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The 3 Best Ways to Download Facebook Reels Video

In the age of social media, Facebook Reels has emerged as a captivating platform for creating and sharing short, engaging videos. Whether you're an avid content creator or simply a fan of entertaining clips, the ability to download Facebook Reels can be incredibly useful. In this guide, we'll explore three simple and effective methods to download Fb Reels: highly recommended desktop software, a convenient online service, and a powerful command-line tool.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended for instructional purposes and personal fair use only. Downloading copyrighted materials from Facebook for distribution without the copyright holder's consent is illegal.

Part 1. The Best Way to Download Facebook Reels Video

When it comes to downloading Facebook Reels, HitPaw Video Converter emerges as the top choice, offering a comprehensive suite of features and unparalleled convenience. This powerful desktop application not only allows you to save FB Reels but also provides a plethora of additional functionalities to enhance your multimedia experience.

Why Choose HitPaw Video Converter?

  • Extensive Platform Support: Download videos from over 10,000 websites, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more.
  • High-Quality Conversions: Convert videos to multiple formats, including MP4, WebM, and MP3, while maintaining exceptional quality.
  • Batch Downloading: Save time by downloading multiple FB Reels or entire playlists simultaneously.
  • Built-in Video Editor: Trim, crop, rotate, and apply watermarks to your downloaded videos with ease.
  • Subtitle Support: Download and add subtitles to your FB Reels for enhanced accessibility.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a sleek and intuitive user experience, making the downloading process a breeze.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download FB Reels with HitPaw Video Converter

  • Step 1:Open Facebook website and choose the reels that you'd like to download. Copy its link from the address bar.

    copy fb reel link
  • Step 2:Now, open HitPaw Video Converter, and switch to the Download tab. Click the Paste URL to paste the copied link. This program will start analyzing the link automatically.

    analyzing fb reels link
  • Step 3:After analysis, you'll see the reels info. If the reels provide different format and resolution, you can select a preferred one. Here, the reels video we test only has one resolution.

    download facebook reesl to mp4
  • Step 4:Click Download button to start downloading the Facebook reels to MP4. After downloading process is completed, you can access the downloaded video in the Downloaded tab.

    downloading facebook reels

Part 2. Download FB Reels Using an Online Service

While desktop software offers a comprehensive solution, online downloaders like download4.cc, Fdownloader, SnapSave, Fdown cater to those seeking a quick and hassle-free way to save FB Reels without the need for any installations.

Advantages of Online FB Reels Downloaders
  • No Software Installation Required: Enjoy the convenience of downloading FB Reels directly from your web browser without cluttering your device.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Online downloaders are accessible from any device with an internet connection, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Most online downloaders boast a simple and intuitive interface, making the downloading process straightforward for users of all skill levels.
Cons of Online Facebook Reels Downloader
  • Most of online tools don't' support batch download
  • The download speed is slower than desktop software
  • Full of ads

How to Use download4.cc to Save FB Reels

  • Step 1:Visit the download4.cc website in your preferred web browser.

  • Step 2:Copy the URL of the Facebook Reel you wish to download.

  • Step 3:Paste the URL into the provided search box on the download4.cc website.

  • Step 4:Click the "Start Now" button to initiate the analysis.

    download facebook reels online
  • Step 5:Once the analysis is complete, select your desired video quality and format from the available options.

    download facebook reels ot mp4
  • Step 6:Click the "Download" button again to save the FB Reel to your device's default download location.

It's important to note that while online downloaders offer convenience, they may have limitations in terms of speed, quality, or available features compared to dedicated desktop software.

Part 3. Download Facebook Reels with yt-dlp (CLI Tool)

For those who prefer a more lightweight and command-line approach, yt-dlp is a powerful tool that allows you to download videos from various online platforms, including Facebook Reels.

What is yt-dlp?

yt-dlp is a popular open-source command-line program that can download videos from YouTube and many other websites. It is a fork of the renowned youtube-dl project and is known for its speed, reliability, and versatility. While primarily designed for YouTube, yt-dlp also supports downloading videos from Facebook, including Reels.

Steps to Download FB Reels Using yt-dlp

  • Step 1:Download and install yt-dlp from its official GitHub repository.

  • Step 2:Open your computer's command prompt or terminal.

  • Step 3:Navigate to the directory where yt-dlp is installed using the appropriate commands (e.g., "cd /path/to/yt-dlp").

  • Step 4:To download a Facebook Reel, enter the following command: "yt-dlp [URL of the Facebook Reel]"

  • Step 5:yt-dlp will analyze the provided URL and begin downloading the FB Reel to your current working directory.

    download fb reels using yt-dlp
  • Step 6:Depending on your preferences, you can customise the download process by specifying options such as output format, quality, and more.

While the command-line interface of yt-dlp may seem daunting to some users, it offers a robust and efficient solution for experienced users or those who prefer a more streamlined and customizable approach to downloading FB Reels.


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, downloading Facebook Reels has become increasingly valuable. Whether you're a content creator seeking to preserve your work, a fan eager to build a collection, or someone looking to share captivating moments with loved ones, this guide has equipped you with three powerful methods to save FB Reels effortlessly.

From the comprehensive and user-friendly HitPaw Video Converter to the convenient online service download4.cc and the versatile command-line tool yt-dlp, you now have the tools to download FB Reels seamlessly.

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