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How to Solve 9anime Subtitles Not Working?

These subtitle problems cannot be easily resolved by anyone, which could be frustrating. Subtitles might not be working for 9anime, and if they are not working for you, know that you are not the only one who experiences this. This article will explain what are the most typical causes of 9anime subtitles not working and give useful tips that would assist a person in restoring the correct subtitles for the desired show.

Reasons Why Subtitles Not Working on 9anime

As to why captions not working on 9anime correctly, there could be several factors behind this. This can help you in fixing the problem because you already have a basic understanding of what it is. Here, we classify the reasons into different categories:

1. Technical Issues

Server Problems:

Sometimes, the issue could be on the side of 9anime's servers. Subtitles do not load in cases such as when the server hosting the same is offline or, at times, when it is overwhelmed with traffic.

Browser Compatibility:

Even the most popular streaming sites, including 9anime, are not fully compatible with all browsers. Some browsers may not support the subtitles well. Thus, it may not appear.

Outdated Browser or Plugins:

Subtitles sometimes do not appear properly on the screen due to low updates of the web browser and lack of necessary plug-ins.

2. User Settings

Some of the most common issues that may cause a lack of subtitles when streaming 9anime are setting issues. Perhaps the option of subtitles is disabled in your account options or settings section on the platform.

Ad-blockers and Extensions:

Subtitles sometimes fail to load because some Web extensions or ad-blockers can hinder the loading process. While they are generally effective at reducing the websites' ads, they can also eliminate the scripts necessary for subtitles.

3. Content-Related Issues

Incorrect Subtitle File:

At other times, it may be concerning the actual subtitle file, which may have been poorly authored or had some technical problems. It could be missing, damaged, or not properly synchronized with the video to be incorporated in the final output.

Language Availability:

It is for this reason that not every anime episode is provided with subtitles in all the possible languages. In case subtitles for the preferred language are not present, then they will not appear on the screen.

Solutions to Solve 9anime Subtitles Not Working

Having looked at various possible reasons for 9anime cc not working, let us take a look at three effective solutions for fixing the subtitle problem on 9anime.

Solution 1: Check and Adjust Browser Settings

  • 1. Update Your Browser:First, check that the version of the browser you are using is as updated as possible. Update it if necessary.
  • 2. Clear Cache and Cookies:If the cache and cookies have piled up, they can elicit some problems now and then. So, clear them in your browser settings.
  • 3. Try a Different Browser:If the issue continues, then ensure that you try to open the 9anime site in a different browser. Chrome, Firefox and Edge

Solution 2: Adjust 9anime and Ad-Blocker Settings

  • 1. Check 9anime Settings:If you want to watch 9anime with subtitles, go to the settings and make sure that subtitles are on. At other times, they could be toggled off by default.
  • 2. Disable Ad-Blockers:If you use any extensions or Ad blockers from your browsers, please turn them off for some time as you move through the website. Please try to refresh the page on your browser because after doing so, the subtitles will appear.
  • 3. Whitelist 9anime:If you do not want to turn off your ad-blocker completely, you can differentiate and allow 9anime on the list of settings of your ad-blocker. This enables the required scripts to execute when rendering the page, which will minimize the ads that are not wanted.

Solution 3: Use an External Subtitle Source

If the above solutions don't work for subtitles not working 9anime, consider using an external subtitle source:

  • 1. Download Subtitle Files:Those sites can be OpenSubtitles, Subscene, or Kitsunekho; these are among the most reliable and safe resources for downloading files with subtitles for the anime you are watching.
  • 2. Use a Media Player:For more information about downloading subtitles, you have to know that there are media players that support external subtitles like VLC or MPC-HC.
  • 3. Sync Subtitles:Open the subtitle file and then load it into your media player and make sure they are in time with the movie.

Bonus Tip: Best Alternative to 9anime

If you are still facing 9anime subs not working or you are just bored by it consider using a better site to find anime. Thus, one of the most fitting options is the HitPaw Video Converter, which comes equipped with the Crunchyroll Video Downloader option.

Watch the following video to learn more details:

Features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • Download videos in high-quality HD and 4K.
  • Subtitles are available for easy download in various language
  • It can help to convert video to multiple formats to be compatible with different devices.
  • Easily download many videos in a single row to save time.

Steps to Download Crunchyroll Videos with HitPaw Video Converter

  • 1. Launch HitPaw Video Converter:To get the HitPaw Video Converter for free, first visit the official website of HitPaw and download the application.

    Open HitPaw Video Converter application on your device
  • 2. Choose Crunchyroll Downloader:Click on the “Download” tab and make sure you click on “Crunchyroll Downloader” from the available choices.

    Select Crunchyroll Downloader option in HitPaw Video Converter
  • 3. Add URL:Open the video of Crunchyroll that you desire to download, copy the URL of the video, and later provide the URL to the downloader.

    Paste the Crunchyroll video URL into HitPaw Video Converter
  • 4. Select Format and Subtitles:Select the preferred video quality and make sure subtitles are checked. In addition you have an option of the language of the subtitles in case it is available.

    Choose desired video format and subtitle language options
  • 5. Download Video:Click “Download,” and then a download dialogue box will appear to let you know that the program is being downloaded. Once done, you can watch the video with the subtitles correctly matched to the dialogues when the video is watched in offline mode.


Subtitles are usually a small feature that is taken lightly, but when they are not working, it can be disruptive, especially when 9anime subtitles not working; fear not, though, because, with time, you can rectify the problem and continue enjoying your favorite anime. Personally, if you think these solutions are too complicated or do not work, it is best to go ahead and get HitPaw Video Converter. Using the potential of downloading full HD videos and subtitles from such resources as Crunchyroll, one can guarantee an unbroken and pleasant watching of an anime.


Q1. Is it legal to download anime subtitles?

A1. In fact, downloading subtitles is completely legal in almost all circumstances. However, be wary of the anime you are downloading and watch them on only legitimate Channels all the time.

Q2. What format are anime subtitles typically in?

A2. Many formats of subtitles are available on the internet, and the most common for anime are .srt and .ass flash player, both since they are the most commonly used among all the other media players.

Q3. What if I can't find subtitles for my desired anime?

A3. If 9anime captions not working, one can obtain the subtitles from fansub forums or make contact with fansub groups. Besides there is also the Speech to Text tab, which you can use from the HitPaw Video Converter to type the subtitles.

Q4. Are there any risks associated with downloading anime subtitles?

A4. There are few subtitle sites, and sometimes, some of those sites contain malware or have a lot of pop-up ads. In every case, one should avoid downloading from unknown and suspicious sources, and the available files should be checked with an antivirus program.

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