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Ryomen Sukuna: Jujutsu Kaisen Character Introduction

Jujutsu Kaisen is a popular manga and anime series that follows the adventures of Yuji Itadori, a high school student who becomes the host of a powerful curse named Ryomen Sukuna. Sukuna is the main antagonist of the series and the undisputed King of Curses, a legendary sorcerer who lived over a thousand years ago. In this article, we will explore the character of Sukuna, his story, his memory, his death, his voice actor, and some frequently asked questions about him. We will also introduce a fun and creative way to modify your voice into Sukuna’s using HitPaw Voice Changer, a software that can transform your voice with various effects.

ryomen sukuna

Part 1: Ryomen Sukuna’s Story

Sukuna’s story is shrouded in mystery and legend. Here are some facts that we know about him from the manga and anime:


Sukuna was originally a human sorcerer who lived during the Heian Era. He was known as the Disgraced One, a feared and hated figure who caused calamities and disasters. He had four arms and two faces, which gave him the name Ryomen-Sukuna, meaning “two-faced”.


Sukuna was the strongest sorcerer in history, possessing immense cursed energy and mastery over various techniques. He could manipulate the elements, create domains, heal himself, and even revive the dead. He was also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship, using his four arms to wield multiple weapons.


Sukuna had many enemies, both human and cursed. He fought against the jujutsu sorcerers of the Golden Age, who tried to stop his rampage. He also clashed with other powerful curses, such as Mahoraga, a special grade curse that could adapt to any technique. Sukuna was the only one who could defeat Mahoraga, earning his respect and loyalty.


After Sukuna died, his body was chopped into pieces and his power was divided into 20 fingers. These fingers became cursed objects that could attract and create other curses. The fingers were scattered and hidden across Japan, guarded by jujutsu sorcerers or sealed by barriers.


Sukuna was reincarnated in June 2018, when Yuji Itadori consumed one of his fingers to save his friends from a curse. Sukuna’s soul was trapped inside Yuji’s body, and he could only take control when Yuji switched with him or lost consciousness. Sukuna’s goal was to regain his full power by consuming all of his fingers, and he often tried to manipulate or coerce Yuji into doing so.

Part 2: Ryomen Sukuna’s Memory

Sukuna’s memory is another mysterious aspect of his character. It is unclear how much he remembers from his past life, and what he thinks of the present world. Here are some clues that we have from the manga and anime:

  • Recognition: Sukuna seems to recognize some people and places from his past, such as Mahoraga, the Star Plasma Vessel, and the Shibuya Incident. He also knows some ancient terms and secrets that are unknown to most modern sorcerers, such as the Black Rope and the Prison Realm.
  • Curiosity: Sukuna shows some curiosity and interest in the current events and developments of the jujutsu world. He observes and comments on the abilities and personalities of other sorcerers and curses, such as Gojo, Geto, Mahito, and Jogo. He also asks Yuji about his life and goals, though he usually mocks or insults him.
  • Boredom: Sukuna also expresses boredom and disdain for the modern world, which he considers inferior and dull compared to his era. He often complains about the lack of worthy opponents and challenges, and he seeks to create chaos and destruction for his own amusement. He also shows no regard or empathy for human lives, and he kills anyone who annoys or opposes him.

Part 3: Ryomen Sukuna’s Death

Sukuna’s death is one of the most mysterious and controversial topics in the series. There are many theories and speculations about how and why he died, but the truth is still unknown. Here are some possibilities that have been suggested or implied by the manga and anime:

Natural Causes:

Some believe that Sukuna died of natural causes, such as old age or illness. This could explain why his body was intact and his power was divided into fingers, rather than being destroyed or consumed by other curses. However, this seems unlikely given Sukuna’s immense power and longevity, as well as his ability to heal himself.


Another possibility is that Sukuna killed himself, either out of boredom, despair, or some other reason. This could explain why he chose to seal his soul into cursed objects, rather than passing on to the afterlife or reincarnating normally. However, this also seems unlikely given Sukuna’s pride and arrogance, as well as his desire to regain his power and rule the world.


A fourth possibility is that Sukuna sacrificed himself for some greater purpose, such as saving someone, preventing a disaster, or fulfilling a prophecy. This could explain why he left behind some clues and secrets for the future generations, and why he sometimes shows a hint of compassion or respect for certain individuals. However, this also seems unlikely given Sukuna’s selfishness and cruelty, as well as his lack of morals or ideals.

Part 4: Ryomen Sukuna’s Voice Actor

Ryomen Sukuna’s voice actor is Junichi Suwabe, a famous and talented Japanese voice actor who has voiced many other iconic characters in anime and games, such as Archer from Fate/stay night, Shota Aizawa from My Hero Academia, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez from Bleach, and Dandy from Space Dandy. Suwabe is known for his deep and charismatic voice, which suits Sukuna’s personality and aura perfectly. Suwabe has expressed his enjoyment and challenge of voicing Ryomen-Sukuna, saying that he tries to convey his “terrifying charm” and “overwhelming presence” in every scene. He also said that he likes to improvise some of Sukuna’s lines, such as his laughter and insults, to make him more unpredictable and fun.

junichi suwabe

Part 5: Bonus: Modify Your Voice into Ryomen Sukuna

If you love the voice of Ryomen Sukuna and want to sound like him, you can use HitPaw Voice Changer, a software that can transform your voice with various effects. HitPaw Voice Changer is a real-time AI voice changer that can change your voice into many popular voices, such as Alastor, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, and more. HitPaw Voice Changer is compatible with popular games, programs, and communication platforms, such as Discord, Zoom, Skype, Fortnite, and more.

Features of HitPaw Voice Changer:

  • Choose from a variety of preset voice effects, including “Ryomen Sukuna,” “Robot,” “Chipmunk,” and more.
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  • Works with popular communication apps, streaming platforms, and recording software.

How to use the Functions of HitPaw Voice Changer?

Step 1: Open "Settings" and choose the input and output devices you want to use from the drop-down menu.

open settings

Step 2: Browse through the available effects and click on the ones you like to apply them.

pick voice and sound effects`

Step 3: Turn on the "Voice Changer" and "Hear myself" options and speak into your microphone to hear how your voice sounds. If there is too much background noise, you can click on the "speaker icon" to enable noise reduction.

turn on the voice changer

Step 4: Once you have chosen and previewed the sound affects you want, you can adjust the voice settings by hovering over the cartoon avatar.

fine-tune voice settings

Part 6: FAQs of Ryomen Sukuna

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Ryomen-Sukuna:

Q1. What is Sukuna’s relationship with Yuji?

A1. Sukuna and Yuji have a complicated and hostile relationship. Sukuna sees Yuji as nothing but a vessel and a pawn, and he often tries to kill him or take over his body. Yuji hates Sukuna for his evil deeds and his threats to his friends, and he vows to exorcise him or die with him.

Q2. What is Sukuna’s goal and motivation?

A2. Sukuna’s goal is to regain his full power and resume his reign as the King of Curses. He wants to devour all of his fingers and destroy anyone who stands in his way. His motivation is unclear, but it seems to be a combination of pride, boredom, curiosity, and malice. He enjoys causing chaos and suffering, and he seeks to challenge and surpass the limits of his power and existence.

Q3. What is Sukuna’s personality and character traits?

A3. Sukuna is a cruel, arrogant, sadistic, and cunning character. He has no regard or empathy for human lives, and he kills anyone who annoys or opposes him. He is also extremely proud of his power and status, and he looks down on anyone who is weaker or inferior to him. He enjoys causing chaos and suffering, and he seeks to challenge and surpass the limits of his power and existence.

Part 7: Conclusion

Ryomen Sukuna is a fascinating and formidable character from Jujutsu Kaisen, who has a rich and mysterious history, a powerful and charismatic voice, and a complex and antagonistic relationship with Yuji Itadori. He is the King of Curses, who seeks to regain his full power and resume his reign of terror. If you are one of those fans, and you also want to have some fun with your voice, you should try HitPaw Voice Changer, a software that can transform your voice into Sukuna’s or any other voice you like. HitPaw Voice Changer is easy to use, compatible with various platforms, and full of features and effects. You can use it to create your own covers, soundboards, music, and more. You can also use it to prank your friends, impress your audience, or express your creativity. Download HitPaw Voice Changer today and enjoy the magic of voice changing!

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