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[2024 Updated] How to Unblur an Image Fast and Easily

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-12-25

Have you ever looked at an amazing click that could have been great but got blurred? We understand it is not the best feeling in the world especially when you are passionate about photography. So, what to do next? How to unblur an image? This is what we will discuss today in this article.

Part 1. How to Unblur Images on Photoshop

Sometimes your clicks might not go as expected and this is where Adobe Photoshop helps you sharpen your images. However, you need to keep in mind that the result might not be as perfect as the originally sharp photo might have been.

Photoshop assist the user to unblur image with original image. But Adobe Photoshop pretty much enhances the image and gives great results compared to the blurred image you might have started with.

How to unblur images? Given below are the steps to sharpen an image with the help of Adobe Photoshop that acts as an ideal unblur image app.

Use Unsharp Mask

Adobe Photoshop can help you easily unblur an image with the unsharp mask feature. Here are the steps to get started.

  1. Open the image you wish to edit by selecting File > Open
  2. Now navigate to the Layers panel present on the screen’s right side
  3. Right-click on the portion with the image you wish to unblur and select - Convert to Smart Object

  4. how to unblur an image with ps
  5. Now click on Filter> Sharpen >Unsharp Mask

  6. how to unblur an image with photoshop’s unsharp mask
  7. You can change the following with the help of sliders that come in the new window
  8. Amount - for the strength of the sharpening effect.

    Radius - for the width of the sharpening effect.

    Threshold - for the general sharpness of the photo.

  9. Click OK once you are satisfied with the results

Use Smart Sharpen Tool

The smart sharpen tool comes with numerous additional and unique features comparfed to the Unsharp Mask.While both the tools help with sharpening the images, smart sharpen is used for targeted sharpening as it assists with minimizing the noise in soft areas with low-contrast.

Here are the steps to use the smart sharpen tool

  1. Open the image in Photoshop
  2. Select the image layer in the layer panel and press Ctrl+J to duplicate it
  3. Right click on the duplicated layer the select the Convert to Smart Object option
  4. Select the Filter> Sharpen> Smart Sharpen option and a dialogue box will pop up on your screen
  5. Select the Default option in the present menu
  6. Select the desired sharpness, Amount and radius and click Ok once you are satisfied with the results
how to unblur an image with photoshop

Part 2. How to Unblur Image Free with GIMP

If you do not have the Photoshop application, you can download GIMP. This is a free program and contains numerous similar options as Photoshop

To unblur image in GIMP you need to follow these steps

  1. Open the GIMP application and press Ctrl + O to open the picture you wish to edit
  2. Now select the Blur/Sharpen tool from the toolbox
  3. Select the Sharpen tool and adjust the brush size and other options to click and drag the parts of the picture you wish to sharpen
how to unblur an image with gimp

Part 3. How to Unblur an Image Online

There are many more alternatives to Photoshop other than GIMP for unblurring image and Fotor is one of these alternatives. Let’s fund out more about it

Fotor is an image editor that functions online and allows you to unblur image free. It lets you edit your images with a plethora of effects and also has options for unbluring your image and the answer to your query - “How to unblur an image online?”.

It has a simple interface and you can access it from the Basic Adjust dropdown from the left side of your screen. Then you need to adjust the Sharpness slider and make your desired edits. The tool offers free edits with basic features however you will have to pay to use the more advanced features of Fotor.

how to unblur an image with fotor

Part 4. Say No to Complex Process! One Click to Unblur Images!

Unbluring images might seem a tedious job if you are not using the right software assistance. This is where applications like HitPaw ease the process to unblur images.

HitPaw Photo AI is among the best AI image enlarger in the market that assists with enhancing the sharpness of the image by making it less blurry and enlarging it without quality loss.

Some of the many pros of the application include:

  • It enhances image resolution and quality automatically with just one click
  • It makes the pictures less blurry and removes image noise
  • It offers ease in terms of upscaling images without an issue of quality loss

Want to enhance a blurry image? HitPaw Photo AI has your back. It is one of the best options in the market and comes with a super user-friendly interface that is comprehensive and easy to navigate.

how to unblur an image with hitpaw

The application also has options for 4 AI models i.e.

  1. General Model - This is ideal for enhancing images with real scenes like landscapes, animals, flowers and buildings
  2. Denoise Model - This model is for dealing with low-light or high ISO images. It also assists with enhancing cartoon images
  3. Face Model - This model assists with enhancing the old portrait images less blurry
  4. Colorize Model - This model can be used to beautify your old black and white photos into vivid ones

Here are the steps you need to follow to use HitPaw Photo AI

Step 01 Click the button to get HitPaw Photo AI for free

Step 02 Once the software is installed,import the image you wish to upscale. You do not need to worry about the format since HitPaw Photo AI supports PNG,JPG, JPEG and WEBP

use hitpaw to merge mp4 files online free

Step 03 Now select your desired AI Model and click on the preview button to process the image

Step 04 You can select the suitable AI model and then preview the effect or just export to save the final enhanced image

how to unblur an image with hitpaw photo enhancer


Now that you have learnt multiple ways to answer the very common photographer’s dilemma - “how to unblur an image”, you are all set to get your image quality enhanced. With applications like HitPaw Photo AI you can experience more convenience and better results while showing off your photography and editing skills.

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