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Top 5 Beauty Guru on Beauty Guru Chatter Reddit in 2024

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-12-28

If you have interest in finding out that does your favorite beauty guru made it to the list of beauty guru chatter in 2024 then you are at the right place. As, Reddit ranked the top 5 beauty guru and let’s see did your favorite guru’s made it to the list or not.

Basically Reddit beauty guru chatter is a subreddit that discusses beauty influencers, makeup artists, brand owners, and celebrity’s beauty and makeup content.

Part 1: What Is Beauty Guru Chatter in Reddit?

As we told you earlier, beauty guru chatter is a place where you can listen to the beauty guru gossip reddit, and also all the reddit beauty guru chat. It is a place that will give you an insight on your favorite influencers about their brands, what type of products they use, any kind of new gossip that trended over the last couple of months. So a great platform where content gossip is made and you can also find your favorite beauty guru here.

Part 2: 5 Most Recommended Beauty Guru on Beauty Guru Chatter

Now we will recommend the best beauty guru that stands on the top of the list of beauty guru chatter. We will also discuss how they became popular and will also show you their channels so you can also see the content they make for their fans and users.

2.1 NikkieTutorials

beauty guru bright skin serum

Nikkie de Jager is a 26-year-old makeup artist and YouTuber known by her famous screen name, NikkieTutorials. She is a beauty guru from the Netherlands. She got recognition from her video 'The Power Makeup'. It went viral in 2015. From that day she has gained over 12.4 million subscribers 820 million views on her YouTube channel. NikkieTutorials is a professional makeup artist who frequently features the commissioned work in the videos she uploads to her channel. She is one of the best sources you can find on the Internet if you are looking for beauty tips and tricks. That’s why she made it to the top of list.

2.2 Tati

beauty guru eyelash serum

Tati Westbrook was born as Tatiana Aleksandra Krievins. She started working as a dancer and actress throughout her childhood and teenage years. She developed her passion for makeup as a child, and taught herself how to be an artist. Then she created her YouTube channel in 2010. One of the interesting fact about her is that she kept her full name a secret at the start of her career. She was also close friends with YouTuber James Charles at the time. He also did her makeup on her wedding day. On YouTube, Westbrook is famous for her makeup reviews, budget-friendly beauty tips, and unboxing videos. She has got over 10 million and that number might grow even more by the end of the day. She also won one of Nylon's first Beauty Innovator Awards in August 2018 and also launched her vitamin company Halo Beauty in February 2018. She is popular icon in the beauty industry as she gives amazing reviews about beauty products and all by using budget friendly products.

2.3 Andrea Matillano

beauty guru eyelash serum

Andréa Matillano is a beauty influencer on YouTube. She is from United States of America. She started her career as a beauty influencer when she saw that not only se love watching other influencer videos, she would love to do it herself. She love the community aspects of YouTube community. She also said that she has made friendships, and enjoy the positive reviews by her followers. Her channel focuses on a variety of products starting from affordable products to costly makeup products. She also give reviews about products like i.e. beauty guru bright skin serum, beauty guru eyelash serum and much more. She believe makeup is an accessory which you can use to play and give yourself the cool look that you want to recreate. She has uploaded a total of 1.4 thousand videos which have a combined total of 53.9 million views. Her channel has over 331 thousand subscriber.

2.4 PatrickStarrr

beauty guru bright skin serum

If you're a beauty fanatic, then are you will also be a Patrick Starrr beauty guru Stan. The makeup artist got his start on YouTube in 2013 and has been on the rise ever since. His birth name isn't Patrick Starr, it's actually Patrick Simondac. He really got into makeup in high school as in college, he worked at MAC Cosmetics. Patrick is an award-winning YouTuber as he received a Streamy award in 2017. Also, he's had some YouTube SNAFUs. He is a legend who don’t regret any type of failures, he pick himself after getting knocked down. His famous quote is “Life Opens up When You Do". He has gained over 4.32 million subscribers and over 361,563,903 views on YouTube. Patrick Starr also plays the piano and also a photographer as he had a passion for photography since his college days

2.5 BudgetGlam Babe

reddit beauty guru chatter

BudgetGlam Babe is also a YouTube influencer that give budget friendly advices to her users. She reviews products on her channel like beauty guru under eye serum etc. She also do unboxing and hauls. Also, she gives her fans the best tips and tricks to live a glam life on a budget. She has gained over 7.12K subscribers and her channel has over 1,332,836 views.

Part 3: Know More about Beauty Guru in BeautyGuruChatter on Reddit (Products & Reviews)

Now let’s give our readers some product reviews. These are much talked about product on beauty guru chatter. 

3.1 Beauty Guru Natural under Eye Serum

beauty guru under eye serum reviews

Beauty Guru Natural under Eye Serum is an anti-aging eye serum that is used to control dark circles and give a visible reduction in fine lines around the eye area. Viewers have like the product. As the customers gave a beauty guru under eye serum reviews by saying that she used this product for a month and saw noticeable decrease in fine line around her eyes. Also, one of the user stated that the roller ball stays moist and soaks very quickly and nicely.

3.2 Beauty Guru Facial Brightener

beauty guru bright skin serum

Beauty Guru Facial Brightener is a brightening serum that is made from all natural skin care ingredients. As it has a scent of rosemary and it work as a dark spot remover, anti-aging serum and also a facial moisturizer. This product is very famous on reddit beauty guru chat. Some customers gave reviews of this product as it smelled great to them. Some had mixed reviews as she said you have to be consistent as it can take upto month to see a difference. One also said that it is very budget friendly. 

3.3 Beauty Guru Eyelash Enhancer

beauty guru eyelash serum

Beauty Guru Eyelash Enhancer is an eyelash serum that is present with an easy brush applicator. It includes vitamin e rich that will boost natural hair growth. Viewers viewed the scent of rosemary oil soothing and pleasant. One also said that although the application process will take time but you can use napkin to avoid any mess, and it’s a great product which is budget friendly. Many beauty influencers have given beauty guru under eye serum reviews.

Extra Tip: How to Make Attractive Beauty Videos to YouTube or Reddit

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beauty guru under eye serum reviews

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So from the above discussion you came to know about the famous beauty influencers, similarly we also saw that for beauty guru gossip you can use beauty guru chat reddit. Then we gave some famous beauty guru product reviews and we gave a cool and additional tip to our users for among their own great videos. Hope you enjoyed this whole information! If you want to make attractive beaty video to upload to YouTube, you can try to use the best and easy-to-use video editor - HitPaw Edimakor.

If you know other more popular or interesting beauty guru chatters, please make a comment here.

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