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How to Convert AA fIle to MP3 Easily

On your journey exploring the Internet, you might stumble upon an AA file. We see that many people have been searching for a way to turn aa to mp3. Why is that? When you search for ".aa file" on your search engine, you may obtain thousands of results regarding the audible AA file extension.

The file format might not be familiar to people's ears as it is not a kind of file that you can open easily. Different from .mp3 and .mp4 files, you cannot simply open such a file with Windows Media Player or any other video-playing software. Instead, you will have to remove the DRM and convert the file before being able to play it. Therefore, we want to share a few helpful methods that can be used to convert the aa file to mp3.

Why We Need to Convert AA to MP3

The .aa file is often associated with the Audiobook audiobook streaming service, where the book is usually stored locally in this format. For those who are not familiar with it, Audiobook is software that is now a part of Amazon and functions to play digital audiobooks online.

AA files can be loaded smoothly on supported devices, including Amazon Kindle and Apple iPods. Other than those supported, the file is locked until you remove the DRM and convert it into another type of file that is playable on your device.

As the file is not playable on most devices or digital audio players, people find it difficult to play it anywhere. Therefore, conversion to a more playable and more commonly used file, such as MP3, is needed.

The AA file extension has been improved, resulting in the birth of the AAX format. As it is originally an audio format, it would be more appropriate to convert aa files to mp3 or WAV. Additionally, as it is part of the Audiobook, the file usually contains certain information, including bookmarks and chapters, which cannot be displayed on regular media players.

For those who want to convert it to MP3, we recommend saving it in different formats from 8 kbit/s to a maximum of 32 kbit/s. If you want to retain the quality, saving it to MP3 with a higher bitrate is also recommended.

[PC] Hitpaw Video Converter - Best Tool to Convert AA to MP3

For those looking for a way to convert AA to MP3, there is one tool we highly recommend trying: the HitPaw Video Converter. This tool may work as one of the best video and audio converters that allows you to easily and effectively change a file format into a different one. Thus, the AA files can be easily converted into MP3 files.

This top AA to MP3 converter can make it easier for you to convert AA files into MP3. The software will convert the files without losing audio quality. Some information will also be included, like the meta-tag.

The tool also makes it possible for users to batch conversion to make it quicker to change one file format to another.

Watch the following video to learn more details:

Features of HitPaw Video Converter

Hitpaw Video Converter may offer you several helpful features, including:

  • Easy conversion process with all chapters kept
  • Batch conversion to convert some AA files simultaneously
  • Easily remove DRM protection
  • Lossless quality conversion
  • The UI is easy to use, so even beginners won't find the software confusing.

Steps to Convert AA to MP3

It's so easy to convert aa to mp3 on a Mac using Hitpaw Video Converter. If you want to convert the AA file to MP3, see the following steps:

  • Step 1.First, you have to download the Hitpaw Video Converter Software.

  • Step 2.Open the software and select the Tool Box.

    The Audio Converter feature in the Tool Box tab
  • Step 3.Select "Add Files" and choose the AA files you want to convert to MP3

    Adding files to Hitpaw Video Converter
  • Step 4.Make sure to select MP3 as the output format

    Choosing output format in Hitpaw Video Converter
  • Step 5.Select "Convert All". Wait until the process is completed, and it's done!

    Audible converter starts converting the files

[ONLINE] Best 2 Sites to Convert AA to MP3

If you don't want to install anything to convert the audio files, there are some online converters you may consider as well. We want to introduce you to some of the best recommendations, such as ezyZIP and Online Audio Converter.

1. ezyZIP

The first great online audio converter is ezyZIP. This platform offers ease in converting files into different formats without any limitations.

There's support for a wide range of media formats, and it can be a dependable solution for both audio and video conversion.

To convert an AA file to mp3, here's what you need to do:

  • 1.Select the file you want to convert
  • 2.Choose AA to MP3 conversion
  • 3.Then, drag the file and drop it directly on the platform
  • 4.Select the "Convert to MP3" button, and the process will start almost immediately
  • 5.Click the "Save MP3 File" button to store the file in the destination folder.

2. Online Audio Converter

Another solid option to convert your audio file is the Online Audio Converter. As it's an online platform, you don't have to install anything. It supports a great range of file formats for both audio and video. Feel free to check which file you want to convert and see the available options for it.

To convert the AA files, follow the steps below:

  • 1.Select the "Open Files" button
  • 2.Find the file you want to convert
  • 3.Choose the file format (MP3)
  • 4.Then, click the "Convert" button.


This concludes our topic on the three different methods to convert aa files to mp3. From all the options mentioned above, we highly recommend using the Hitpaw Video Converter, as it has more features to enjoy.

Aside from the easy file conversion, it also supports more media files and is able to produce lossless quality audio. Downloading songs directly from popular music streaming services is also possible, as HitPaw Video Converter has the features for it. With these features, it will be enjoyable for all users to download and convert their music.


Q1. How do you convert audio files to MP3?

A1. You will have to use the audio converter software. You may use either the online or offline version.

Q2. Can I change the type of my audio file?

A2. Absolutely! You can easily change the file format with the conversion tools available online.

Q3. Is it legal to convert AA files to MP3?

A3. It is legal to download audio files from the Audiobook. Using your own account, you can just download the files. For easier access, convert the AA files into MP3. The whole thing is legal as long as you own an Audiobook account.

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