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Effortlessly Convert HEIC to JPG Using JavaScript

In the dynamic realm of digital image formats, introducing High-Efficiency Image Containers (HEIC) has brought forth efficient compression but has also posed compatibility challenges.

Uncover the simplicity and effectiveness of leveraging JavaScript to ensure your HEIC images become universally accessible as high-quality JPG files. Follow along as we explore the transformative power of scripting in image format conversion, providing a practical solution for enhanced compatibility.

This article offers a straightforward and efficient solution for effortlessly converting javascript heic to jpg. JavaScript's versatility and ubiquity make it an ideal choice for users seeking a seamless transition between these formats.

Part 1. Why Do People Convert HEIC to JPG?

High-Efficiency Image Container (HEIC) emerged as a revolutionary format, lauded for its advanced compression techniques that maintain high image quality. However, the need to convert HEIC to JPG persists due to compatibility issues across various platforms.

Despite its advantages, such as smaller file sizes and support for advanced features like transparency and animations, HEIC faces limitations in broader accessibility.

This section explores the compelling reasons why users opt for HEIC to JPG conversion, shedding light on the nuanced balance between the benefits of HEIC and the necessity for a universally compatible format.

Part 2. How to Convert HEIC to JPG with Javascript?

  • 1.Open the HEIC picture in Java.
    JDeli = BufferedImage bufferedImage.read(new Filename = "heicImageFile.heic");
  • 2.Adjust the image (watermark, sharpen, brighten, etc.) if necessary.
    operations.apply(BufferedImage bufferedImage); bufferedImage; // Not Required
  • 3.Output BufferedImage as JDeli, a JPEG image file.write("jpg", new File("jpgImageFile.jpg"), bufferedImage);

Part 3. Other Useful Open-source to Convert HEIC to JPG

A HEIC file may be quickly converted to a JPG using several online converters. Those who use Windows devices may find that employing online converters is a helpful solution. To use this method to convert your HEIC file, take the following actions:

  • 1.Find a converter online by following: To find an online converter that satisfies your unique needs, use a search engine.
  • 2.Analyse the website's details: After you've found a website, investigate whether it offers any other versions, like a free one. Furthermore, it's critical to comprehend the converter's process because some provide you an email with the results, while others provide you with a file.
  • 3.Choose an image: Make sure the image you want to convert is in your files folder by selecting it.
  • 4.Upload and convert: On the converter's website, click the upload button after choosing the image from your files. Click the convert button after that.

HEIC to JPG conversion using an iOS device

Utilize the Preview application.

Use the Preview app to convert your HEIC file by doing the following steps:

  • 1.Choose your photo: To open the file in the Preview app, double-click on the file you wish to convert.
  • 2.Navigate to the "File" tab, which is located in the Preview window's upper left corner. A drop-down menu displays when you click or move your cursor over it.
  • 3.Select "Export": Select "Export" from the drop-down file option. This overlays the Preview app with a new exporting window.
  • 4.Modify the structure: The file format may be changed using the option located at the centre of the export window. Choose the JPG option.
  • 5.Think about a filename: The file's ability to rename is available in the export window's first text field. Although it's optional, this can aid in telling the new file apart from the old.
  • 6.Save the newly created file: Press the blue "Save" button to save your work.

Part 4. Best Choice of Converting HEIC to JPG on Desktop

HitPaw Video Converter is a comprehensive and versatile software for seamless video processing.

This tool offers many features, making it a one-stop solution for users looking to convert photo and video formats, download content from numerous sites, and enhance their multimedia experience. This tool helps seekers to convert heic to jpg javascript more than they need.


  • Effortlessly convert photo and video formats for compatibility across various devices.
  • Download videos from over 10,000 sites, expanding your multimedia library.
  • Capture music from popular platforms to create a personalised audio collection.
  • Edit videos easily, enhancing multimedia content with HitPaw's intuitive editing tools.


  • 1.After starting the HitPaw Video Converter, select the Toolbox tab. To import a picture or images, use the picture Converter feature. As many pictures as you require can be imported.

    start program & select image
  • 2.You may add more file(s) by clicking "Add image".

    add image

    An icon of a magnifying glass will appear when you point to a file. By clicking on the image, you may see a preview of it.

    preview image

    All imported photos will be removed after selecting the delete icon in the top right corner. Only the current file will be deleted when you click the delete icon on a single file.

    click delete image
  • 3.You may select an output format for each imported image using the "Convert all to" option. The output formats that HitPaw Video Converter currently supports include JPG, WEBP, PGN, BMP, TIFF, and JPEG.

    You may select an output directory for the converted photos under the "Save to" option.

    select output format
  • 4.Click the Convert All button to convert a picture in bulk to JPG or PNG.

    convert image

Part 5. FAQs of Javascript HEIC to JPG

Q1. How do I automatically convert HEIC to JPG?

A1. Automatically converting HEIC to JPG can be achieved using various methods, depending on your operating system and preferences.

Q2. How do I Convert HEIC to JPG on Google?

A2. When you download, Google Drive may convert HEIC files to JPG format. However, using Google Drive Viewer provides a convenient way to initiate the conversion process directly.

Q3. How do I Convert HEIC to JPG in VLC?

A3. If you have HEIC images that you want to convert to JPG, you should use a dedicated image conversion tool or follow alternative methods.


In the dynamic landscape of image formats, the need to javascript convert heic to jpg arises for seamless compatibility.

Users have diverse options for utilising iMazing, open-source tools, or HitPaw Video Converter. Embrace the simplicity of JavaScript or explore alternative tools based on your preferences. Each method offers a pathway to universal accessibility.

As you navigate this conversion journey, consider HitPaw Video Converter, a feature-rich solution for comprehensive multimedia processing. Elevate your video experience effortlessly.

Try HitPaw Video Converter today and unlock a world of possibilities for your multimedia endeavours.

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