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[Latest Guide] Best 7 Green Screen Background for Streaming in 2024

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-12-28

Every streamer struggles to make his streams stream as professional as possible. From choosing clothes to finalizing content, and building a personal brand, you take into consideration everything. However, if you neglect the live stream’s backdrop, this can spoil all efforts.

A live stream’s backdrop is a critical element that helps you to have a nice and professional-looking live video. In this guide, we will explain 7 green screen background for streaming to make your streams interesting and engaging.

Part 1. [Recommend List] 7 Best Green Screen Backgrounds for Streaming

A green screen is a green backdrop that you can use while live streaming or filming a video. It can be a huge green frame that covers your entire background or a small cloth placed in a video background. Here is a list of the 7 best green screen backgrounds for streaming for live content creators.

Elgato Collapsible Chroma Key Panel

This green screen is best for those content creators who are more into having a big green screen. You can adjust it as you want and the best thing is it’s wrinkle-resistant.

elgato is a green screen background for streaming

Dimensions:148 x 180 cm

Weight:9.3 kg



  • Portable and easy to adjust
  • Non-reflective


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Neewer Chromakey Double-Sided Backdrop

As its name indicates, it’s a double-sided backdrop. One side is green while the other one is blue. So, if you want a different color option for your backdrop then this is an attractive option for you. Its storage is very easy since it can be folded up into a disc.

neewer is a green screen background for streaming

Dimensions:150 x 200 cm (extended), 63 cm diameter (collapsed)

Weight:490.73 g



  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Double-sided


  • Doesn’t come with a stand
  • Tricky to fold it up

Fancierstudio Green Screen Background

This green screen background for live streaming can extend to cover your floor. You can adjust it to the length you desire since it comes with a bigger screen.

fancierstudio is a green screen background for streaming

Dimensions:106.68 x 137.16 cm (min), 182.88 x 274.32 cm (max)

Weight:5.13 kg



  • Easily adjustable
  • The package includes a frame and carrying case


  • Get wrinkles easily
  • Not steady screen

LimoStudio Green Muslin Backdrop

This is one of the good green screen backgrounds for streaming. It’s the best option to look for if you are on a tight budget.

limostudio is a green screen background for streaming

Dimensions:182.88 x 274.32 cm

Weight:0.57 kg



  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be machine washed and ironed


  • Easily get wrinkles which ultimately need a lot of ironing
  • It doesn’t come with a stand

Webaround Big Shot Office Chair Green Screen

This green screen option is most suitable for those streamers and gamers who stay in front of cameras most of the time. It slides over your desk chair while making a huge green screen halo behind you. You can carry it anywhere since it can fit into a nifty carrying bag.

webaround is a green screen background for streaming

Dimensions:142.24 cm diameter

Weight:816 g



  • Lightweight
  • Excellent for games/streamers/ and small studios


  • The screen is not steady
  • Only for covering immediate background

EMART Green Screen

This green screen is easy to set up and extremely portable. All you need to do is open it, place it in the right position, and lock it at any height you need.

emart is a green screen background for streaming

Dimensions:154.99 x 184 cm

Weight:8.89 kg



  • Exclusively designed for content creators and streamers
  • Non-reflective


  • Pricy
  • The frame isn’t of good quality

Fotodiox 2-in-1 Background

This green screen has all you need as it’s collapsible, reversible, and portable. It comes with its own stand which can extend to 7 feet high. Moreover, you can change the color to blue or green depending upon your preference.

fotodiox is a green screen background for streaming

Dimensions:125.4 x 213.36 cm

Weight:453.59 g



  • Comes with its own frame
  • Lightweight


  • The screen isn’t big
  • Difficult to store

Part 2. A Brilliant Streaming Software to Support Your Green screen Background for Streaming

After having explained the best green screen backgrounds for streaming, it’s very important to consider your streaming source. With the right software, your green screen effects are easier to apply in your streaming.

However, it’s challenging to opt for the best software which caters to your demands of having professional streaming without any mishap during the live session. Our top pick for this is HitPaw Screen Recorder. Its chroma features support your green screen background. It ensures that you are having smooth and professional live streams.

select the background you like in hitpaw screen recorder
  • Change your background without any green background needed
  • Easily capture and record screen from all devices
  • Act as a screen recorder and webcam recorder excellently
  • Professional-grade streaming
  • Support all popular streaming platforms
  • A number of built-in templates

Here is how to start live streaming using HitPaw Screen Recorder.

Step 01 Download and install HitPaw Screen Recorder on your computer

Step 02 Click ‘Live’ to choose ‘Livestreaming’

HitPaw Homepage for live streaming

Step 03 Click ‘Add Source’, then select ‘Webcam’ to choose your camera

add source to add your camera

Step 04 Switch on Remove Background (if you have a green screen, please check the box and select your green screen)

Switch on Remove Background in hitpaw screen recorder

Step 05 Then open your streaming platform, select “HitPaw Virtual Camera”. Here you are done. Enjoy your live streaming without any problem

best green screen backgrounds for streaming can be used in hitpaw


In this digital world, everyone is striving for excellence and the same goes for content creators and streamers. Finding the best green screen background for streaming is surely a tedious task. However, when you are crystal clear about your needs and preferences, this process can become easier. Don’t forget to use HitPaw Screen Recorder to support your streaming in a best way possible.

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