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How to Record Graduation Livestream Instantly

Joshua Hill

Posted 2024-03-21

Getting the tassel at a graduation ceremony is always worth the hassle because students work hard and do their best for several years to earn their degrees. Thus, graduation day is one of the critical milestones, most awaited occasion, and equally valuable for your friends, faculty, and relatives.

Part 1. What Is Graduation Live Streaming

Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, educational institutes are forced to look for alternate ways to host graduation ceremonies. Here recording a live graduation streaming works best. It offers live broadcasting of graduation ceremonies over the internet, allowing family members and friends to watch their loved ones becoming graduates.

Nevertheless, virtual graduation ceremonies are held in different forms, but recording live stream supplements an in-person commencement and meeting. Furthermore, it allows viewers to enjoy real-time streaming and feel more real and natural.


Whether you reside in the same city or living abroad, you can be part of virtual graduation or live streaming anytime as it stands true for the whole time. Moreover, recording a live stream represents a way for faculty and school media staff to show students that their hard work has finally paid off and has not gone overlooked.

Whereas in simply recording, people are allowed for later viewing and cannot see the real-time components, decreasing the excitement level.

Part 2. Types of Graduation Ceremony

Considering every educational institute's social distancing policies and rules, virtual graduation ceremony has been classified into different types. For example, some schools can't manage the entire virtual event due to less equipment, some universities don't have ample outdoor space to follow social distancing, and the list goes on. Now universities can choose what seems feasible, convenient, and attainable to them.

record a live stream

Entirely Virtual Ceremony

This graduation ceremony doesn't allow any in-person gathering and award receiving on the stage. It is ultimately a virtual event in which live streaming is shared with graduates and their loved ones.

Graduates-only Ceremony

As the name indicates, this event focuses on the arrival of graduates only. Also, we can call this ceremony a partial graduation event because it allows those who're getting the degrees, not parents, friends, and relatives.

Outdoor Ceremonies

Universities and schools having a vast outdoor area can arrange the event with complete distancing and other preventive measures. It is an ideal event if you want to invite more guests along with the students.

Drive-through Ceremony

This graduation ceremony allows students to come when their name is called. Otherwise, they have to stay inside their cars and wait for their turn.

In-person with Restrictions

This kind of ceremony takes place after the significant efforts and excellent management because there must be some rules to follow due to evolving nature of Covid-19. Schools and universities allow limited guests to enter the graduation ceremony with their bachelor’s to be. Furthermore, educational sectors management organize this event as per their guidelines and policies.

Part 3. How to Live Stream a Graduation

It would be best if you had some tools and equipment to record a live graduation stream successfully. It includes a camera, encoder, audio recorder, and stage equipment.


You need to arrange a webcam to achieve the best outcomes. Of course, video cameras can also work, but webcams will be more suitable for streaming a graduation ceremony. It would be a plus point if your camera is advanced and works professionally.

Audio Recording

You can't compromise on the audio quality as a significant number of people are watching the graduation ceremony. So, to avoid hassle and discomfort, use lapel microphones. They work best for live streaming purposes and capture higher quality sound than a standard camera's built-in microphone. Moreover, for better results, check your audio components before the event.

Equipment Staging

Filming a graduation ceremony requires the perfect location to stage the equipment. Also, this includes cameras and tripods and encoding devices, storages cases, cables, etc.


Getting the encoder is a challenging step since it is an essential tool for filming the graduation ceremony. It transforms the camera captures into a format that is further broadcasted over the internet. However, choosing the suitable encoder is another task as there are both hardware and software encoders with their pros. So choose wisely and get a good comparison before the event.

Choosing a Virtual Graduation Platform For Your Ceremony

Before recording a live stream, choosing a suitable screen recorder is crucial to get the work done. Here we have mentioned a few screen recorders.

1. HitPaw Screen Recorder

It is one of the user-friendly platforms and an all-purpose tool to record your important events. HitPaw Screen Recorder allows three modes to record the screen, webcam, and pictures in pictorial videos. It allows:

  • Zoom Recording
  • Pip Recording
  • Webcam recording
  • Segment recording

Steps For Screen Recording:

Step 01Firstly, download the HitPaw screen recorder. Simply visit the official website and click the download option to get the official package of HitPaw.

Step 02To record the screen, open the software and select “Record Screen” from the home page. Also, you can either single-click to select the whole screen or long-click to choose a defined window.

record live stream

Step 03Now select the particular part of the screen that you want to record. Now hit the “Record” button to start recording. During recording, you can also use the toolbar to pause the recording.

how to record livestream

Step 04Once finished, select the stop button to end the screen recording.

Step 05Now you’re good to preview or edit the recorded video. Click ‘open output folder to check the complete video.

how to record live stream


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Comes with a free version
  • Has built-in editor
  • Records webcam and screen simultaneously
  • Provides great quality clips
  • Comes in Windows and Mac version

2. Wowza

It provides reliable streaming no matter what device, scale, or internet connection you have. Moreover, Wowza offers a customizable live streaming facility to build and manage high-quality live and recorded videos on demand. Wowza uses an easy setup and supports a broad range of formats.

record livestream

3. JW Player

As per customers' satisfied reviews, JW player is a robust streaming platform. It gives buffer-free video, responds to HTML, and share functionality built into the player. .

record graduation livestream

The Bottom Line

Since the pandemic affected our lives badly and restricted us to attend social gatherings, so schools and universities have looked forward to opting for virtual graduation ceremonies because graduation day cannot be gone unnoticed. However, we can’t achieve graduation live streaming without appropriate equipment and screen recording platforms. Thus, we discussed how to record a live stream and to create lifelong memories with HitPaw Screen Recorder.

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