X faster video conversion speed without any quality loss

How to use HitPaw Video Converter to convert MPEG to WMV:

Step 01 Download and install HitPaw Video Converter and open the converter.

Step 02 Click on "Add Files" to import the MPEG files you want to convert.

how to convert mpeg to wmv

Step 03 Select "WMV" as the output format. Click on the “Convert” or “Convert All” button to start converting MPEG to WMV.

would like to convert mpeg to wmv

Step 04 The program will hardly take a few minutes to convert all the files with fast and high quality.

step of mpeg to wmv

Step 05 Finally, once the conversion is complete, you can find the converted files in the output folder.

As you can see, converting MPEG to WMV with HitPaw Video Converter is very simple and convenient. And the best feature is that you won't lose any quality in the process!

Part 3. 3 Free MPEG to WMV Converter Online

If you don't want to download and install software, there are also MPEG to WMV converter online for that you can use.

1. HitPaw Online Video Converter

HitPaw Online Video Converter can convert MPEG to WMV as your requirements. It is completely free and allow you to change the video format and edit the video. No matter you are an owner of a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device, HitPaw Online Video Converter always performs great.

But you need to know that HitPaw Online Video Converter free version supports files within 20MB and it does not support batch conversion

Just follow the steps below to convert MPEG to WMV free online with HitPaw:

Step 01 Go to the HitPaw Online Video Converter and click on "Convert Video Now".

mpeg to wmv converter

Step 02 Click on "Choose File" to import the MPEG files you want to convert.

Step 03 Select "WMV" as the output format and click on "Convert" to start the conversion process.

mpeg to wmv converter online

2. Cloudconvert

Cloudconvert can convert MPEG to WMV easily and conveniently. It is incredibly efficient and compatible with practically all browsers. It supports various formats like WAV, M4A, MP3, and WMA. It provides you a chance to customize the file size and quality. But this way is unable to convert big files and Sometimes the server will be down.

the mpeg to wmv converter online

3. Freeconvert

Freeconvert free online tool can work on any device and support all major browsers. It also can convert MPEG to WMV. It can convert a large number of files to different formats such as WAV, M4A, etc. But please note that it can only convert files up to 1GB in size. It don’t support large files. And the server down after every 25 minutes.

convert mpeg to wmv free

The pros and cons of using free online MPEG to WMV converter

Although online converter is very convenient, it also has the limitations when you convert MPEG to WMV. Here are some pros and cons about online converter to make you more clear about it.

Advantages of using Online Video Converter:

  • convert and edit videos and audios in various formats
  • 100% free
  • Requires no installation

Disadvantages of using Online Video Converter

  • Limited file size limits
  • Does not support batch conversion and hardware acceleration
  • In case of a bad network, you'll have to start all over again
  • They can be unreliable and sometimes fail to convert videos correctly
  • They can be quite slow, which means your videos will take longer to convert

So, we can see that using online video converter still has more limitations when you want to convert MPEG to WMV. We recommend you to download the HitPaw Video Converter.

Part 4. FAQs

1.Is MPEG and MPG same?

Essentially there is no difference between the MPG format and the MPEG format. The reason for the different file extensions goes back to the early versions of Windows. The original file extension for the MPEG format was ".mpeg"; however, in Windows, all files needed a three-letter file extension. Therefore, the file extension was shortened to ".mpg". However, Macintosh is not limited to three-letter file extensions, so Mac users use ".mpeg".

2.Is MPEG better than WMV?

WMV is also based on the MPEG4 standard and is intended to be reproduced and improved for users of Microsoft software and hardware. Therefore, comparing the quality of MPEG1 with WMV for the same file size, WMV is much better due to the compression algorithm used.

3.How do I play MPEG files on Windows?

Because MPEG video files are so widely compatible, you can open them with many different programs on different platforms, such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, QuickTime and VLC Media Player. Opening an MPEG file is often as simple as double-clicking on the file and letting your operating system decide which program to use simply


So, when it comes to convert MPEG to WMV, there are many options for you. In this article, we recommend several ways for you to convert MPEG to WMV, including desktop software and online. No matter what format you want to convert, we highly recommend you to use HitPaw Video Converter. It gives the high-quality conversion which you would love. It will never let you down.

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