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(Updated!) BEST 6 Ways to Get iPhone Alarm Sound in 2024

Streamers, podcasters, and content creators of all stripes know the constant battle to keep viewers hooked. A touch of humor, a jolt of surprise – these are powerful tools in your arsenal. That's where those iconic iPhone alarm sounds come in!

This guide dives deep into the best ways to snag those recognizable ringtones, including free options, to elevate your content and make it truly unforgettable. From user-friendly apps to feature-rich software, we'll explore every avenue to ensure you find the perfect iPhone alarm sound to take your content to the next level!

iPhone Alarm Sound Effect

Best Way to get iPhone Alarm Sound on Windows/Mac

Apple doesn't offer their official ringtones for direct download, leaving Windows and Mac users searching for alternative solutions. This is where third-party software comes in handy. Ideally, you want a program that's not only easy to use but also delivers high-quality audio and provides a variety of iPhone alarm sounds.

HitPaw Voice Changer stands out as the perfect solution for these needs. It allows you to effortlessly convert audio files into ringtone formats and boasts a built-in soundboard packed with a wide selection of iPhone alarm sounds!

Highlight Features

  • Effortless Drag-and-Drop Interface for Seamless Workflow
  • High-Fidelity Audio Editing and Conversion
  • Diverse Soundboard Packed with a Variety of iPhone Alarm Sounds

How to Use HitPaw Voice Changer to Get iPhone Alarm Sounds

HitPaw Voice Changer empowers you to break away from mundane notification tones and infuse your podcasts or live streams with unique flair. Here's how to tap into the charm of classic iPhone alarm sounds and beyond:

Step 1:

Begin by navigating to your application's settings (Discord, Steam, etc.) and locate the "Input Device" setting. Select "HitPaw Virtual Audio" as your microphone option.


Step 2:

Now comes the exciting part! Access the "Soundboard" feature within HitPaw. Here, you'll discover an array of sound effects, including iPhone alarm sounds. Explore the assortment, preview the sounds, and cherry-pick those that align perfectly with your comedic timing or dramatic moments.

Select Your iPhone Alarm Sound Effect

Step 3:

Take a moment to fine-tune the volume of your chosen iPhone alarm sound effect using the sliders provided on the right side. This ensures that your meticulously chosen iPhone alarm or any other sound effect integrates seamlessly into your audio mix.

Adjust the Sound Settings

With HitPaw configured and your soundboard personalized, you're primed to craft memorable experiences. Activate your shortcuts, unleash those amusing iPhone alarms or other sound effects, and witness your audience's reaction filled with laughter or astonishment.

2 Most-Picked iPhone Alarm Sound Effect Apps

The world of mobile apps offers a vast selection of ringtones and notification sounds, with some specializing in iPhone alarm sounds. Here's a closer look at two popular options:

1. Zedge

Homepage View of Zedge

Zedge is a comprehensive app for personalizing your phone, providing a massive library of ringtones, wallpapers, and notification sounds. You can search for "iPhone alarm" sounds and explore a wide variety of free and paid options. This app is a fantastic choice if you prioritize a user-friendly interface and a vast selection of sounds.


  • Huge selection of ringtones, wallpapers, and notification sounds
  • User-friendly interface for easy browsing and downloading
  • Free and paid options to suit your budget
  • Huge selection of ringtones, wallpapers, and notification sounds
  • User-friendly interface for easy browsing and downloading
  • Free and paid options to suit your budget
  • Some sounds may be of lower quality compared to paid options
  • Contains in-app purchases which can be tempting for additional features

2. Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker on Google Play

Audio Editor & Ringtone Maker empowers you to unleash your creativity and craft custom ringtones from your existing songs or other audio files. This app goes a step further by allowing you to search online for iPhone alarm sounds and import them to create personalized alarms. It's a free app that lets you create unique sound effects.


  • Free to use
  • Create custom ringtones from existing songs or other audio files
  • Search online for sounds and import them (may require some technical knowledge)
  • Free to use, allowing you to create custom ringtones without spending money
  • Offers some flexibility by letting you search online for iPhone alarm sounds
  • Encourages creativity by allowing you to craft unique ringtones from existing audio
  • Requires some technical knowledge to navigate features effectively, especially for beginners
  • The online search for iPhone alarm sounds might not always yield high-quality results

3 Hottest Online iPhone Alarm Sound Effects

While the internet brims with websites offering free ringtones, safety and quality are paramount. Here are our top 3 trusted resources that prioritize high-quality audio and a user-friendly experience:


Homepage View of

Known for its user-friendly interface and quick downloads, boasts a decent selection of iPhone alarm sounds. While the variety might be smaller compared to some dedicated ringtone websites, prioritizes a smooth user experience and generally good audio quality.


  • Easy to navigate website with quick downloads
  • Decent selection of iPhone alarm sounds categorized by device and genre
  • Generally good audio quality
  • categorizes ringtones by device and genre, ensuring you can easily find the iPhone ringtones section and explore the various alarm sounds they have available.
  • The website is easy to navigate and facilitates quick downloads. You won't get lost in a maze of menus trying to find the ringtone you want.
  • has a generally good reputation for offering high-quality free ringtones, so you can be confident the iPhone alarm sounds you download will sound clear and professional.
  • The selection of iPhone alarm sounds on might be smaller compared to some other websites that specialize solely in ringtones.
  • offers basic search functionality, but limited filter options compared to app-based solutions.

2. CallBEAT

Homepage of CallBEAT

If a vast selection and high-fidelity audio are your priorities, CallBEAT is a strong contender. This website features a library brimming with various iPhone alarm sounds.


  • Large collection of high-fidelity ringtones, including a wide variety of iPhone alarm sounds
  • Search and preview sounds before downloading
  • Generally positive user reviews regarding sound quality and variety
  • CallBEAT features a large collection of high-fidelity ringtones, including a wide variety of iPhone alarm sounds. You can be assured the sounds you download will be crisp and clear.
  • CallBEAT allows you to easily search for specific iPhone alarm sounds and even preview them before downloading. This ensures you get exactly what you're looking for.
  • CallBEAT generally receives positive user reviews regarding sound quality and variety, making it a reliable source for high-quality iPhone alarm sounds.
  • Unlike some ringtone creation apps, CallBEAT doesn't offer free ringtone creation tools or editing features. You can only download pre-made sounds
  • You might encounter some ads while browsing the CallBEAT website, which can be disruptive to your search for the perfect iPhone alarm sound.

3. Tones7

Homepage of tones7

Explore a massive library of downloadable ringtones categorized by genre and device with Tones7. Their focus on clear audio quality makes Tones7 a great choice for finding crisp iPhone alarm sounds.


  • Massive library of downloadable ringtones categorized by genre and device
  • Focus on clear audio quality for crisp iPhone alarm sounds
  • Extensive categorization for easy searching
  • Explore a vast library of downloadable ringtones categorized by genre and device. This extensive categorization makes it easy to find iPhone ringtones and narrow down your search to the specific alarm sounds you need.
  • Tones7 focuses on clear audio quality, making it ideal for finding crisp iPhone alarm sounds that will cut through in your content without any distortion.
  • Similar to some other websites, Tones7 might display occasional pop-up ads while you browse the ringtone library.
  • Tones7 offers limited customization options compared to paid ringtone creation apps.


While free websites like, CallBEAT, and Tones7 offer various iPhone alarm sounds, they might have limitations in selection, customization, or audio quality. For a truly seamless experience and access to a wider range of sound effects, consider HitPaw Voice Changer.

HitPaw not only provides high-fidelity audio and a built-in soundboard packed with iPhone alarm sounds, but also allows you to effortlessly convert any audio file into a ringtone format.

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