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Home > Screen Recorder > Quick Fix: 5 Approaches to Fix Discord Crashes when Streaming

Quick Fix: 5 Approaches to Fix Discord Crashes when Streaming

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-11-23

Are you someone who loves Discord for its easy streaming and video voice calling features? Well, then you must have witnessed Discord crashes when streaming at least once in tour experience? Let’s face it, it gets annoying if Discord keeps crashing and restarting when you’re in the middle of your game, and nothing can beat that.

To bring an efficient solution to your problem and answering “why does my Discord keep crashing”, we have the best solutions that can fix Discord has crashed unexpectedly with ease.

Part 1. 4 Solutions to Fix Discord Has Crashed Unexpectedly

Why does Discord keep crashing? If you often see Discord crashing when streaming, then there may be three problems with your system. Your drivers may not be updated, your hardware may be hindering, or maybe your Discord isn’t updated enough. Well, because we have hunted down on the causes and solutions, follow this guide to easily fix them.

Update Drivers of Your Device

Discord quit unexpectedly mac streaming occurs primarily if you have outdated drivers on your system. In this case, just update the drivers on your device and fix the problem. If you don’t know how to make a Discord crasher or update the driver, then do so by downloading an automatic AI application that will help you do so.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a Discord feature that lets the GPU control all the graphics and text related tasks, and gives you a smoother user experience. However, in some systems, this feature might create more problems than it solves. Therein, you can try disabling this feature.

  1. Open Discord
  2. Go to user settings

  3. disable hareware to fix discord crashing when streaming
  4. In the left pane, choose appearance and in the right panel, scroll to hardware acceleration

  5. solution to fix discord crashing when streaming
  6. Turn it off with the toggle button
  7. Try streaming once again on Discord. If it works now, congratulations! If it doesn’t, check out the remaining two methods and win the game.

Delete excess data

Sometimes if your device and application is full of cache and unnecessary data, it is bound to slow down and cause Discord app crashing. The easiest way to fix this is to clear up as much space as you can on your device and your application and then try streaming. You can also clear the windows app data all at once, remember your credentials, and start Discord anew. This is similar to factory resetting your phone.

  1. On your Windows, press windows logo plus R
  2. Type %AppData%\Discord in the box and press enter

  3. delete excess data to fix discord has crashed unexpectedly
  4. Double click on Cache to open it

  5. delete excess data to fix discord crashing when streaming
  6. Select everything under it by CTRL+A and then hit the delete key or you can also right click after selecting and choose delete

  7. delete excess data to discord unexpected crash
  8. Go back to Discrod folder and click on Local Storage
  9. Do the same with the Local Storage folder

  10. delete excess data to fix discord crasher video
  11. Stream as usual!

Install the Latest Version of Discord

Sometimes, outdated systems and apps can slow down the experience and cause malfunctioning. You can update directly or follow these steps:

  1. Go to the control panel and choose programs
  2. Uninstall Discord
  3. Clear any files remaining using step four (But instead of just cache and local storage, clear everything)
  4. Reinstall Discord as usual online and you’ll get the latest version
  5. Make sure you remember your password before you do this, else you won’t be able to log in.
install latest version to fix discord crashing when streaming

Now, you should be able to stream seamlessly on your PC the games you play without worrying about Discord causing computer to crash. However, sometimes, even these don’t work.

Part 2. 100% Solved Way to Fix Discord Crashed Unexpectedly

To fix video that crashes Discord problem once and for all, we have the perfect solution for you. If your Discord crashes when screen sharing and you’re so done with it, we recommend using HitPaw Screen Recorder. Seamless, easy to use and 100% secure, HitPaw is the ultimate solution when your Discord streaming crashing game irritates you.

fix with hitpaw when discord crashes
  • Virtual camera, screen recorder, and stream all in one
  • Chorma Key Supported for Discord
  • Real time monitoring
  • 300+ streaming platforms supported

Step 01 Download and install HitPaw screen recorder on your device

Step 02 Choose “Live Streaming” and add source

use hitpaw to fix discord crashing when streaming

Step 03 Choose a template if you want and add elements

use hitpaw to fix discord has crashed unexpectedly

Step 04 Open Discord

Step 05 Follow the instruction and connect HitPaw to Discrod

use hitpaw to fix discord unexpected crash

This is so easy! HitPaw is hundred percent secure and doesn’t crash. It supports 4K audio and video and will never lower down your streaming quality. What’s more? You get a free trial for a month before using this genius. So cool, right? What are you waiting for? Download and use right away!


When using Discord, unexpected crash always makes us feel so bad. Not only do we lose the entire streaming quality we made over the past few hours, but our entire gameplay is also affected. Using HitPaw Screen Recorder, you can make your videos 10X more interesting and easier to make with inbuilt sources, templates, and over 300 supporting apps. What are you waiting for?

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